Blogging Umineko Chiru EP 5 – 30 – The Witch’s Epitaph is Solved [GOOD] This level of thinking is possible for Furudo Erika the Intellectual Rapist. What do you think, everyone?

Can you reason this out?

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– The Witch of Miracles –

Original review from main blog JaP It’s already time to the Ushiromiya family to dine. Everyone is bewildered at Erika’s perfect manners and she’s everything they’d expect from their own children. Krauss makes a nasty comment about it wouldn’t be so bad to have her as a daughter when Eva half joking implies Erika  could be Krauss’ illegitimate daughter. No way, she’s way too competent.

I thought someone at the dinner table was going to go ‘OH SNAP, Jessica.’ but no one did. Rudolf also notices that Jessica, who had been encouraged by George to act ladylike, is acting strange. As it turns out Jessica had been trying to sit and eat in a ladylike manner but has been failing miserably and it’s making her look awkward instead. Everyone has a good laugh and Jessica is completely embarrassed. The bullying never ends with this family, huh. Because Erika has been performing so well that everyone is feeling nervous instead of her. Hideyoshi picks up on this and as usual does his funny act. Erika also picks up on this and plays along by finally acting more relax and cheerful. After the dinner is over the cousins are sent to the guesthouse as usual. Eva tries to start the inheritance discussion but no one is in the mood anymore as they had plenty of fun. On their way to the guesthouse, Beatrice’s portrait catches Erika’s attention and they tell her about the legend. Since it’s not that late most of the grown-ups also head to the guesthouse to continue a bit more the discussion of the riddle. Erika easily reaches the conclusion that this epitaph is the way to decide how the next family head will be selected. The siblings who were about to head back to the mansion turned back and stay to hear the rest of the story–especially Eva who is dying to hear more. Furudo Erika tells the siblings that it’s very common among extremely rich people to make riddle of some sort to give away their fortune. But the big difference here is that because the epitaph is only displayed in this very mansion and has not been published in any other places, it means that the one who made it wants the people in this mansion to solve it.

I do too. So they get right down to it. Erika concludes that the first twilight would be a string of  6 characters (six chosen by the key) so it’s sort of like an anagram. Everyone is stuck on the next part so Erika suggested they move on to the next twilight and look for hints and so they do. George is totally lost and he’s surprisingly not that intelligent. I knew it he really isn’t short sighted.

The second twilight separates those who are close.  Since we’re interpreting this as  ‘letters’ instead of people it means we’ll be separating them in a sequence. So we look for the remaining characters after the first 6 characters are taken out. The example they present is this: Let’s say we have this number 123456789 then we take out the numbers 1,3,6, 7,8, and 9 so we are left with this x2x45xxxx. Battler claims that 4 and 5 are the ones that are close (clearly because they are next to each other) Erika agrees with Battler’s reasoning but neither of them is sure if it implies to put distance between or to crush/delete those numbers. Good so far? It’s not that hard except when they start mentioning Kanji characters.

Third twilight – it’s basically implied that you can make a new word by changing the order. Battler already has a wild theory regarding the numbers that are in total so he claims that the number of character the first 1st twilight is taken out is 11. Erika had already reached the same conclusion as him. Hideyoshi is surprised too but he doesn’t get how they reached that conclusion. Very Battler. Since they are interpreting ‘killings’ as crushing a character and in the 2nd twilight they’re talking about adding a gap between two numbers they get 11. If they ‘crush’ those 2  numbers they reach the conclusion that the total number is 13. Also because from the 4th to the 8th twilight they ‘crush’ 1 character… by the time they reach the 9th twilight (none shall be left alive) they are left with zero numbers since 6 + 5 = 11. So if we add 2 more to that result we get 13. <GOOD> Erika says.

Meta Battler is stunned to see how smart his piece is. He practically has no room to step in. I was also surprised too! How come he never displayed that much intelligence before? Bernkastel brutally reminds his that since he was away for the first part of the game she was forced to control his piece for him so all that thinking was actually her. Aren’t you glad how smart I made you look? — Bernkastel says. Heh, Bernkastel excels at trolling even when she is not even trying. She’s a natural. Bernkastel reveals that she has already SOLVED the epitaph. Battler remembers that he joined in on the game on October 5 after the first murders occurred. He thanks ‘Bernkastel-sama’ for solving the riddle for him. Sama? Was that sarcasm or some gratitude mixed in?

Lambdadelta teases Bern asking her how many years it took her to do it. That’s a nice Higurashi reference there. The voyagers witches Lambdadelta and Bernkaskel move themselves and Battler to a much more different place or world–the infinite sea of kakera. In there Bernkastel shows countless worlds (fragments) that aided her to solve the riddle. Battler, who is still not used to this world, thinks that all those worlds look like memories from different games. Bernkastel tells him that they are actually fragments from different worlds. Battler gets used to the place after he is warned that if he doesn’t he’ll lose himself in the vastness sea of kakera and disappear for all eternity.

Bernkastel explains a bit what clues and a bit of how she solved the riddle.  Battler has problems keeping up but he does get it regardless. As Lambdadelta said if a riddle is solvebable, no matter how difficult it is, the witch of Miracles Bernkastel will definitely solve it. Battler picks on this. Oops, that’s a hint too! like Lambda said. Just how powerful are these witches? At this point I wasn’t even questioning what I was seeing.

Back to the game board after working on the epitaph for a while they decide to stop when they are finally stuck on a crucial part of the riddle, which is actually the first main part the six chosen by the key. Regardless the siblings are ecstatic to have  made great progress on the witch’s epitaph, especially Eva who offers a mere 1 million reward to Erika for her help. Pffft, that’s too little for the person who practically solved it for them. Hideyoshi sort of agreed with me. Erika responds by saying that she does not need any reward because the thrill of the solving this puzzle is enough for her. Good for her.

It’s late and the siblings must call it a day so  most of them head to their rooms. Jessica is going upstairs and they’re going to be playing cards with George and Maria. Rosa, who made some coffee for everyone, decides to stay behind and wash the cups by herself. Battler who is still pumped up about solving the riddle (now he has new clues) wishes to keep going at it for a while so he stays behind to discuss the riddle with her aunt. Rosa tells Battler that she believes that there is something strange, like she mentioned in the 3rd game, concerning the way Golden Land is spelled in the epitaph. It bugs her why it’s spelt “Ougon no sato” instead of  ‘Ougon no Kyou”‘ as you know the word ‘の’ for possession is used for the latter, in case you’ve seen the characters for both of them you might’ve noticed that before. Also, in their conversation Rosa reveals a clue she found some time ago but was too shy to talk about it because she thought they’d make fun of her. Before telling Battler she tells him to promise her to not tell the other siblings. Do you think he’ll keep his promise?

Rosa adds a new clue, she mentions how she always viewed the whole epitaph as a journey that one goes through starting from the first twilight (starting place) then moving all the way to the last twilight when one reaches the Golden land in a sequence of ten days. She also think there’s some type of distance involved from A point to B point indicating the where the goal is. I suppose that she’s referring to something similar to a ‘X’ in a treasure map. That’s good and all, but Rosa says the problem is that even though she knows Kinzo’s beloved hometown meaning the starting place she doesn’t know where it ends meaning the Golden Land so there’s not much she can do. Battler is impressed with Rosa’s reasoning. Rosa tells Battler that in case he gets to solve the riddle he gives her a share of %5 for her help. A wink is followed.

Battler goes upstairs and finds Erika who was just about to enter the  place where they store books like Eva did in the 3rd game to look for clues. We learned that Erika is already onto the riddle very far deep and is possibly on the same part Eva was. Battler also wants to continue taking shots at the riddle join her and he reveals Rosa’s clue to Erika. What, she just told you to not say it to anyone! Not much to be done anyway, I suppose Bernkastel should be still controlling his piece. Erika’s great detective skills already picked up on that clue and she’s closer to the mystery than we can even imagine. How about that?

– Those who reach it –

Natsuhi is holed up in Kinzo’s study worried sick about what should be done. Beatrice tells her that it’s actually a good thing that Erika appeared because of her the inheritance conference and also Kinzo’s strange disappearance was never touched. Still, Beato tells Natsuhi that the quarreling will resume tomorrow. They also mention how the magical barrier that was protecting Kinzo’s study room has decreased greatly in power so much that it might be taken down at any second. Virgilia proposes to change to a different strategy that is to take Kinzo for a walk to try to fool the siblings like in last year’s family conference. Natsuhi foolishly refuses to do this and wants to stick with their current plan. Also Natsuhi is still worried about the man who called her the other day. Is he already here? There are just too many things that are happening on this family conference that make Natsuhi rage. Who is behind all of this?

Gaap appears and offers the plan to hide Kinzo’s body into the darkness so he’ll never be found. Yeah, as you can guess, Gaap is referring to Natsuhi’s plan to make him go missing. Virgilia and Natsuhi are agains it but BRONOVE and Beato tells them that it will get Natsuhi out of this mess but still she will surely suffer some great consequences. Also, Gaap reveals that she’s the only who has been stealing Beato’s things for years lol. That was random. Everyone decides to only use Gaap’s powers as the last trump card. Natsuhi has some peace of mind for now knowing that she has some at least one way out… or so she thinks.

Outside.. somewhere out in the rain, Battler and Erika are near the place that will lead them to the Golden Land. Apparently, both of them have figured out what gouge in the riddle means. Ah, tell me! Battler is surprised by Erika’s incredible reasoning and he tells her that they should split up the money in case they find it. Erika tells him that the intellectual orgasm stimulation is enough for her. That has a nice ring to it. Didn’t you reason out that I considered dubbing this blog to something along those lines while I was reading EP5? Like Erika says what she cares about is solving riddles and knowing she was right… Simply by the existence of the epitaph in that place she was able to get this far, this level of reasoning is possible for Furudo Erika… what do you think, everyone?

Erika is trying to pick a lock or something(?). In their conversation Erika reveals a nasty side of her that has to do with sneering at dumb people, which isn’t such as bad trait when you look at the rest of the When they Cry characters. Erika asks Battler why he couldn’t see that the moment he knew Erika really liked solving riddles. Erika calls herself an intellectual rapist who enjoys exposing things to people who try hide it. Same goes thing goes for solving riddles. Erika also reveals that midway she changed her goal to solve the epitaph for the satisfaction of seeing Jessica’s prideful face be twisted in great humiliation because she contaminated a pure and noble time for her. Battler notices that something is not right with this girl. You’re in When they Cry. No shi-, Sherlock.

While Erika continues mumbling away, Battler turns around and sees something I wasn’t expecting at all. He sees KINZO, of all people, standing there in the rain nodding in approval of him solving the riddle no one could. Kinzo remains silent and then he points in the direction that it will lead them to the Golden Land. KINZO APPROVES! Battler warns the loli that he already knows what direction they should go. They mentioned a sign indicating a certain way. Kinzo is happy that at last someone has solved the riddle. He disappears and goes to meet with his beloved Beatrice. And so  Battler and Erika reach the Golden Land. The VIP room it was in, the gold bars, everything just as exactly what Eva and Rosa saw in the 3rd game. Everything is the same. Erika is not that amused but she’s thrilled to have solved the riddle. There you have it. That’s how Battler ‘solved’ the riddle and found the gold in this arc.

Lambda says that she made Bern hide the main details about how the riddle was solved. Battler doesn’t mind that much. Because she doesn’t want to be any doubts Lambdadelta repeats in red “This mountain of gold is the real thing. All of the ingots piled up here are real, and pure gold! There are absolutely no tricks such as replicas or fakes!” That’s fine but Battler can’t accept that he ‘saw’ Kinzo a few minutes ago so he says in blue this “I was probably in a shock state after solving the epitaph’s riddle. Then I mistook something for Grandfather. For example maybe there was some sheet or cover that has gotten caught in a dark grove of trees, which looked like Grandfather wearing a pitch black coat. As a result, I mistakenly thought I’d had some sort of conversation with Grandfather.” Blue truth, effective. Bernkastel claims she said the same thing or at least something very similar. Battler asks what was Lambda’s answer to that. Lambdadelta says she didn’t  fight back with her red at that time. Lambda giggles and giggles.

Game board Battler understands how reckless Erika’s behavior is when he finally gets it that she doesn’t care what happens to anyone else after she solves the puzzles. In a way, he considers her to the real typhoon hitting the island instead of the one out there. Battler knows that by solving the riddle he has gotten himself and the others into something. That’s right. It’s time to tell everyone the witch’s riddle has been solved. Meanwhile, Erika can’t wait to see Jessica’s reaction when she finds out.

– The Golden Frantic Drama –

Eva knocks on Kinzo’s door over and over. Eva has no idea but Natsuhi is there resting in there. According to Natsuhi, the servants probably didn’t lock the door of the mansion because Eva got inside.  Natsuhi who was resting in that room is forced to answer Eva back and to tell her to not disturb Kinzo as he just went to sleep. Oh, he went to sleep alright. Last year! Natsuhi knows she cannot open the door at all otherwise Eva will bust in the second she does. The only thing that gives her tranquility is that she has both of the Keys to the study with her. The phone ring.. it’s Krauss calling her to come down ASAP to the parlor. He informs her that Battler and Erika has solved the epitaph’s riddle and found the gold. After he hears what’s Natsuhi’s situation Krauss goes right where she is and forces Eva out of the way for a second so Natsuhi can escape. He does just that. The auto-lock is triggered the moment Natsuhi leaves the study and Eva is disappointed that she just lost her chance to see for herself if Kinzo is dead or not. Genji manages to put the two of them in line so they don’t disturb Kinzo’s precious beauty sleep. Krauss is happy things didn’t get any worse thanks to the head furniture.

In any case, all adults must meet with Battler so he can show them where the loot is at. Meanwhile, Beatrice is shocked that Battler has solved the riddle. She, Kinzo, and the others discuss what should be done. Ultimately, Beatrice decides she will keep serving Natsuhi until the family conference is over because that would be most fair. She says that witches aren’t allowed to break contracts, but they must not fail to show gratitude.

Battler has called up all the parents. All parents are led to the Golden Land and they actually set foot inside the room. None of them can believe what they’re seeing. Everyone rejoices that their financial problems have been solved thanks to Battler, of all people. Now it’s an indisputable fact that the Witch’s gold exists. Battler is in the room, Natsuhi is in the room, the rest of the adults are in the room. The gold does exist! Erika tells Battler that she will gladly give up her part and all rights to Battler because she has zero interest in any of it.

The brief moment of happiness is gone once they mention the distribution of the gold but also making Battler the next family head like the epitaph says. Natsuhi freaks out and she makes excuses how they can’t just assume that ‘father’ will agree to this. Eva, Rosa, Hideyoshi and just about everyone there who isn’t in Natsuhi’s team complain how this isn’t what they agreed to early today. Rudolf reminds her that the deal was that the 4 siblings would get 2.5 billions and the successor to the head gets another 10 millions. Natushi obviously refuses to accept this. Hideyoshi reminds Natsuhi that they’ve arguing based on that premise. Rosa says that this was Natsuhi’s idea in case one of the servants solved the riddle. Krauss claims this was never was explicitly written this was going to be the case. Eva and everyone is mad that this is the opposite to what they were saying earlier today. Huh? When did that happen? That only happened in past games.

Natushi refuses to acknowledge this and claims that this gold is Kinzo’s property and that they shouldn’t start splitting it up. The siblings begin to vote in favor of Battler being the next head. Everyone agrees. They say that if they don’t agree then just ask Kinzo directly! Nice move, Rosa. Natsuhi and Krauss are definitely cornered. Even Erika is surprised at how they’re behaving in front of them and asks Battler if this is always the case. Erika says that they’re probably always like this on the inside. The siblings begin arguing worse than when they do it in the family conference. Battler is even more disgusted with their behaviors and he’s glad he secretly called only the parents to this meeting because he didn’t want any of the cousins to see how ugly they get when it comes to money.

After getting tired and cold they move the discussion to the main mansion. As much as he doesn’t want Battler is dragged by the adults into this huge mess just he tries to head back to the guesthouse. Erika is tired and she says that she’ll go to her room. Some of the siblings apologize for their behavior earlier and they, pretty much, wish to bribe Erika so she keeps quiet about the gold. Of course, Erika already ‘reasoned out’ that much and she repeats that she doesn’t care about money but only about the mystery.  Also no one would believe her even if she wanted to tell it to someone. Rudolf and the others plan on making Battler meet with Kinzo so he can personally pass the title to him. Of course, they just want him to keep quiet and do as he is told. Battler is left with no choice now that all this happened because of him.

In meta-world, Battler is puzzled about Beatrice’s actions as she doesn’t gain or win anything if somebody finds the gold or not. Does she gain something in exchange? Also he believes that the reason why Beato sent those letters and killings was to threaten them to solve the riddle.  Virgilia shows up in the room and says in red “This child (Beatrice) has nothing to gain from having someone solve the epitaph.” Battler says he used to be under the impression that Beatrice wanted somebody to find the gold so she could snatch it away, but that’s wrong too. Virgilia says that,  in the first place “the gold of the Golden Land belongs to this Beato. She has absolutely no need  to make Battler find it and snatch it away for herself.” Hmph, Battler also believes that it was must some sort of revenge that she has against the Ushiromiya family or to regain her powers.. Is that true? Virgilia says that whether the epitaph riddle is solved or not, Beato stands nothing to gain at all. Then what’s the point of all this?

Meta Battler tells Virgilia that the epitaph murders like this are called ’plotline murders’ in mystery novels. I didn’t know Battler read them before that moment. Anyway, the first is the benefit the culprit receives by following the epitaph and thereby confusing the evidence with alibis a.k.a fake bodies and committing murders that don’t follow the order of the epitaph to give themselves alibis.Virgilia responds that this might not be possible because of the red confirming their deaths. Another is that there is a crime that just looks like one of the epitaph but it really isn’t. .. Virgilia claims that this is strange as the Beatrice sends letters in advance showing the culprit is clearly following the epitaph. Oh, I wouldn’t rule out that one completely.

The last one is to make them feel fear. By following the epitaph and telling them it will continue, it will put the survivors in constant fear. The grotesque deaths, the dark decorations were all done to terrify the survivors Battler says. He concludes that Beato must hate one more than the others so she let that person suffer more by letting him or her live till the end. But the order changes each time… Battler reaches the conclusion that he is the only one who doesn’t get killed until the very end so it must be him. Virgilia steps in and declares in red: “Battler isn’t the culprit. Battler didn’t kill anyone. This can be said for all games.” Battler thinks Beatrice must want revenge against him or at least make him experience fear. Virgilia says: “Beato’s goal is not to make someone experience  fear. And it isn’t to have revenge on someone either.” This doesn’t make sense at all. Battler is also extremely confused. What does Beatrice wishes for? What’s the purpose of the killings? Battler comes to the realization that Beatrice isn’t an evil witch as killing people just for the lulz doesn’t make much sense now. Virgilia is glad to hear Battler say those words. She gives him some final red: “Beato never committed murder for the sake of pleasure.” Then what does Beato want? Battler has no idea what Beato wishes for but he doesn’t want to give up either.

[end of episode 30]

Let’s reason this out!

Rosa’s clue and other clues – I also noticed that this is her third clue. The first was how Golden Land was written. The second was the ‘sweet fish’ although it was never clear it was related or not thanks to Eva’s sneakiness and the third was the ‘journey’. Eva is the only one who has solved the riddle but she is the least of them who has shared her own clues. All we got in 3rd game was something impossible to make out for someone who doesn’t speak Japanese  like most of us who don’t. I think it’s very possible that there are Ushiromiya or servants who are downright not revealing any clues they had and are only leeching off others, like in this case off Erika who practically solved it for them. Who is not coming forward at all?

Beatrice – Virgilia’s red threw my off. It’s no exaggeration that they destroyed most of my theories concerning Beato. I’m starting to think that there is no way that Beatrice is evil after being brutally attacked by that many red truths. Is this it? I still have my doubts about the 2nd plotline mysteries that Virgilia denied though.

Plotline murders 2nd argument – Virgilia said that it wouldn’t be possible because the red confirms one’s death. But let’s not forget that for the 3rd game someone faked his/her death at some point and it was possible to kill Dr. Nanjo. Yes, the culprit died but because the red didn’t state his/her death until much latter that person was still ‘alive’ until the Eva Beatrice used the red. Surely, there are still ways to poke holes around this. Now, if the witch would declare their deaths the very moment they are killed I wouldn’t be using this as an argument.

Battler seeing Kinzo – It has already been stated in red that it is not possible to mistake Kinzo for somebody else. How do we explain Battler seeing Kinzo aside from the blue true Battler used? It’s worth mentioning that it should still be Bernkastel controlling Battler’s piece so how things worked out is strange to say the least. This is supposed to be Lambda’s gameboard so I assume she has great control on how things occurred. It’s not absolutely determined how much power Beatrice or the game master actually have over the pieces but I’m sure they have some nonetheless. If this was Bernkastel herself who claimed to have seen Kinzo since it was her who was controlling Kinzo. I have to question why she’d undermine her own plan by claiming she ‘saw’ him even though all of them know well Kinzo is dead. It wouldn’t make sense for her unless she was doing it on purpose or for some unknown reasons. Surely, it was not the real ‘Battler’ who saw Kinzo.

The gold is real – It’s already been said in red that it’s no fake and since Battler and the others actually saw it we can conclude that the gold is real. Also Lambdadelta said there are no replicas or fakes or anything of that sort. So this gold is without a doubt the real deal. Also Virgilia said that it belongs to Beato. Care to explain how somebody got a hold of so much gold in the first place? It’s not impossible but if no supernatural forces are involved whatsoever then it would be very very difficult to think a single person could own that much gold. Was treasure passed down from generations of the rich people?  Did Beato stumble upon it at some point in her life? Was it given to her as a reward or a curse for a sin she committed so it now belongs to her? They never said in red that she made it. They only said that it belongs to her. My guess is that it’s gold might be a curse. Then why it wouldn’t make a difference to Beato to get rid of it?

Gold existence –
Who else knew about the witch’s gold aside from Kinzo? Supposedly, no one knew it for sure. They assumed it was some type of fairy tail but they still wished to solve the riddle to become the next family head or at least for some type of reward. We know that according to the 1st game Krauss and Natsuhi are the only ones that know that gold might be real. Although that’s the only arc they ever mentioned that, which is very strange. The rest of the siblings are only wishing it was real so it can help them solve their financial problems and possibly their crappy lives. Krauss on the other hand has some proof that the gold exists he never told anyone until that point. Also Krauss or Natsuhi wouldn’t be this freaked out if they’d know where the gold is hidden. If they knew they’d be using that gold to repay their own debts without a doubt.  It wouldn’t make much sense to go out their way if they’d know where the gold as at. The same could be said about the other siblings who haven’t made a move before the family conference. Is it possible that someone else already knew the gold existed before that but that person didn’t know where it was?

The journey to the Golden Land – This reminds me about a post I never posted about where the witch’s gold was at. Most of the post was partially destroyed by the 4th game saying that Eva was in the second mansion and most of the things we saw was a lie. But thanks to EP5 I know that the passages to the golden Land exist among other things. Thanks to this it’s possible to come up with a time and location that may fit the description.

Taking a quick shot at the Witch’s riddle & Gouge and kill – Battler and Erika were mentioning that they knew what ‘gouge’.  meant. Gouge refers to the action of removing a certain part of it, it might or might not mean digging out a vital part nevertheless. They were interpreting ‘kill’ as crushing or deleting and since we’re assuming they’re talking about words when we could interpret this as not completely removing a character but only parts of it. It can also mean to get a hold of that certain part of the character and discard the rest.

On the fourth night, gouge the head and kill.
On the fifth night, gouge the chest and kill.
On the sixth night, gouge the abdomen and kill.
On the seventh night, gouge the knee and kill.
On the eighth night, gouge the foot and kill.

If we view the human body as a character we can assume that the gouge part meaning either focusing on that part (pin) or to remove or dig out that certain character. As you may or may not know, Kanji characters are complex characters made up by other other characters that when you put them together they form certain words. Now, I might not be good at Kanji but it’s not like I haven’t attempted to learn it at all.

Let’s say we’re on the 4th twilight and we want to know what character they’re referring to. To know this we would take out or focus the top part that forms this character. That would be the ‘head’ part. For the 5th twilight we would focus on or remove the upper part of it just below the head. The 6th twilight refers to the abdomen, a lower part below the center of a character. The 7th twilight refer to a much lower part of a character like the legs or what  something that supports or is the foundation of a character. We can interpret the foot as something similar like the very base or the very bottom of a character.

This is a nice example I made in case you have no idea what I’m referring to. If the twilight requires to gouge the chest and we have the word eye 目 we’d have to remove the center part of it part. We will then obtain the character for sun 日 instead so and so forth. Get it? That’s where I’m going with this. It might not necessarily be the case for everything but that’s more or less what I mean.

Also I noticed that the character for human legs 儿 is similar to the to the character for river 川 though actually animal legs/eight  is ハ could also do the job while I was thinking about the gouge the leg and knee part. I wonder if there is a connection at all between the 7th and the 8th twilight aside from the fact that one is reaching the river near the beloved hometown or Golden Land.  In addition, this 丶 primitive character that indicates a great change. You could say that it looks like sort of like a foot though.. it might be stretching things a little bit. There’s a possibility that that character is discarded or stressed on that certain part. Remember it’s not completely determined what the action of gouging is referring to.

Possibly after we focus on or take out that part of the character we ‘kill’ (delete) the rest of the character. It’s quite possible that it we join together the characters that have been gouged and or the ones who have been ‘killed’ we obtain a message or word that tells us where the Golden land might be at. And that ends my quick shot at the epitaph’s riddle with limited experience with the Japanese language.  Learning a bit of  Kanji is starting to pay off little by little. Simply, because of the existence of these clues.. This level of thinking is possible for Keikakudoori. What do you think, everyone

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