Blogging Umineko Chiru EP 5 – 31 – First Twlight Come! You’re so Third-Rate, Culprit-san♪ Problem, Battleeeeer★?


The intellectual raeping continues.

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– The true family conference –

Originally from main site JaP. After Battler finds the Gold and all that jazz the siblings decide to continue their arguing in the main mansion. Since talking won’t do much good they decide to bring a recorder to record their conversation so Krauss won’t be going on back his word and they do just that. They’re all tired and Krauss proposes they take a quick break. Rosa asks Genji to prepare them something to drink and maybe some cookies. They notice that Rosa is feverish and Eva tells her that she can go rest but that she’ll miss out on this big opportunity. Since they’re taking a Krauss uses this opportunity to leave the room with Natsuhi to revise their plan. Let’s see what these two come up with.

Shannon and Kanon enter the room with a serving cart and guess what they’re bringing. TEA. In what you bring tea in? In a teapot. Because the relatives want somebody to talk to (they must be extremely bored) they make both of them stay with them. Not much time passes. A few seconds I’d say. The game doesn’t make it clear so don’t ask me. Then they everybody hear a *KNOCK* KNOCK*, Rudolf tells the person to enter since they assume it’s Genji or somebody else that is in the main mansion (Genji, Natsuhi, Krauss are the one ones). The sound of the large clock on the hall could be heard. It was a sign that October 4 has ended and they entered October 5. Let’s go back a bit in time–they game says. I know this is to confuse us.

Natsuhi and her husband discuss the plan of making Kinzo go missing. This obviously will be very risky for them and will cast unwanted suspicion on them and may ultimately destroy them. At any rate, Krauss says he’s ready to down by himself if this gets out. He says it’s fine to start filing a divorce (didn’t I say that in my first post?) Krauss reassures Natsuhi that he won’t let them suffer economically and that he’ll secretly leave some assets to them so they at least have a good life. That’s why he wants Natsuhi to let him handle their last trump as when it’s time. Natsuhi refuses to let her husband on down alone. Natsuhi remembers for the first time in a long time that Krauss does understand her when he holds her in his arms. Too bad this won’t last much…

Krauss thinks it’s best for Natsuhi to stay in her room and rest. He’ll tell the siblings she isn’t feeling well in case they ask. Perfect timing for what’s going to happen next.

Genji once again interrupts them. Is this guy the only one that picks up the phone or what? He secretly lets Natsuhi know that she has a phone call from someone. Natsuhi is afraid to ask but she is asks regardless. Of course, this is after Krauss is gone. Yes, it’s that man from 19 years ago again. Natsuhi asks Genji to transfer the call to her bedroom where she can make sure she is all alone. She takes the phone call and hears the voice of that man once again calling her ‘mother.’ This chat can’t possibly turn into anything good for her. Natsuhi knows this already but she is unable to hang up on him (her?) because she fears that by doing that will only anger him.

In the worst case scenario he will expose Natsuhi’s secret to the whole family and ruin her life. The man from 19 years ago also already knows this so he taunts and sneers at Natsuhi’s helplessness. To scare her even more he tells Natsuhi something no one was supposed to know. But first he asks Natsuhi what her favorite season is. She tells him her favorite season is the Fall because it’s easier to spend the time. The man tells her that his favorite season is also Fall. Natsuhi doesn’t believe this crap at all saying that he would’ve said the same no matter what Natsuhi would’ve said. He tells her to check behind the clock in her bedroom. Natsuhi doesn’t want to at first but the caller changes his voice to a lower and threatening one. Actually, that’s my favorite season too but we aren’t discussing that. Also don’t go calling my house.

Natsuhi checks behind the clock that her husband gave her as a gift and she finds.. a tarot like card with the symbol for Fall written on the back of it. Natsuhi is terrified that this person knows exactly what she’s doing. How did this person know her favorite season? HOW!? Does anyone know? I think I do.

He tells her that he is already on the island. Natsuhi doesn’t believe this but she shuts up when the man from 19 years ago mentions Erika’s name. Why? Because it indicates that he is close enough to know what’s going on the mansion. Natsuhi is terrified to say the least. The man says they’re going to be playing a GAME. He simply wants Natsuhi to not leave her room, go right to sleep and not touch or receive any phone calls at all. Natsuhi is already in tears but she cannot do a damn thing. Let’s go back in time again. I don’t like this one bit.

It’s exactly 24:00. A couple of seconds go by and still nothing, Kanon asks for permission to open the door and Eva grants it. They wondered who it is who knocked on the door. Rudolf didn’t recognize the knock so it couldn’t be any of the servants. Also, Kinzo wouldn’t knock on his own house. The mansion is supposed to be LOCKED so no one is supposed to enter.. that only leaves the three remaining people that aren’t here.

Kanon approaches and open the door. There is no one on the other side. He finds a LETTER laying on the floor.  Kanon looks to both sides to check if there is anyone around but he finds no one. Everyone approaches.  Shanon thinks it could’ve been Kinzo who did it but she knows BETTER that he isn’t. Eva thinks this is probably a stupid trick from Krauss to attempt to hinder Battler’s succession to become the new family head. When they see that the letter is from one of Kinzo’s letters Rosa thinks it could be Kinzo who wrote it. Eva thinks it’s too easy for Krauss to get his hands on it. Kanon disagrees since Kinzo locks himself up in his study. In any case, Rudolf says that it’s best if they read the contents right now.

He opens it in front of everyone. As we can guess it’s a letter from Beatrice , the alchemist family counselor, accepting Battler as the next head. the letter says. She gives Battler all the gold and also makes him the ruler of the Golden Land. More importantly, Kinzo’s Ring is also inside the letter too! which according to Beatrice it was given to her from Kinzo. Eva corroborates the claim this is no fake ring as she’s had dreams about wearing it since she was little. Get a hobby, Eva. All siblings have creepy smiles  on and don’t waste a single second and force Battler to put it on. They tell him to not take it off no matter what. Unlike past games.. since they got the gold on their hands they don’t pay much attention to Beatrice’s existence and actually use her existence as an argument to strength their claims. How very convenient.

A couple of minutes go back and Krauss and Natsuhi enter the room. They’re shocked to know that someone by the name of Beatrice has sent such a letter. Genji immediately recognizes the ring Battler has on. Krauss is done for, in more than one sense. The siblings take this new topic. We don’t know the details. 3 hours go by from that moment.

Battler claims that the family conference actually ended at 1:00 a.m but they kept on talking about other topics.  Battler comments how Rosa was able to slipped out of the mansion before the other discussions started to check up on Maria who could’ve stayed up too late. Battler tried to do the same but Rudolf caught him and made him stayed till 3:00 a.m which it’s that time he left the mansion.

It’s already raining. Battler goes back to the guesthouse and there he finds Dr. Nanjo talking with Gohda on the parlor of the guesthouse . Also Gohda is serving as bartender and Nanjo and possibly the two of them have been drinking. Erika can be seen on the couch. Gohda and Nanjo comments on how much of a good company Erika was because they had such good chat. Erika tells Battler that he doesn’t have to worry because she didn’t talk about *THAT*. What the hell is that? What the hell is THAT?

They ask Battler if he wishes to join them but he’s too tired to stay awake any longer. Gohda informs Battler that Rosa came in at 1:00 a.m then went straight upstairs to get some sleep. Battler thinks this is reasonable as he also just wants to go rest. Seeing this they chose to do the same and everyone goes upstairs. On the hallway, everyone says goodnight to each other and enters their respective rooms. Battler is all tired as hell since they kept him until very late. There is a dim light in the room so he doesn’t bother to turn on the lights. He lies in his bed and goes to right to sleep. Before that he remembers something that his father told him.

That he wants to talk about important to him, it’s about his birth. He wishes to talk about it as a family. He then says that if he talks about it, he’ll probably be killed. So it’s not OK on that day but it’s OK the next day? How come he didn’t say a thing when he actually managed to get through the first twilight?

Battlers dismisses this as something trivial relating to the Ushiromiya family honor or something of that sort, not actually related to his actual birth or his mother but we know better. That concludes October 4, 1986. I bet you have already a solid idea what happens next day.

– Revenge for 19 years ago –

Natsuhi remembers a very painful memory of her past. 19 years ago because she was unable to bear any children for some strange reason, her position and the one of his husband was undermined by Eva and Hideyoshi. One day Kinzo, who gave huge donations to orphanages, brought a child from the place where they bring all furniture. He told Natsuhi to raise the child as it was her own and let it become the next family head. Natsuhi felt horrible but she couldn’t manage to hate Kinzo for it. She blamed herself and her cursed body and wish for a miracle to angels and demons. At the time that this happened Krauss was on a business trip and Rosa, who still lived in the mansion, was out traveling with her friends. It was only her and Kinzo and the servants at that time on the Rokkenjima. Beato and the rest of the furinutre listen carefully to her story.

Natsuhi could not stand to the see the child and even less hear his crying so she ordered an old servant to take the child somewhere else. The servant does this and enters the forest and goes near a cliff with only a fence to stop her. Natsuhi felt terrible about what happened later. Beatrice and the other furniture who have been listiening to her story tell her that she is sinless. It was Beatrice and Demons who granted her wish to take the child away from her. Beatrice personally claimed it was her that did it. Of course, we know it couldn’t been her. She changes the story claiming that it was her who control the servant so that she would fall to her death along with the baby. Ronove explains that since there is no red truth in the human world it’s not possible to be sure that this baby indeed died even though they said they did. Beatrice says she’ll take on this unknown man from 19 years ago herself and that she’ll kill him again like she did in the past.

The story finishes with Kinzo acting even creepier after he learns that the baby died in an ‘accident’ thinking that it was the Witch Beatrice who did it. Kinzo laughs like a bastard. Krauss who came after his trip is shocked to see his father act even crazier

The man hangs up and we learn that the caller is Lambdadelta who has been trolling Natsuhi before the game even started. As we can see she is having a blast torturing Natsuhi and she tells Trollkastel how easy it is to change her voice at will. Totally awesome. Bernkastel advices her that she should quit being a witch and become a voice actor. They laugh. I also laughed. Lambdadelta should seriously consider becoming a seiyuu. She can even switch between masculine and feminine voices. It’s tough out there!

Bernkastel introduces Furudo Erika to Lambdadelta who is thrilled to see such cute, intelligent, and useful piece so much that she’d die to see her face twisted in defeat when she makes her lose to the illusion of the Witch. Erika comments how she is nothing like Ange. Bernkastel and Lambdadelta bash the hell out of Ange saying how useless, uncute (EXCUSE ME?) and dull she was. Beato is sitting nearby but she is unable to do or say anything.

Lambdadelta gives her permission to speak but she doesn’t say a thing even then. Lambdadelta and Bernkastel mock Beato for surrendering to Battler in the last game saying that she is useless to them. Now she has become a mere piece, no a mere bowling pin, in this cruel game of theirs. The turn of the Golden Witch will never again come. It’s up to Lambda to put the witch side on top even if it means sacrificing Beato in the process.

Meta Battler who has seeing this scene realizes the difference between this game and Beato’s game. Even though the tale is similar in this game there is no respect for any of the players. Surely, this will be a nasty game for Beatrice and the others. Only he can stop it.

Battler appears and Trollkastel introduces her new piece to him. Erika assures him that she will far more useful than Ange was. Erika says that they should work together to destroy the illusion of the witch. Battler refuses to shake hands with her and knocks her hand saying that he doesn’t need any of her help. This is a game between him and Beato, that neither of those witches nor anyone else have anything to do with it. Erika grins and asks him if this is the right moment to act tough. I thought the same.

The witches remind him how Battler always had some help in previous game (Ronove, Virgilia then Ange) yet he didn’t manage to solve the mystery even though Beato went terribly easy on him. Were the closed rooms supposed to be easy? Now that he’s all alone, he thinks he can do it all by himself? The witches mocked him more and more. At any rate, they tell him that first day is about to end and the first twilight is about to begin. And so we enter October 5, of 1986.

– Morning of tragedy –

It’s 7:00 a.m. Battler wakes up by the sound of the wristwatch George left on the table they were playing cards on. All the curtains are shut so not much light is getting in. Because no one is waking up he’s forced to turn the alarm off by himself. Battler takes a quick look at the table and thinks the game was probably sevens. He can see that the cards are still on the table like they stopped mid-game. Battler opens the curtain, turn on the lights and lo-and-behold. The morning tragedy is here. A terrible spectacle he didn’t need to see. Everyone is dead. The first twilight has taken place.

Battler’s scream  has summoned attention. Eva, Rudolf, Nanjo are the first to arrive. Eva is in tears after seeing George’s dead body. She begs Dr. Nanjo to help him but it’s impossible to do anything at this point. But he isn’t the one only who has been killed. On the other bed lie Jessica’s body and on the other bed are the bodies of Rosa’s and Maria’s lying next to each other (like in the 4th game? I wonder if it’s the same culprit..) All the victims’ necks have been sliced open so we can assume this was probably the cause of death.  NO! What about my pen stabbing action! I’ll get you for this! Only by looking at them we’d definitely think that they are dead. What about zombies? That’d be stupidest theory yet.

Erika has heard the cries from the hallway and she approaches the room. Battler stops her from getting inside the room. Erika comments on how it’s common in these type of murders for the culprit to hinder the detective’s job. Also how she cannot investigate the scene of the crime if they are like this.  Well, that is true. I found it funny the expression she made when she said that. Rudolf approaches the door too and also tells Erika that right now  it’s not the time. Erika uses her detective’s authority so the pieces let her through. She declares in red: “Detective’s authority…. the detective has the right to inspect all the crime scenes. Stand back, Ushiromiya Battler. This is an official right of this game, which the human side has acknowledged.”

Battler is thrown back by a powerful force and Erika enters the room. Meta Battler doesn’t know wtf is on either. Bernkastel informs his that this is a restriction placed on all game pieces therefore Erika, who is the detective, has full authority to investigate. In other words, no one can stop her investigation. Erika summons Dr. Nanjo and listens to the report of the autopsy to get the full details. Wait, doesn’t this mean that Erika would know if Nanjo was lying about the details?

Erika also sees the big magic circle that the culprit painted on the wall of the crime scene which no one has paid that much attention to. Bernkastel analyzes Lambdadelta’s moves and is somewhat pleased how Lambdadelta is mimicking Beatrice’s game so far. Surely, she didn’t mess up and forgot to get two additional corpses for the first twilight. They must be somewhere. The stakes of purgatory don’t know what’s going on either but they comment on how the culprit is imitating Beatrice’s style but how sloppy the culprit is doing it. The Hebrew on the magic circle is terrible and this isn’t even a closed room. They go report it to Beato.

I almost forgot about the Harem of Purgatory

In the mansion we can see Gohda and Shannon preparing breakfast for the family. Shannon is happy to work like this with Gohda who loves cooking. She wishes his job would be restricted to cooking so he wouldn’t need to be a jerk like sometimes he is. Kanon who had dozed off in the servant room last night and has fallen asleep last time shows up. He was a bit late because he had to do all chores, servants like him do, because Genji was nowhere to be found. Kanon says he’ll go to check on him, Kumasawa who was before Kanon showed up tells him she’ll go with him because she wants to see Genji’s face after he just woke up. That she manages to skip the job of getting the serving cart ready. Mischievous Kumasawa is mischievous.

They reach the room and both of them spot a long strip of duct tape along the frame of the door. Not only it is weird seeing that there but it has cuts in a way that it you try to open the door it will surely break. In addition, it has some sort of scribble done with a thin pen all across the duct tape. Kannon and Kumasawa don’t pay much attention to it and they tear it off and open the door. The firs thing they see is a blood stained cover sheet and when they uncover to see what’s beneath it they find Genji’s dead body. They immediately call Gohda and Shannon who are as horrified as Kannon and Kumasawa when they saw it. Looks like almost no one cries in this game anymore.

Battler has already solved riddle but the killings are still going on. what’s exactly happening? The other stakes say they better check the mansion in case they find another body. They also said that they should inform Natsuhi and Beatrice of what’s going on. That’s 5 bodies. We only need one more.

Natsuhi just woke up after the other day when the man from 19 years ago threaten to reveal her secret if she didn’t comply. Leviathan appears before Natsuhi and wishes to inform her of the latest news. The phone rings and Natsuhi picks it up without listening to Leviathan. She greatly regrets doing this first. The first thing she hears is a ‘good morning’ from the man from 19 years ago who now has a new request for her. He wants Natsuhi to go into the for-most guest room on the first floor and hide in the closet at exactly 1:00 pm today. She wins if no one finds her. She will lose if someone finds her. Regardless of the outcome it won’t make a difference, the man says. Why do you think he wants her to do that? The culprit’s intentions are very obvious at this point.

Natsuhi is unable to refuse when she hears Krauss’ screams in the background. He’s yelling something along the lines of ‘untie me, you coward’. The man from 19 years ago makes a sound like he’s passing the phone to him (?)  She calls out to him but he can’t hear her at all. The mysterious man tells her that he has Krauss as hostage and that if she doesn’t do what she’s told he’ll kill him without a doubt. He promises he’ll release him tomorrow after Natsuhi does her part of the deal. Natsuhi doesn’t trust his words. The man tells Natsuhi that she’s got it wrong. The one who has to make sure to keep the promise is his dear mother.

The servants who just found Genji’s body knock on Natsuhi’s door. Natsuhi has to hang up. The man from 19 years ago doesn’t mind since he has already said what he wanted. Lambdadelta hangs up too and tells Bernkastel her turn is over. Bernkastel is ready and immediately asks about the phone lines.Yes, this is exactly what we want to know. Call from beyond the grave must cost a fortune.

Super paper denies that possibility that external lines can be used but she does say that internal lines can be used. Also she claims that it’s impossible to use a boat inside a typhoon. It’s worth mentioning that she doesn’t use the red in case you were wondering. Now that it’s completely a closed circle and no police will ever be involved Lambda proclaims. The detective has gained full authority over this case. Good, that’s how I like to roll.

Everyone who is still alive is in the mansion well, actually no, we can’t be sure of that. Erika asks about Krauss’s whereabouts but it looks like no one knows.  Shannon  has been calling Krauss on the phone but nothing. Battler fears the worst for his uncle. Erika tells Battler they can’t be sure of that until the find his body, which is very true. He could be the killer for all we know, but let’s not jump to conclusions. Maybe he has already become an astronaut and he’s already on the moon ~

Kyrie makes a comment like she already has an idea of what the situation is. Eva freaks out when Kyrie starts acting like she knows something and she freaks out even more when Erika and the others start acting in a similar way. Feeling confused she accuses them of being the culprits. Hideyoshi has to calm her down. She doesn’t see it but it makes sense that this is related to the witch’s riddle. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out but Eva is too unstable to notice this. Erika explains that this is a plotline murder following the witch’s epitaph therefore there are probably is probably one more dead body in the mansion.

Since they can’t be sure who is still alive and whose not Erika proposes they go check on Kinzo. Before anything escalates into something bigger Natsuhi makes an excuse involving Kinzo being in the habit of not hanging up the phone when he is very concentrated on researching. Gohda makes a blunder by saying that the phone was ringing! In any case, Natsuhi offers that they go check his husband’s room first to confirm if he is there. Wait, why do they sleep in different rooms in the first place?

The rest of them quickly follow Natsuhi. Erika wants to make sure everyone goes together because in both third-rate mystery and horror people who act alone tend to die first. That’s so true! Beatrice is really third-rate after all—Erika says.

Beatrice and the others have been informed of what is happening. Even though the riddle has been solved someone is committing murders like that person is the witch. Ronove says it must be someone disguised as one 18th existing humans on the island or… something. Gaaps joins the two of them. Bronove says it’s time to move now that all humans are moving together. They leave it to Gaap to take care of it. Gaap disappears and is on her way to make holes in all alibis the same way that happened in past games.

The humans reach the Krauss’s room but they only find a blood stained sheet meaning that they can’t be sure that he’s dead. They said he could be badly hurt but they can’t see any blood stains on the floor. Hphm…. Meaning his body probably wasn’t dragged away by someone or so this tells us. They ask  if Krauss is in the habit of locking up his door since when they came in and the door wasn’t locked. Apparently, he is. The servants say that all non-public zones are locked up by the servants. Bernkastel doesn’t believe either that Krauss is dead. Game board Erika claims that this is not even a closed room and that there won’t be any in this mansion since the culprit probably got the master keys when he killed Genji. The intellectual rapist says that this murder is third-rate after all.

Once Natsuhi learns that Erika (actually they already told her)  has also been killed she flies out the place and heads to the guest house. A great part of her is also doing this to get the attention away from Kinzo’s study. Erika doesn’t mind this much even though this won’t lead to any great developments for the investigation. Lambdadelta begs to disagree.

The first to arrive are Natsuhi, Gohda, and Eva. They are surprised that they can’t find the bodies of the first the victims. They have disappeared like they were never there in the first place even. But Game Battler was in the scene so the bodies were definitely there at some point. How come they are gone now?  Even though they made sure the door was locked after they left the room. Erika is now completely sure that culprit has a master key after all. All bodies are gone even though everyone was together when they were moving. It must be magic! Lambda says. She already knows that Bern thinks someone was playing dead and then they hid. This is beyond basic and, of course, Bern has additions claims. Since Lambda isn’t using red like Beato did, Bern says she’ll use blue to fight back. The makes she blue claims in this part:

1- the victims aren’t actually dead. They pretended to be dead, then secretly hid themselves somewhere. All, you (Lambda) haven’t proclaimed anyone’s deaths with the red truth.” Lambda isn’t falling for it and she won’t give Bern a freebie until it’s 24:00, October 5.

2 – Krauss carried the corpses off and hid them. You’ve acted it out so that it look like you’ve kidnapped Krauss and locked him up somewhere, but the he may be actually be free. Krauss has no alibi. Krauss hid their corpses.” Lambda doesn’t deny or agrees with this but claims that Krauss could’ve lied to Natsuhi on purpose. After all, to lie to your enemies you have to lie to your friends first–Lambda states.

3- the corpses were different people in the first place. They were substitute corpses jut like the victims. George and the others were hiding form the beginning and later cleared up those substitute corpses. These corpses were dead from the very beginning. They don’t count towards the number of people on the island.” Lambda think this claims is totally messed up. Bern says that she’ll remove this claim if Lambda confirms that no one would misidentify a person in this game. Lambda  refuses to answer for now seeing that she can keep doing this until it’s 24:00, October 5. That’s right in this game they wont be give any truth at all.

Bern will have to wait for now but she has already planned on how she’ll corner Lambda when she uses that red against her. She’ll be like a witch hunter and use multiple blue wedges to kill the witch. She can’t wait to enjoy seeing the pathetic sight of Lambdadelta crawling on the floor in defeat while she wipes the floor with her hair. That’s a very vivid image. Bern keeps laughing over and over. I think these two were made for each other. Speak now or forever or forever hold peace.

Gaap has entered Genji’s room and is already getting rid of his body by making a big black hole that leads to everywhere but nowhere. The stakes that were also witnessing all of this disappear when the job is done. The humans are coming back from the guesthouse. It’s time to scramble. [End of episode 31]

Let’s reason this out!

How the Culprit Knew about Natsuhi’s favorite season? – You can’t possibly expect me to fool with this ~Culprit-san. I know exactly how you knew Natsuhi’s favorite season. In fact, it’s sooooo easy that I’ll expose it right now to everyone. You made sure to make 4 tarots cards, wrote the characters for all seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, on each of them then you hid them in different parts of her room she wouldn’t normally look for. Because you already knew Natsuhi was stressed out so you used this opportunity to  pull this stunt. You knew well she wouldn’t realize she was playing into such a simple trap. It would’ve been a different case if you would’ve said what her favorite season was way before she did but you didn’t. This was your mistake.

No matter what her answer was you’d only need to lead her to the designated place you wanted. Then to get rid of the additional cards  you’d only need to enter her room again if necessary. That’s why you wanted her to go sleep to sleep right away and don’t do anything out of the ordinary. At any rate, the way the games keeps going it will make Natsuhi the main culprit so she’ll never have time to waste searching her own room for something she doesn’t know it exists in the first place. Is that how it went, ~ Culprit-san ♪ ?

How the culprit put the tarot card in there – I won’t mention who Natsuhi told her favorite season because that’s a spoiler for the next part but also because it isn’t as relevant as the game makes you think. I don’t have any reason to defend that suspect but it’s also part of this investigation to disprove false accusations. There could be more people who could know of that secret but this could easily be a red-herring to cast suspicion on others. First of all for the culprit to get inside Natsuhi’s room he/she should’ve done it in a moment when:

A)    Natsuhi was outside her room or unconscious enough to not realize someone was inside though it’s probably too risky for the culprit.
B)    When it wasn’t locked. This isn’t easy to believe. I’m sure she locks up her room whenever she can but seeing the situation they’re in, it might be the case. I wouldn’t rule this out.
C)    Most likely the culprit must have a master key. It isn’t unthinkable to image that the culprit can pick locks but that would destroy pretty much all the master keys/locked room mysteries so no. Therefore, this leads me to believe that the culprit must have a master key or his/her accomplice is one of the servants.

The moment the culprit put the tarot card was before the first twilight took place. Still, we have to remember that the culprit should not have been on the possession of any master keys at that time because Genji was not dead. Moreover, none of the siblings should’ve had any access to her room before the first twilight came because they are not supposed to have any master keys on them. It is only possible to place the tarot cards in Natsuhi’s room way before the family conference and before the first twilight.

In conclusion the belief that the culprit is a person who has easy access to Natsuhi’s room is even greater. Most likely a servant is the one who put the tarot card there who acting as an accomplice for the culprit or for his or her own reasons.

Beatrice’s game and involvement – this Beatrice being part of the game and not being part of it.. it’s confusing because it’s a contraction that involves the culprit always being a human and the culprit being a witch. Obviously, if it was a witch the game would’ve stopped like Beatrice says but she says that the culprit this time is a human following the epitaph. In conclusion, this is not ‘Beatrice’s doing’ I’m using italics because I’m supposed to believe that the culprit is ‘not Beatrice’. Notice the big contradiction that arises by even accepting Beatrice’s existence.

Moreover this letter is from the human culprit. This supposed to not be Beatrice, yet the letter and envelope are exactly the same! We got the letter from someone who calls him or herself Beatrice, we got Kinzo’s letter with his seal, not to mention we even got Kinzo’s ring inside the letter. In conclusion, EP5 is basically telling us that it’s more than possible for the HUMAN to be able to pull this off in past arcs. Do you agree with this claim? More importantly, do you not agree with this claim?

Kinzo’s seal and envelope – They said how it’s possible for someone to get his hands on one of those even though Kanon said it’d be difficult. It’s still possible that someone made an exact replica but we’ll be getting into a pointless Devil’s proof argument. Let’s assume that these two are the real deal. How’d the culprit get them? First of all he would had to enter Kinzo’s room to snatch them away or get a servant to do it for him/her. All the servants don’t remember do this a any of the siblings so this means they’re lying or that they really didn’t do it. I can’t exactly tell you how the culprit did but I can theorize when the culprit didn’t do it if it was all him.

The culprit could not have done it after the family conference started because Natsuhi was in possession of the only 2 keys that can open Kinzo’s study. It is not possible to steal the envelope after she had the other key from Genji. Before she got the second key to Kinzo’s study it was not possible for the culprit to do it. I repeat. The culprit or the accomplice must have gotten their hands on them only before Natsuhi was in possession of both of the keys. Who was the only one who had the other key to Kinzo’s study room? Genji.

Who could’ve done the deed way before the family conference? Just about any servant or any person who was able to enter Kinzo’s study after he died since the autolock triggers the moment the door closes, it’s possible for the culprit to make it seem like the door was never opened in the first place. This destroys the claim that a witch is the one who sent the letter in past arcs. Counter, Beato? ♪

Dead Kinzo. Just where is he? – If you’ve followed my previous posts you’ll know that I kept asking where the hell Kinzo’s corpse is at multiple times. Why is this relevant you ask? There is a simple answer to this. Kinzo’s corpse location is crucial because he is always burnt in all 4 arcs. Kinzo died one year before the family conference but they have never said what they exactly did with his body. Did they burn him? Do they have him in some freezing machine? Have they already buried him somewhere on the island or somewhere else? Throw him into the deep blue sea? There are innumerable ways they could’ve handled this one but there is something we can be sure. They treated him with the respect. The family head deserved that much, at least based on Natsuhi’s nature,  if this is true than it’s unthinkable to think they just tossed him somewhere or did something unthinkable like butchering him up. Why do you think I’m mentioning this..?

Because Kinzo’s body is found burning in all 4 arcs yet neither Natsuhi, Krauss nor any of the servants, who supposedly know what happened to Kinzo’s corpse, are that astonished to see him there. Sure, they are surprised that a corpse is burning but not by the impossibility that Kinzo’s corpse is on Rokkenjima. At least I never get that impression. How would you respond if you found out that someone’s corpse that it’s supposedly thousands of miles from the island or something that doesn’t exist in front of you? One you’ll know that someone brought a fake body here if you’re sure the body doesn’t exist anymore. Two you’ll know that the culprit has dug up or found Kinzo’s corpse in case its still on the island. Three, the real culprit already knows that Kinzo is dead and knows this has been kept a secret and that’s why the culprit brought a corpse. Only the ones who handled Kinzo’s corpse would know if this is a fake corpse or not. From this we can speculate that Kinzo’s corpse still exists and it is possibly on Rokkenjima.

The Ushiromiya family ring –
The only one made in the whole world. Eva claimed she recognized the ring and so did Genji. I’d like to put this doubt that this is a fake ring but I think that the witches mention in some part that this is Kinzo’s real ring in this EP so I take back that claim. Anyway, this theory isn’t about doubting the validity of the ring. It’s about understanding how the culprit got its hands on it. I think that’s the most crucial part here. Anyone with enough money could’ve tried to make a replica and tried to fool the siblings but here’s the thing, it would be worthless if that culprit was aware that Kinzo was still alive. Kinzo = alive. The ring has no purpose because Natsuhi and Krauss would know right away this is a lie. Kinzo = dead. It’d make sense since they couldn’t confirm right away unless they are in possession of his ring. So whether or not this ring is real or not doesn’t make much of a difference. What matters is that the culprit knew Kinzo was dead and somehow got his or her hand on the ring after he died. Who handled Kinzo’s corpse? I’d think Nanjo then after that it’s not known what happens.

BUT! We have to question what exactly happens to the family ring. Surely, Natsuhi does not destroy it. To think she’ll just throw it away it’s also unlikely. To think she’ll hide it well or hold on to is more likely. If she or her husband was holding on to it then she’ll probably hide in one of her drawers with a key or something similar. Then how does the culprit get his hands on it so easily you ask? Have any idea? I theorize that the one in possession of the ring is Krauss who seems more careless than his devoted wife.

The culprit gets his hands on it from him either voluntarily or steals it from him. Krauss’s coward nature indicates that he wouldn’t feel secure unless he has the ring very close to him. He possibly carries it with him and the culprit gets it after Krauss is dead. That’s how the culprit gets its hands on it. This is true as in EP1 Natsuhi as Krauss dies in the first twilight, EP2 both Natsuhi and Krauss are killed, in EP3 there is no sign of the family ring as far as I remember until Eva somehow gets her hands on it when she leaves the island, and in EP4 Natsuhi is also killed leaving Krauss alive until the much later. In conclusion, it’s more than possible for Krauss to be one in possession of the family ring. The fact that he is the supposed next family head reinforces this theory. How about that?

Krauss’s disappearance – His screams could have easily been recorded beforehand. Remember that he couldn’t hear his wife to calling him? The culprit said he couldn’t hear her because he covered Krauss’ eyes and ears but we have enough reason to doubt what he says. For all we know he could be dead, working with the culprit or forced to cooperate. There is a possibility he is in the same position that his wife is, being threaten to reveal Natsuhi’s secret if he doesn’t cooperate. There’s also a possibility that the culprit is using the fact that Krauss is deep in debt and embezzling money to get him to cooperate. It isn’t unknown when exactly he dies (at this point it isn’t known) so there’s also a chance he might’ve cooperate with the culprit on some level given in to some demands before he was killed like Natsuhi is right now. Because they didn’t trust each other enough and because they were being threatened it’s possible they might be in similar situations at some point.

* If I tell you I’ll probably be killed – One of the most disturbing things I heard in the 1st game. This is when you knew something was up. They haven’t stressed it enough but they have made sure to make it clear in the 4th game that this is crucial to understand the big secret. Why was Rudolf sure he was going to be killed if he talked about it? We can interpret this in two separate ways. The first is that he meant he was going to get into serious trouble if he talked but for most part he was exaggerating. The second one is that he meant it in the most literal sense. He feared for his life and wanted to at least let Battler know that. I analyzed both of these possibilities and this is what I came up with.

1- Exaggeration on his part – Rudolf could’ve meant it as a joke. A very bad joke. He was clearly exaggerating but just in case he told Battler that. Why did he have to do that in first place? We know that Battler’s Birth is crucial to the story unlike in the 1st game we cannot dismiss this as something trivial. It doesn’t seem to be the case that this is some sort of joke, more so when Rudolf is the one only who should know about Battler’s birth. So this theory destroys this claim.

2- The threat is real – We have to consider a few things first. There are only 18 people on Rokkenjima, this is a closed circle, and this is the family conference. You’d only say something like you’re going to get killed only if you’ve seen enough indication of it or that you’re dead certain something horrible is going to happen. There’s a typhoon outside and it should be near impossible to get into the island by any means unlike that person is already on it, Rudolf should know this. We know this. There are actually 18 people on Rokkenjima, possibly not even Rudolf thinks Kinzo is alive and he is well aware who these 18 people are. These 18 people are divided into three groups.

Group A) the Ushiromiya family
Group B) The servants
Group C) The outsider who is Dr. Nanjo. In this special case Erika is added to the equation

Those are the only possible groups in Rokkenjima for all games. Since we’re assuming Rudolf’s death is related to Battler’s birth we can rule out all servants.. unless there’s an even darker secret there (?) Let’s just say I don’t trust Rudolf much. For the sake of our sanity I’ll focus only the most suspicious group–the Ushiromiya family itself. Rudolf should know that there are only 18 people on the island yet he is worried that he’s going to get killed? In this case his fear should be restricted to his siblings or to be precise to the Ushiromiya family. Why should he be afraid? We don’t know but we know that it must be inconvenient enough to get him killed should he reveal the big secret. This indicates that this is related to the family inheritance, headship or bad enough to destroy all of them.

Rudolf telling Battler he wants to talk about his birth as a family ( in the 1st game in front of Kyrie) that he might be killed means that Kyrie probably isn’t in on it. Why? Simply by the fact they’re together 24/7 it indicates that Rudolf would have no reason to even mention this to Battler if he suspected that Kyrie was in on it. The fact that he wanted to talk about Battler’s birth as a family means he meant to include Kyrie who supposedly doesn’t know about it.

Following this reasoning I conclude that Rudolf would be killed by one of the Ushiromiya family (cousins excluded) or by someone under the orders of one of them.  Lastly, Rudolf telling Battler he was going to get killed could also be him giving him on last warning. Perhaps, he expected him to tell the cousins about it. Sadly, he never did otherwise the others would’ve known there might have been a reason why Rudolf was killed in the first place. There you have Rudolf’s murderer for past arcs. Simply, by those clues  this level of reasoning is possible. What do you think, everyone?

Oh, no. I’m not done yet. Ryukishi07 is being very kind by giving these freebies. I hope that VN readers are picking up on all of them. Anyhow, I wasn’t in the room when the crime happened so I have no exact way of knowing how it happened but I know how the crime could’ve happened. There are many small things that I normally wouldn’t think much of if it was another mystery, but this is Ryukishi07  we’re talking about. I learned a long time ago that he doesn’t just do things. So I’m going for the biggest theory of this post– the reconstruction of the 1st Twilight. Note that this isn’t a finished version since I’m purposely trying not to go against KNOX’s rules.

George’s wristwatch – I wonder how many picked up on this. It seems like nothing but this can give us enough information about the murder. Here goes. Ready or not.  The first thing that Battler notices when he wakes up is George’s wristwatch because he was woken up by it. Most responsible people carry a watch on them in case they wish to know the time, in this case, it’s reasonable to assume that George is the one who put the wristwatch on the table and set the alarm to go off at exactly 7:00 a.m. Probably the alarm has always been set to go off at that time everyday. The fact that George left his watch there may indicate he put the watch on the table to check the time while they were playing cards or that he was all ready to go to bed… or so it makes the reader think.  I theorize that George was all done or that he wasn’t in a hurry to have left the watch there but there is something that contradicts this theory. Do you know what it is? I’ll tell you about it a bit later. First things first.

There are two ways this could’ve gone. The first is that George left the watch on the table and the second it’s that it was taken off from him and set it on the table. This theory leads to both theories that involve the culprit not noticing/not caring about the watch on the table and the second being the culprit purposely leave it there so the Battler would be the first to find the bodies. I’m not done yet. I can clearly narrow it down even more from this.

Based on past games I can see that none of the siblings were ever waken up by George’s alarm, at least I don’t recall this.  He never had any intentions of doing that before. In fact, they always seem to wake up whenever they felt like it. There’s not much real reason to set the alarm now, is it? This claim makes more likely the theory that the culprit is the one who took the wristwatch from George, possibly before or after killing him. The culprit checked the time it was normally supposed to go off and possibly the culprit had to reset it. The culprit did this so no one would enter the room before Battler woke up. Reason being he wanted Battler to be the  FIRST one to do it. I can conclude this because it’s clear that if you commit a crime you wouldn’t normally want to be the first one to find the bodies. Either voluntarily or involuntarily the wristwatch served its purposely. Nice, huh?

Magic Circle – The stakes commented on how BADLY done it was. This claim tells us that this is the work of an amateur. It’s clear that the culprit isn’t good at Hebrew for one, then again most people aren’t. This isn’t important for the culprit as the only one on the island who could tell whether the magic circle it’s badly done or not is no one else than Maria or Kinzo. The culprit simply copied the symbol from somewhere and used it to scare the wits out of the survivors. Since Maria is killed in this game there is no one to confirm on the quality of the scribble. The killer probably painted the wall using Maria’s grimoire as a guide. It’s no mystery Maria who is also into the ‘occult’ to carry one of those around. Since it’s obvious that this was his or her first time doing this, the work was very sloppy. Even if  I didn’t know Kinzo was dead I could easily rule him out seeing how poorly the magic circle was drawn. We can explain the other magic circles seen in past games in a similar way. Good enough? And now the best for last.

– Crime Scene. How The Culprit did it and When The Culprit did it – The game was probably ‘sevens’ Battler said. As we know game of sevens cannot be played by only two people. Jessica said that they’re going to be playing cards with Maria and George so there’s our three. They stayed up till late playing cards like they said. According to Gohda and the others on the lobby of the guesthouse Rosa came in at 1:00. am so in the case they were playing cards they should’ve stopped at that time if they were. Here is what happened.

Rosa entered the room and saw that Maria was still wide awake playing cards with the cousins.  Since it was terribly late she told everyone to go to sleep. She probably felt sorry for Maria for ruining her fun but she had to be strict with her. She felt bad for doing this to her so she stayed with Maria in additional she had no intentions of going back to the main mansion so she remained in the room. According to the testimony of Gohda and the rest Rosa or any of the cousins left the guesthouse.

When the culprit did –
The scattered cards on the table clearly tell us that they didn’t finish their games. Since it was never mentioned that none of the cousins changed into their pajamas clothes or something similar we can assume that they were killed before they went to bed by themselves. In fact, if you recall Battler says that he didn’t like it one bit going to sleep wearing the same clothes he wore the other day. From this we can only conclude that the crime happened before Battler came into the room and that it did not happen after they went to bed for reasons said above.

How the culprit did – They probably died from the huge cut they were given in the neck. Judging by the cut it’s obvious that large amounts of blood would be pouring out like crazy. One thing that it’s terribly strange is that they didn’t find any blood on the floor (same with Krauss!). This can mean that the crime either wasn’t committed on the room or that the killer used the sheets that he/she later used to cover the bodies to absorb the blood. The culprit probably set the sheets on the floor and then committed the crime.

The murder weapon was probably a sharp weapon, without a doubt, varying from a scalpel to a knife to an axe. The culprit could’ve easily tossed it out of the windows or hide it in his or her pocket when the murder was over. The smaller the easier to get rid of it after all.

The probability that the culprit killed them one by one is greater than any other for two reasons. The first is that it would be too difficult to kill of them at the same time. I could suspect that at least George would put up a fight. The second is that if all of them were awake or conscious they will without a doubt make a sound. More likely they would scream for help so the people on the first floor will hear them. None of the people downstairs mentioned anything therefore we can conclude the victims didn’t have much chance to respond or fight back. Therefore, it’s more likely they were killed one by one. And that’s how it happened. Just-as-planned.

You’re running out of places to hide. It’s just a matter of time before your identity is exposed,  ~ Culprit-san ♪

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