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so I hear Beato is actually not a bad witch —The continuation for Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Umineko Chiru – When they Cry 4 – End of the Golden Witch. An episodic review from the game  itself. for those who want to know what happens after the anime  is over. All the screenshots are modified for easier reading. Thoughts and theories followed each review.

After the fight against Battler, Beatrice is in a comatose-like state. She is alive but she has lost her emotions and isn’t answering at all, sort of like Battler was when Beato denied his existence. Battler is playing with the chessboard attempting to figure out Betarice’s past moves but no luck.  Meanwhile, Virgilia is taking care of Beato, brushing her hair and also hoping for her to come out of her comatose like state and participate in the conversation but no luck. Beato is just gone. Only the Beatrice piece remains sitting there.

Virgilia urges Battler to go participate in the new game that has already started but Battler thinks his time is better spent here attempting to figure out Beatrice’s moves then going over there. Battler mentions how that game isn’t related to him anymore or more like it isn’t the same he’s been playing.  Battler remembers what happened after EP 4 ended when Bernkastel and Lambdadelta showed up without invitation. After a few exchange of words Lambda declared herself the new Game Master (replacing Beatrice) saying that because Beato was unable to continue the game it was up to her do it seeing that she is on her ‘side’. More like they put Beato in that position if you ask me…

Unsurprisingly, Bernkastel doesn’t mind much this change and asks Batter if he has any objections. Of course, he’s got plenty. For starters he doesn’t like that these witches he never heard their names before and  rarely even seen are taking over the game him and Beatrice have been playing till now. The second problem is that he does not like them at all. He’s right about that.

Bernkastel starts to show her true colors and reminds Battler what would happen if he doesn’t continue playing. There isn’t going to be punishment for him or anything like that but Bernkastel shows him what would happen if he doesn’t. Bern reminds Battler of the way Ange died in the last game and mocks her death. She even shows Battler using her magic to reconstruct the way Ange died (hamburger) so Battler can actually see it.  As you can see Bernkastel  is cruel and she knows exactly how to push people’s buttons. ~Nippah!

Battler is enraged and attempts to hit Bern but it’s all useless. Bernkastel moves around the room like a phantom. Battler realizes that it’s useless to try fight against them and also understand  these two new witches know well how to anger him and that they’re exploiting that to control him. About time he noticed that!

Lambda insists on starting the game with her as the new Game Master and with Bernkastel as Battler’s ally. Since Battler isn’t so eager to keep playing they remind him that he cannot leave the game otherwise he will lose. Battler knows well, even more after seeing how exactly Ange died, that he must win this game to leave this place and return to Ange but he still doesn’t acknowledge these new witches as his opponents and the supposedly ally. Battler learns the cruel truth of his and Beato’s situation from the witches themselves.

Because the game has to start and Bernkastel cannot let him lose just yet  she decides to play on behalf of him against Lambadelta. Although Lambda wasn’t exactly expecting to fight against Bern so quick she is loving the moment and has no objections to this. Battler goes on a break and leaves the witches alone.  Back to the conversation Battler was having with Virgilia moments before.

Battler still has no luck understanding Beatrice’s moves…. well, he had 4 arcs to learn her moves I doubt he could manage to understand them now even if he wanted. Battler asks Lia how much these new witches understand Beatrice’s game, she says that quiet well. Virgilia explains it with an analogy  that Bernkastel and Lamdbadelta ‘cannot do’ what Beatrice couldn’t in the game but they ‘can do’ what Beatrice ‘wouldn’t. This just sounds like bad news. If we thought Beatrice was outrageous than I can’t image what these two would do. I’m thinking Eva Beatrice all over again.

Ronove appears and he serves Battler some delicious tea. Battler asks him about the situation over at the witches’ place. Ronove informs Battler that the 1st Twilight HAS ALREADY STARTED! Yes, that quick. Six people have already died! Battler isn’t so  happy to know that these two witches didn’t wait for him to be begin and he remembers how Beatrice would wait patiently for everyone to be ready to get it started.  Well, he does have a point.

When Battler asks about how was the 1st Twilight was…. Ronove responds that there was “No love” in it, to make it clearer he says that “It was not honorable.” Battler understands the message and finally decides to head over there and join the game. Virgilia tells Battler that she’s glad that he’s willing to play even though Beato is no longer there. She urges him to find some part of Beatrice’s in that game as it will be like he’s also fighting her even though she isn’t there. Battler tells Virgilia he will get Beatrice’s game back. Huh? When did the situation change like this?

As Bronove said, the two witches have already started that game. They shock Battler by saying that Bernkastel has already cornered Lamdbadelta and there’s no need for Battler to participate but Battler insists on getting in on the fun. Out of courtesy they show Battler what led to the first twilight and that’s when the game actually starts. < GAME START>

No, I didn’t just spoil the 1st Twilight for you. The game automatically switches to this chart as we begin the game. This is it: All cousins except Battler are dead. Everyone’s neck has been sliced opened by a sharp blade except Hideyoshi.  All cousins’ bodies and also Rosa’s have been found in the 2nd floor of the guest house. Hideyoshi’s body has been found in the guest room on the 1st floor of the mansion. Genji’s body was found in the servant waiting room on the 1st  floor of the mansion. Click the pictures for more details.

The game shows up that this is actually a scene that happens on the second day (October 5th) of 1986. Everyone is at the guesthouse. Everyone is dead serious. Eva blames Natsuhi saying she killed George and Hideyoshi as usual. Everyone is looking at Natsuhi like she is the most suspicious person in the room. Then a mysterious girl appears and declares that Natsuhi is the culprit.  OP scene starts. EP 5 End of the Golden Witch Begins.

Natsuhi enters Kinzo’s study all agitated… Kinzo has passed away on that day. Natsuhi cries for the death of the person she considers like a second father to her. Krauss who had already been there along with Kumasawa, Genji and Dr. Nanjo, is still in shocked and he is staring at the ceiling lost in thought. After she has cried her fair share, Natsuhi understands that she cannot keep acting like this and that this is also a huge event that will bring new changes to their lives. Her husband Krauss will become the new head and they must live to the family name more than ever or so she thinks.

To give Krauss some time  alone with his father, Natsuhi orders everyone to leave for the moment. Krauss who has been deep in thought for a very long time finally speaks up. His voice changes and orders everyone not to leave the room. Natsuhi is puzzled at her husband strange behavior and even more about how he is resembling Kinzo right now. Krauss gets overly agitated and keeps ordering everyone to not leave the room. Something is up.

Krauss is forced to tells Natsuhi about the failed investments he’s been doing which are as funny as they are sad. Natsuhi is just so shock to find out her husband has kept seeing people she told him they were not trustworthy at all and even more at his stupidity.  Krauss has invested on different projects one dumber than the last one. A casino in Rokkenjima.. and he also wanted in on a moon tourism project etc etc.  He has been fooled over and over yet he doesn’t see that he was being deceived by thosepeople. Natsuhi is very upset that their was financial situation was that bad and she didn’t even know it. Sadly, Krauss hasn’t told her everything yet…  yes there’s more to this story.

They go to Natsuhi’s room to finish their conversation as they don’t wish for the servants to keep listening to their shameful story. Of course, the servants are ordered to keep quiet about Kinzo being dead. Because of Krauss’ stupidity he has put his assets and even the mansion as collateral to continue doing retarded business. Natsuhi is just taking aback by her husband utter stupidity and how naïve he is. To make matter worse Krauss even proposes that they solve the witch’s epitaph so they could get the gold to solve their problems. He even proposes to get Jessica to get them solve it. Wow… That is just sad. Natsuhi is pissed and talks some sense into Krauss’s thick and partially empty skull. She leaves the room to cool her head off. She tells Krauss to do the same.

Natsuhi goes to the only person she thinks can understand her feelings—Kinzo. She enters Kinzo’s study and sees hallucination Kinzo appears before her and tells her about his story on how he met Beatrice and all that stuff about him reviving the Ushiromiya family. Beatrice also appears in the room. Yes Beatrice appears. To summarize this conversation, Beatrice and Kinzo teach Natsuhi not to give up and to live up to the Ushiromiya name to the fullest.

Kinzo also makes it clear that a person who will succeed him is someone with the proper qualifications and it doesn’t matter if it’s blood related or not. Beatrice also makes it clear that she cannot give Natsuhi the gold she has to solve her problems because the epitaph must be solved for that to be ‘unlocked’ Natsuhi understands even better her situation. Hmm. Gold.. unlocked.. ceremony.. need money now..

Kinzo’s ghost tells Beatrice his last order or, rather, will as his old master is to assist the Ushiromiya family in this hard time. Since Krauss isn’t there and he lacks conviction Natsuhi vows for him and her to do everything they can get through this. Beatrice accepts to support Natsuhi in everything she can. Natsuhi says that she will not waste this  miracle the Witch gave her.

Moments later Natsuhi calls everyone who was originality there when Kinzo died and tell them her plan. Basically, Natsuhi wants everyone to go along with the lie that Kinzo is alive. The way she acts to cover this up (she actually says Kinzo is there—alive) confuses a few but the rest get it. Natsuhi wants everyone to keep quiet about it by acting as though Kinzo is still alive.

She is the one who comes up with the story that Kinzo feels indisposed and is locked up in his room ‘studying.’ She tells Dr. Nanjo not to worry the problems for lying about Kinzo’s death since they know well  the authorities will eventually perform proper autopsy and find out Kinzo died a long time ago. Natsuhi proposes that they all lie and claim that Kinzo has gone ‘missing’ when that time comes. Everyone agrees to lie and keep it a secret from the other family members.

We see a scene where Beatrice shows up and revives Kinzo. Natsuhi  thanks the Witch and tells her that she will employ her services to protect the Ushiromiya name.  Beatrice is delighted as you can see. Wow, Natsuhi is looking quiet the mastermind right about now.

< Episode 27 ends >

Let’s reason this out!

Thoughts: this game is far from over. Last time we saw Umineko it ended on a huge cliffhanger. Well, for those who are playing the game right now they know what happens next and for those who don’t have the game or rather not play them I just presented them with a review of the first part of EP5.  So let’s go at it once again, shall we?

Beatrice in comatose state – For what I understood is that after her fight with Battler she has lost her vessel in that world. She has lost the will to keep fighting and she has also been stripped of her position as Game Master by Lambdadelta. So Beatrice isn’t dead at all, she is there but is detached from everything.

Conclusion : It’s possible to get Beatrice back. They never said it was impossible to do so. Battler wishes to get Beatos’ game back from the ‘evil witches’ and to put an end to Beatrice once and for all. Also in that way he can leave the game and go back to his family. So even if he gets Beatrice back he has to destroy her to in order for him to be happy. Is there any other way?

Virgilia and Ronove – They are even more likeable now when they aren’t against Battler. Ronove shows that he can relate to things even though he’s a ‘demon’ by disapproving of the way the game is being conducted by Bernkastel and Lambdadelta. Also Virgilia shows that she deeply cares for Beatrice by taking her of her. I think that she sees Beato as a daughter more than a friend. That’s probably a fact.

Conclusion : I could easily twist this and claim that this is one huge troll that Beatrice and the other witches are doing to trick Battler into accepting Beatrice. Virgilia has previously deceived Battler in EP 3 plus she is her teacher. Ronove is Beatrice’s furniture and will do whatever Beatrice tells him to do. However, I don’t think they’re trying to trick Battler this time. Partially because I find both of them to be very likeable character and partially because I think EP 5 will be about something different. Sure, they could reuse what they did in EP 3 but I highly doubt it they would after seeing this. Virgilia has shown me plenty of proof that she is not a bad person, uh, witch so while I might not trust her pupil I trust her enough to believe in her again. Besides helping Beatrice would be of her best interests, right?

Lambda as Game Master –
Lambda claims she will keep the game Beato-ish (quote) and provide plenty of hints and provide new clues that will help Battler see the mysteries in new ways and get new perspectives. Of course, she denies this claim and says that those hints will only confuse him further. I figured as much. No way, she’s purposely making this easier for us. So, I’m up against the one who was behind the big Higurashi’s mystery (assumed). I was so taken by Higurashi that I never got the chance to actually work on the mystery part. Something that I always regretted. Maybe this is my chance to challenge the mastermind behind everything. Revenge for Rena and the others? Yes. Come to think of it, the actual mastermind behind it never paid for her crimes….

Conclusion: Oyashiro-sama like entity in my Umineko? I wonder how different Lambdadelta’s game is going to be from Higurashi. Yeah, I’m assuming she was the one behind it. No need to deny this claim as I’m well aware the author might put a spin on it and declare at some point that it was actually someone else. I’m fine with that. Are we going to see some Higurashi-like mysteries in Umineko? That’ll be interesting.

It’s a whole new game more or less – Virgilia explains that Lambdadelta and Bernkastel cannot do things Beatrice couldn’t so I’m guessing that they cannot alter the games in tremendous ways making the game plain ridiculous. On the other hand, they can do things Beatrice wouldn’t. Here I’m thinking gory and cruel way  à la Eva Beatrice for some reason. This ‘would not do’ part will definitely put a clear difference between Beatrice and the other two witches. Maybe making Beatrice even more likeable or at least less evil?

More on poor Beato – I do wonder how real is the slumber Beatrice is in and how much of it is real. Maybe near the end of EP 5 or maybe even in the next game she will stand up and go Ha! I’m just faking it! Like I said, it’s really unlikable that she will do that.

Conclusion: The lesser of two evils? EP 5 seems to be set on making Beato the ‘good’ guy or at least not the worst character in the show. Battler’s sympathy towards Beatrice is hard to understand considering what she has put him and his family through. This has to do with his brash yet soft personality he has. Personally, I think that Battler is too soft for this game I think he even admits that at some point.  Not much that can be done about that when that’s the way the character is constructed. Then again this is me we’re talking about and I’m almost the total opposite of what Battler is on some terms. Like 80% thinking and 20% feeling rather than fifty fifty hence my critique (sometimes harsh) on his thinking and personality are common when I analyze his actions and theories.

Bernkastel as substitute player – It’s clear that Bernkastel does not want Battler to lose but she also doesn’t want him to win right away. How real was this claim that she has already cornered Lambdadelta in a couple of minutes (hours?) while Battler was gone. How real and truthful are the conversations between the two when we know well they share a common goal?

I’d say very low. It would be interesting to know for how long would Bernkastel continue playing for Battler if he didn’t show up. Are they permitted to leave the game and go someplace else? I suppose they can. Since Lambdadelta is the new Game Master she can do anything and also let Bernkastel do anything they wants. Also no way, she has concerned Lamdbdadelta that fast. They’re probably bluffing. How long do they plan on playing with Battler (and Beatrice)? Probably until they get bored.

On the 1st Twilight – what do you think? Hmph? All cousins except Battler are killed. Their bodies and Rosa’s are found in the guesthouse on the 2nd floor. Hideyoshi is the only one who died differently from the others (with a stake demon stake piercing his back). Him and Genji died in the main mansion. Hideyoshi died in the guest room (where Kyrie was killed in EP 4) and Genji was murdered in the servant waiting room. They haven’t even inspected the scene at this point so I’ll only make a few observations and theorize how it might have happened.

* When the first twilight happens no one (supposedly) is aware that there’s a killer with full intentions to murder everyone so there would be no need for them to split up in groups. The parents probably  stayed at the main mansion and the cousins at the guesthouse.

* Obviously, the cousins are murdered in the guesthouse because, as usual, they are sent there by their parents so they can catch up but also so they don’t get in their way. So I suppose that Battler must have left to get something or was called. Rosa must’ve gone to check on her daughter at that moment. On an interval when Battler wasn’t there the 4 of them got killed. Maybe the killer was also staying there?

* As for Genji and Hideyoshi we can speculate they were either killed before or after the first 4 were killed. I’d say before simply because it seems easier for the culprit. But let’s take a look at the places they were killed. 1st floor guest room in the main mansion? Anyone even uses that? We have to wonder why would Hideyoshi be staying there assuming he was given that room and why was his body was found there. Hideyoshi has always stayed on the same room as his wife and they have never been giving a different room aside from that time they were forced to stay on the guesthouse. Why would they be given the guest room in the 1st floor which we barely knew it even existed?

* It’s quite possible that Hideyoshi was called there by someone and was murdered there. Maybe he had a huge fight with Eva and had to be given a different room? I doubt it. Hideyoshi seems like the guy who would work things out so I doubt he would willingly separate himself from Eva. Moreover, it’s possible he was carried there to hide the body since that room isn’t commonly used. Why do you think Hideyoshi was purposely killed using a demon stake, huh? To throw suspicious that someone into the occult did it for, let’s say, the witch’s revival?

* Servant waiting room? Is that like near the kitchen? I really don’t know but I suppose that place is very common and very transited by servants like Kumasawa. So the culprit probably killed him right on that very spot and didn’t have time to hide the body. Maybe Genji was the last one who was killed? It’d make sense.

Mysterious girl – The girl we see on the cover of EP 5. I’m guessing she represents someone’s consciousness or acts like a presence only few people are aware of. The thought that the Ushiromiya would let someone that is not family inside the mansion leads me to think she is not ‘actually’ there. Obviously, Eva blames Natsuhi because she hates her and probably because she was probably the only one at the guesthouse when it happened, making her the #1 suspect. The mysterious girl could also be another witch or a piece that Lambda threw in to confuse us. Too early to tell.

Krauss the idiot –
I wish I could say this in red because he’s really an idiot.  Oh, I just did. There’s a big difference between being a dreamer, fighting for your dreams and plain stupid. I think Krauss falls in the second category like a 1000 pound rock. I had some respect for him in past arcs because they never really developed his character not even much in the sound novels but I’m glad they didn’t. The impression that EP 5 gave me is that he is an incompetent greedy old fool unlike Kinzo who was a competent greedy old fool. Is there going to be something in this EP that will make him look good at all?

Conclusion : Putting all his assets as collateral, really?  Putting not only himself but all his family in danger? Not to mention he might even go to jail? I was as shocked as Natsuhi when she found out about it. I wanted him to be selected for the 1st Twilight instead of any of the first 6 after I saw this scene. Krauss appears to be so incompetent that the thought of him being the true mastermind behind the killings is extremly low. At best I can believe him to be an accomplice. Hey, they might be killers but I’m sure they’re good at what they do.

Kinzo’s Ghost – This is easy. Natsuhi wanted to see Kinzo so badly that she did at least in her mind. Kinzo tells Natsuhi everything she expected to hear and everything she expected of Kinzo to say to her. Natsuhi seeing Beatrice can be explained assuming that Natsuhi believed in Kinzo’s story about a certain force aiding him in his time of need. Natsuhi just wanted to have the same.

Conclusion: If you noticed none of them say anything that Natsuhi has never heard of. This is clearly her mind telling her to survive at all costs. The ‘Golden Witch’ Kinzo talked so much about is now in Natsuhi’s side giving her a feeling of security and strength.

The Witch’s Gold – Natsuhi knowing that the gold won’t be giving to them until the epitaph is solved. Suspicious. Suspicious! This probably means that Natsuhi’s brain still knows that someone that doesn’t exist is unable to help them. She has never seen it before so the gold might not be real after all.. that is until Krauss showed him in EP 1? Do some of the events we saw in past arc also happen in the others? I don’t think they ever answered that question.

Conclusion: That could be a damn good reason for the sacrifices  to start. Maybe someone took it literally? Is the culprit using the epitaph to cover up his or her crimes?  Kana? Kana?

What takes to be the next head – Natsuhi understands this better than anyone and she knows well Krauss doesn’t have it. Is her deep self-conscious telling her that Krauss isn’t worthy to be head after all disguised as Kinzo’s words?

Conclusion: Wouldn’t this explain why Natsuhi seems so resolved in EP 1 even after her husband dies? That she really thinks she is the only one fit to be the head. If Natsuhi is the guilty then she could go for an insanity plea  after seeing how she believes in these delusions.

Kinzo is revived and Beatrice appears – Everyone agreeing to go with Natsuhi’s lie would mean they accept Kinzo is still alive. This trick is made obvious by Natsuhi herself when she insists that Kinzo is ‘alive’ fully knowing that he has passed away. Still, I have to doubt the servants for agreeing to this and even Kinzo’s best friend Nanjo. Isn’t this too risky for them? Is this really alright?

Natsuhi the Mastermind? – She is the culprit. I know it! Not. Natsuhi slaughtering the Ushiromiya family she protects so much wouldn’t make sense as she’d be actually destroying it. Also making Natsuhi the biggest suspect might be exactly what Lambdadelta wants Battler to think. Although I was very surprised that she is the one who came up with all the ideas to keep the secret that Kinzo is dead from the siblings. This (EP 5) actually explains why she is the 1st person that EP 1 revolved around and why she was so stressed out back then. Is Natsuhi not the true culprit but an accomplice in this arc?

Simply by the existence of this episode this level of reasoning is possible. What do you think, everyone?

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