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It’s October 4, 1986 the day of the family conference. Natsuhi, who is looking outside the window, is worried that the siblings will learn that Kinzo is already dead this year after she notices that the siblings haven’t been fully tricked last year. Genji appears and lets her know that they are doing as they were instructed. Still, Natsuhi is worried that Dr. Nanjo might mess up since he doesn’t seem good at lying. Genji tells Natsuhi that he’’s going to stay close to Nanjo to help in whatever he can. Natsuhi feels relieved. Huh, so I guess Dr. Nanjo wasn’t so alone after all those times he wasn’t on-screen.

At the same time Natsuhi has a conversation with Beatrice about the problem they’re having keeping Kinzo’s death a secret from the siblings. Ronove also appears, shocking Natsuhi with his entrance. Similarly, Gaap, who we didn’t see since the 4th game was over, also joins the party on that day. Beatrice assures her that these two are very competent and they will help Natsuhi in whatever they can. Ronove tells Natsuhi to consider him the Genji of the other world and that all of them together will help Natsuhi from the magical world. Of course some help in Natsuhi’s world is also much needed at the same time to make it happen. Natsuhi understands this well and she feels relieved to have additional allies to get her through this tough time. Now, how did Natsuhi know of these two as she never seen them before? The idea that this is one huge delusion on her part isn’t looking so solid after this.

Battler is bored since he got nothing to object to and there isn’t room for his small bombs theory right now so he, more or less, complains on how he can’t get started until the first twilight starts. Lambdadelta tells him that this is also a time given to her to prepare her game so he can just sit around and that he’ll be called when the 1st twilight is over. Battler understands his way of thinking isn’t the right one after he is told that apparently he’s OK with his family getting murdered. B-b-b-but what about Ange, rite?

Bernkastel demonstrates how much of a fool Battler can be at times when she reminds him that there’s always something he can work on instead of  just lazying around. Bern is referring to the Witch’s epitaph which has only been solved by Eva in the 3rd game but has never been challenged by Battler. In reality, Battler has attempted to solve it but he just gave up after he thought it was impossible for him to do it. In other words, he stopped thinking. Also there’s an even greater mystery he has to solve now.. why did Beatrice create this game in the first place? What was the purpose of it all? Battler does not know the answer to this.

The siblings are at the parol discussing their plan to get money out of Krauss. Rosa who had woke up early is taken a nap on the couch and is sleeping soundly, which actually explains why she felt asleep right after the fight she had with Maria and was unable to come back until much later. Rudolf thinks her decision isn’t bad at all since it isn’t known for how long the family conference will go on. At the same time, Maria is still out there at the rose garden looking for her rose in the mid of the rain same as in all the past episodes. OK, what exactly is with that rose? I figured that they wouldn’t include it in EP 5.

Someone’s footsteps could be heard in this rainy night. Maria who had been too busy looking for her rose hadn’t noticed this person at all. She finally notices that someone is walking towards her and turns around… and sees that it is someone she had never seen before in her entire life. Hmm, the one who called Natsuhi the other day? Probably a great number of people thought something similar.

Krauss and Natsuhi are discussing the family conference  related issues on the 3rd floor (I didn’t know there was a third floor!). Genji who was looking for them is forced to stop their chatter and informs them that there is someone who drifted to Rokkenjima a couple minutes ago. He notifies them that Dr. Nanjo is on the job and the uninvited guest is doing fine now. Does this doctor earn his pay or what? Natsuhi orders Genji to treat this person as it she were a guest. Krauss tells him that they’ll go meet her after when they are no longer busy.  A few seconds later Natsuhi questions Genji about the identity of the mysterious drifter. Genji answers her question by telling her that it is a young girl. Natsuhi is at least relieved it isn’t the man who called her the other day.

Everyone at the hall already knows that they have an uninvited guest tonight and they’re being extremely curious about this person. Gohda who prepared something to eat for them is using it as an excuse to earn extra points with the family. It goes without saying that he answers whatever questions the siblings have about this girl, Kanon does not like that Gohda is taking advance of this occasion. Gohda doesn’t have much time to shine as Dr. Nanjo appears and everyone gathers around him asking questions about the mysterious guest. Eva insists on calling the cousins right away to meet the girl when she is feeling better. They are so friendly.. more like they are  worried that someone might mess up their plans if you ask me.

Kumasawa and Shannon enter the room escorting the guest, a purple haired fragile looking girl with an air of dignity around her. Her name is Furudo Erika and like she said she had an accident and she drifted to Rokkenjima. The siblings are puzzled about how calm she is after having such a scary experience but are very friendly towards her.  Erika greets everyone. I don’t think they are horrible people but their friendless put me uneasy even more taking in consideration that this is the family conference and even more after seeing how unfriendly they usually are at that time.

They let her borrow Jessica’s old formal clothes which btw I cannot picture Jessica ever wearing them at any point in any kakera. Yep, that’s pretty harsh. It looks like the clothes were made for Erika, the siblings also thought something similar. Isn’t that a bit sad for Jessica’s parents?

Battler doesn’t like that Bernkastel has added a new piece to the game of his and ‘Beato’s and wants to stop this. That’s not how I’d react to this new development. I don’t think that’s the real issue here. Personal much, Battler? *Sigh* Because Battler is such a noob, Bernkastel says she has placed a double of herself in the game otherwise the game won’t get anywhere with Battler alone. In addition, she makes a ‘detective proclamation’ saying that ‘Furudo Erika is the detective. The detective is not the culprit. No proof is needed to show this’ so she won’t get in the way of this investigation. Based on knox’s 7th Lambdadelta then says in red again that ‘the detective isn’t the culprit.’ That’s all from Bernkastel. Never mind, there’s more but this time from Super Paper later.

Without a doubt this posses another problem, which Battler picks up on. After having his objection OVERULED by Lambdadelta with the excuse that because Beato isn’t denying Erika’s entry to the game therefore it’s fine. Heh, pretty cruel considering Beato can’t talk back at all. *cackle* *cackle*? Lambdadelta says she doesn’t like to play with words so she also says in red to make it clear for anyone who still have doubts that “Furudo Erika is not the culprit”.

Why, Erika is obviously suspicious person!  She could be an accomplice or the culprit of this arc or even yet another red-herring, you know how we love those! Battler thought the same. Of course, Ryukishi07 is always one (and possibly more) steps ahead of the reader so he made Lambdadelta declared in red that “Furudo Erika had no influence on any of Beato’s games before now.” She says that she’s like an extra. “She does not exist in any of the world’s before this one, nor doe she influence them.”

Battler also demands to know but we all wanted to know. What’s the number of people on Rokkenjima? Yuridelta responds with a deadly red. Furudo Erika only increases by 1 person. Besides her, the number of people on this island is exactly the same as it was in the previous games. ‘ Much appreciated but somehow, I got the feeling I just got pwn’ed at the same time.

Everyone is now here and Bernkastel says this is very convenient as everyone (except Kinzo who is dead) is now in this very room.  Lambdadelta declares in red that “in other words the number of people on this parlor is now equal to the number of people on this island.” Battler understands that now the number of people has gone back to being 18! ‘He’ looks around the room and sees everyone in the room and starts counting everyone. What it is coming down to is that one of these people should be the real killer. But who is it?

Natsuhi asks Genji about the identity of this person after her husband has left and finds that this person is not a man but a girl around Jessica’s age. Genji understands that this person might be someone who is in cahoots with the siblings to expose the truth they’ve been hiding about Kinzo’s death so he dug around and asked all respective questions about this girl to the authorities. It turns out that her story checks out. Fishy. Fishy. Regardless, Natsuhi is relieved that this person is not the man who called her the other day claiming to be her son. Is this guy even going to show up at all? I think he just missed his chance… or did he? Lastly, Natsuhi orders Genji to not let the siblings force or trick the girl into anything strange like meeting with Kinzo.

Beatrice and Ronove are worried about this new piece (they mentioned Ange) that Bernkastel’s threw in but they are positive that they will be able to handle it. Ronove mentions how they shouldn’t underestimate Erika as although she is a ‘human’ right now as she is also a ‘witch’. Beatrice heeds this advise and reassures them that with the additional help of Gaap they will surely prevail.

Let’s reason this out!

Natsuhi and the demons – She isn’t supposed to know how they even look like. I went with the theorize that they symbolize the additional help she needed to get through it but that still does not answer the question why she knows how they look like. Is this like that time when Ange saw the Black Witch as Eva-Beatrice even though she wasn’t supposed to know how she looked like?

Ronove / Genji –
There are many arcs where they mention they are the same or they are equivalent to what the other person is on a different world. I theorized that Ronove was the reliable servant that would help Natsuhi get through the hard times, much like Genji is doing right now. Where does this lead us to believe? Would it imply that all those time where Ronove aided his master is actually Genji working behind the shadows? That even though he dies there is still someone who is as trustworthy as Genji enough to be the right hand of someone?

Maria’s rose – I understand that Maria treasures her toys very much but she takes this flower she just found a few hours ago just too seriously. I can only think that there is something good that happens if she keeps it that relates to her mother and their happiness. At a simple glance Maria’s obsession with that flower is plain stupid but I’m inclined to think there’s some greater significance to it then we are not aware of. Is there some other ‘-uu’ chant or a spell that we aren’t aware of? Does it really represent her mother’s love after all?

Pitfalls! – I’m sure that more than one picked up on this. I’ll mention this for those that aren’t playing the game. There’s a part where Hideyoshi makes an analogy dealing with pushing people just the right amount, not too much and not too little. Eva isn’t so OK with it since she feels they should go at full force to completely corner Krauss. Kyrie also agrees on this with Hideyoshi.

In his analogy he mentions ‘pitfalls’ and how, rather than pushing them they should expect them to stand on them on their own accord. Sounds familiar? I’m theorizing that in 4th game when the five who fell down  and they were captured is definitely related to this analogy. It could be interpreted that the five of them  either purposely decided to stand of the pitfalls meaning they let themselves be captured for an unknown reason. If we take Hideyoshi’s words to heart it means the 5 weren’t forced to that situation but rather put in a situation where they let themselves be caught.  Was there something to gain from doing that?

Kinzo’s corpse – On more things I want them to explain soon. Kinzo died last year so where is his body? Is it still in Rokkenjima? It’s impossible to preserve a body without proper equipment so exactly did they do with it?

Servants lying – They’ve been working together until now following Natsuhi’s orders to the letter. But I want to know is for how long can they keep that lie. I’d like to see them keep lying even after they all become aware there is a killer on the loose. Usually normal people would put their well being before anything… but we’re talking furniture here. Also the game hasn’t shown sign that Gohda has been let in on it so I can still theorize that he doesn’t know anything about. This and taking in consideration that he doesn’t bear one winged symbol and he has never been allowed to enter Kinzo’s study. Also something very crucial here I was reminded of.. In the 2nd game where Beatrice puts herself as a piece. She was supposedly at the ‘VIP room’ for guest but Beatrice did not exist on that game! The more reason why they never let Gohda to see her. Who saw her? The one winged servants. Wouldn’t it be fine to assume that this was another of Natsuhi’s plans? But didn’t Natsuhi and Krauss were chosen as sacrifices for the 1st twilights on that game? Anyone is welcomed to take a shot at this.

Mysterious girl –
Bernkastel said that this is her ‘double’ but should be considered a player  (human) that plays by the rules.

They said that she didn’t exist on any other worlds aside this one. I am led to assume that there are three ways this can go. The first is that this is Bernkastel’s double as she said. The second is that this is Bernkastel’s creation that will follow her instructions to the letter without hesitation. The last one is that while she is Bernkastel’s piece, she has a certain say and personality of her own. Could it be that she is some sort of Ange? But, that thought is obstructed by the statement that she does not exist in any world before this one. I’m inclined to think  that this is Trollkastel herself after all.

Number of People –
Lambdadelta’s said in red that the number of people on the island is equal to the number of people in the parlor. Ok, here we go.

In other words, there are 18 in Rokkenjima right now including Erika. ‘Batter’ (although that ‘I’ put me unease) counted them. Everyone was there excluding Kinzo who is dead. Because sober game board Battler was there we can be sure this is not some sort of illusion. Although they never said in any moment the number of people in the island is equal to 18 they said that the number of people is equal to the number of people in the parlor. While I cannot be 100% that no one is hiding at the very parlor, I’d say it’s unlikely for anyone to not notice they had there’s an extra person there. Even if the siblings are working together they servants might notice. While, the servants and Natsuhi are in the same team, the siblings might notice there’s someone hiding at the parlor. In other words, this two different team should not normally be working together. Therefore, there should not be anyone hiding at that parlor meaning the number of people on Rokkenjima should be equal to 18. But aren’t we missing someone?  A late entry? This leads us to the next theory…

The unknown caller? – Mysterious girl. Mysterious caller. It’s only natural to make a connection between the two. The person who called Natsuhi claiming to be her ‘son’ and vowed revenge on her on the conference day seems to have missed the boat and will not make it to the island because of the typhoon or so the game leads me up to believe…

If what the witches say is true and the number of people on Rokkenjima should be equal to the number of people on the parlor then.. This leaves no room for the mysterious ‘X’ culprit to appear at this point at all. You’re probably thinking well, wouldn’t it make sense if it was Erika herself? Next.

Erika = Mysterious caller? – Well for one thing, they made look like it was a man and this person should definitely be older than Jessica. The caller said ‘he’ could not forget but Natsuhi did 19 years so my theory was that he was at least 5 years old at that time to remember anything at all. Is this part of Lambdadelta’s and Bernkastel’s plans?

Getting an unknown caller (Natsuhi’s son) was Lambdadelta’s plan put to Bern in a bind. Bernkastel cannot have purposely added another piece of her own to play as Lambdadelta’s mysterious man. But there’s an even greater proof to assures us that Erika isn’t the one who called Natsuhi. It’s the fact that Bernkastel and Lambdadelta said in red the culprit cannot be Furudo Erika because she is the detective. This would be enough proof that she is not culprit or the one taking revenge on Natsuhi. Her role should be to ‘solve’ the mystery and not be an accomplice to the crimes. So who is this person who called Natsuhi?

Simply by the existence of it, this level of reasoning is possible. What do you think, everyone?

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