Blogging Umineko Chiru EP 5 – 32 – Eiserne Jungfrau – High Inquisitor of Heresy, Dlanor A. Knox [The Great equalizer is DEATH!]

“That face of yours… is so incredibly laughable that I’d like to smash it and put a frame around it” – evil bitch (but awesome) Bernkastel

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– Ten Wedges to Pierce Witches –

After they found the bodies from the first twilight everyone has gathered outside of Kinzo’s study room. Eva and the rest want to forcefully get inside so they can confirm whether Kinzo is dead or not. As we all know they already suspect he’s dead and they’re more interested in revealing that truth. Kyrie asks who was the last one to see Kinzo, Natsuhi answers that she was the last one who saw him and she was sure of it. Natsuhi mentions how Kinzo acts randomly (random grampa!) and he was known to go outside the mansion in the middle of the night.

Kumasawa and the rest of the servants back her up on this claim. Gohda makes the stupid mistake of mentioning how he hasn’t seen the master since last year which makes him think that he doesn’t exist. Lol Gohda really isn’t in on it with the others. Didn’t tell you that even before I got to any of the other eps? They mentioned that since they can’t get through the door they should try to entering through the window, even if it means breaking it. Eva says that as the highest in rank (3rd I think) she gives permission for this and she will accept the full punishment Kinzo gives her. Natsuhi is pretty much screwed if she doesn’t think fast.

Oh, there’s no way Battler reads that many books. That’ll be like saying Rudolf at some point considered to remain celibate.

Kanon tries to hide the fact that there is a ladder long enough to reach the 3rd floor but Gohda mentions how there is one in the boiler room. News to me. Thanks for mentioning it now. It goes without saying that no one who knows the actual truth praise him. When Rudolf and the others go the small garden (courtyard) behind Kinzo’s study, Gohda fakes an injury when they ask him to go up and do it. They leave it to Batter then ultimately it’s Rudolf who has to climb up the ladder. At this point, Kyrie is already (sort of) pressuring the furniture Kanon and Shannon to reveal that Kinzo is already dead. Rudolf keeps climbing hoping he doesn’t fall down.

Beato and company  are in Kinzo’s study thinking hard what they should do next. Originally wanted to leave it to Gaap to make Goldsmith disappear (go missing plan) but Beatrice changes the strategy saying she’ll take care of everything by herself. For a witch like her this closed room means nothing and if it becomes too difficult she’ll take Kinzo and run for it – she claims. Beatrice’s friends understand what Beato is trying to do and they let her be. They all hide before Rudolf reaches the window. Rudolf smashes the window and goes in, looks for Kinzo but can’t find him anywhere. Moreover, he gets the impression that although he left this room, it sure wasn’t a long time ago based on the way the room has been taken care of. He opens the door pushing a button found under Kinzo’s desk, which apparently is the only way to open the door. I didn’t know that. Everyone who was on the other side of the room gets in.

Natsuhi rushes in and so does Eva. They all see that Kinzo isn’t here. If it was me I’d say, ‘well he isn’t here. Let’s go look somewhere else!’

“Don’t you think that any mystery where the ‘who dunnit’ is solved by a culprit’s slip up or misspeak is only third rate?” – Furudo Erika

I soooooooooo agree with that statement. Third-rate mysteries would be too third-rate if that were the case. The people who were with Rudolf out in the courtyard run back and they also enter the study. After they’re done searching for Kinzo all over his study room, Erika starts with the investigation. At this point, no one tries to stop her from doing this and accept it as something normal.  She asks Natsuhi a few questions about where she was and what she was doing last night. Classic what did you do last night interrogation. Natsuhi claims that she met Kinzo at 11:00 p.m last night and gave him a report for the day. Because she saw him went to bed she is sure that Kinzo never met anyone else. Really bad pick of words, in this case you’re supposed to be more vague.

“This is the first time I’ve met you, but I heard all rumors about. Therefore, it doesn’t feel like a first meeting” – Dlanor A. Knox

Before Erika completely corners Natsuhi, BEATRICE stands right in the middle sucking Erika to the fantasy realm where they’ll fight for keeps. As a warn greeting Erika is stabbed by one of the demon stakes when Beato immediately fights back with a blue truth: “You can’t deny the possibility that Natsuhi met with Kinzo at 23:00. During the following 6 hours or more before you pushed your way into the study, Kinzo had many chance of leaving the study. Because of this you can’t state decisively that Kinzo doesn’t exist.” Erika doesn’t flinch a bit. However, human Erika’s role isn’t to fight a witch. Her opponent is the human culprit, in this case her opponent would be the one she’s interrogating, Natsuhi. Lambda is excited that Bernkastel is going to show the powerful forces she summoned from the very heavens— Eiserne Jungfrau. The elite force, dispatched from the heaven, commanded by the righteous and stoic Dlanor A. Knox, the Head Inquisitor of Heresy. After a rather formal introduction and claiming that Beatrice the Golden will be <E X E C U T E D> the current master of these new elite furniture, Furudo Erika, orders Dlanor to take care of the Witch.

“In this world, there are no other gods except our god, and no hidden doors EXIST. They must not exist, we won’t let them EXIST. It’s a blasphemy against out GOD.”

Beatrice knows things can only get worse thus she tries to run away with Kinzo using a dark hole she created on the barrier. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know that the Siesta Sisters along with Siesta OO  already has the place surrounded with all possible exists closed. The rest of Eiserne Jungfrau units appear too, Gertrude and Cornelia and their “Let it be known that –”. Things are going to get only uglier for Beato when the new furniture start with constant heir  ‘please allow me to speak–’ counterarguments.

Eiserne Jungfrau troops inform Beato that : “from last night at 23:00 until the present time, the study door was not opened even once — Know that, “the windows were all locked.” This converts in the human side to Eva putting Natsuhi in check when she claims that she stuck a recipe/bill in Kinzo’s door just as Natsuhi closed it last night therefore she is sure this door was not open meaning Kinzo couldn’t have left through the door! The servants try to help Natsuhi claiming that it’s very possible that there are passages in this mansion only Kinzo knows of. This is devil’s proof therefore in the human side Natsuhi has momentary gotten off that check Eva put her in. Unfortunately, this isn’t the same for the magic side. Bernkastel knows that this weak defense won’t work against the Inquisitor of Heresy or her. Unlike past games where Battler/Beatrice could get away with such claims this game against her will be very different from others. Dlanor calmly declares in red that, “I will not allow a hidden door to exist in this ROOM” By Knox’s 3rd commandment: “It is forbidden for hidden passages to exist!” Dlanor shows why she is the Head Inquisitor and makes use of the RED even though she is neither the game master or the owner of the room. And just like she destroys all possible of hidden passage in this room because they are all supposed to follow the mystery genre. Dlanor is DISAPPOINTED.

“Denial of that with the red has already been FINISHED. After 23:00, the door to the study was not opened even ONCE.
No such drug EXISTS. It must not EXIST.
Such a machine does not EXIST. I will not allow it to EXIST.
I will REPEAT. By the name of god, I will not let such a drug or machine EXIST. I will not allow them to exist for all ETERNITY.”

Dlnanor’s red destroy Beatrice’s claims that Kinzo could’ve escaped the room using devices not known to man as of yet. She even has the power of denying future break through in humanity. Lets be honest here. We probably never going to create a shrink ray for example.

Dlanor (slightly) and their troops are  shocked to see that Beato switches  strategies from being a regular room to a CLOSED room. Beatrice starts her attack with rapid claims that Kinzo is still here. In the human world Erika has also started to corner Natsuhi claiming that only the culprit would be sure person said never met anyone else. Why? because that person is the only who kill him. The servants picked up on how nitpicky Erika is being since Natsuhi could’ve had a reason for this. Natsuhi claims that she talked with Kinzo and ‘saw’ go to bed, therefore it’s clear he wouldn’t have left his room. Dlanor who had been pierced by previous multiple blue stakes, courtesy of Beatrice the Golden, is still calm.  Beatrice’s biggest blue claim is that:

“There’s a chance the Kinzo Natsuhi mentioned does not refer to the person himself! The Kinzo Natsuhi spoke of might have been another name for this room, right? Kinzo had taken refuge in Kuwadorian and was impossible to contact. Perhaps Natsuhi called this room ‘Father’, and by contemplating inside of it, she felt as though she had received some sort of revelation from Kinzo!!”

Therefore, she could’ve talked with Kinzo who was in a different location other than the study. Basically, there is no contradiction as long as they hold a conversation.

* I wonder if the same method could’ve been used by someone to give themselves alibis in previous games, like ‘I talked with Dr. Nanjo or Battler’ when in fact didn’t. I hope they aren’t pulling anything like that.

Erika is having her own battle against the possible human culprit and puts Natsuhi in an almost certain checkmate when she tricks Natsuhi into repeating her own statement of actually talking with Kinzo face to face and not referring to Kinzo as any other person, thing or entity (the room) This slip up on Natsuhi’s part is fatal as it becomes ‘true’ in the magical world by Dlanor’s troops: “Natsuhi claims to have met face to face with Kinzo in the study at 23:00″. Let it be said that, “the ‘Kinzo’ Natsuhi mentions refers to nothing other than Ushiromiya Kinzo.” When she is questioned one last time Natsuhi claims that to “have met face to face with Kinzo in the study at 23:00.” Stupid move. This dooms Beatrice who has been trying her best to win this battle. Beatrice tries to hang on to her last defense that Kinzo is hiding somewhere in this room and desperately tries every possible place where she could think of.

<Great equalizer is the Death!> – Dlanor A. Knox

# “Even if, as you say, this is a closed room and impossible to escape from, you can’t deny the possibility that he is still hiding in this room. I’m not talking about a hidden door! He might be under the bed or above the ceiling! He might be hiding in a truly unobtrusive blind spot that only demons could know of, right?!
# Or, it might be that Natsuhi, who was ordered to speak specially on Kinzo’s behalf, considered herself both his representative and another Kinzo! In other words, it’s possible that Natsuhi was also Kinzo!
# I’ve got plenty more!! At 23:00 last night, Kinzo escaped out the window! Natsuhi watched him go, then locked the window!! This doesn’t lead to any problems. In fact, it might be the most beautiful blue truth yet!
# Maybe he’s under the bed?!
# Maybe’s he’s in the bathtub!!
# Inside the closet! Under the desk! Behind the curtains!!
# Behind the bookshelf, behind the closet, under the carpet, under the floor, above the ceiling, behind the wallpaper, inside the sofa, inside the chair, inside the bed, inside the blankets, inside the walls, inside a rock, inside a stone, inside the room!”

Beatrice’s desperate attempts  are in vain as this is nothing to the one feared as Inquisitor of Heresy. Dlnaor easily overpowers the Golden Witch with an overwhelming red attack denying all her claims. The screen goes crazy with Blue and Red text like this is the end of EP4.

“A check of that place has been FINISHED. A check of that place has been FINISHED. Check FINISHED. CheckFINISHED checkFINISHED checkFINISHED checkcheckcheck FINISHEDFINISHED. checkcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck FINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHED FINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHED.
<Die The death!> <Sentence to death!> <Great equalizer is The Death!>”

With this Dlanor destroys the last remaining stake she had stuck in her body. Beato and Kinzo’s illusion are done for. Dlanor A. Knox as well as Erika are DISAPPOINTED.

“To me jumping out in the rainy sky on a mad night is nothing more than a bit of fun to go with a drink!!!” – Ushiromiya Kinzo

Battler who has been silently listening to the whole interrogation led by Erika steps in and declares that ‘’s not good’. When you read that it can only mean some cool stuff is about to happen. Battler claims he’ll reenact the whole act to prove how it’s possible for Kinzo to have left this room. BATTLER. You’re finally coming through! The troops let meta-Battler know that, it’s not possible for Kinzo to have left through the door without Natsuhi thinking something was odd. That, and Natsuhi did not hear the sound of the door opening while in the room. Lastly, Kinzo entering or leaving the room isn’t permitted. Battler opens the possibility that because this room is so big there are many blind spots in it. Because Natsuhi is so devoted to taking care of the old man she always made sure he never ran out of anything. That’s the moment when Kinzo, who pretended to be asleep, took this chance to slip out of the room. Dlanor’s troops think that Battler will try to leave through the only door in the room but are surprised to see that Battler’s target is actually Cornelia who guarding the only window in the room.  She fires back with a red claim “that window is sealed from the inside and Natsuhi did not let Kinzo escape…!!” and the fact that the window was locked from the inside!! Battler listen to no reason and dashes to the window. Cornelia tries to block to block his escape but it’s all really useless when Battler unleashes his Endless Nine powers breaking through the everything. I did not see that one coming! I gotta give Battler points for pulling such crazy stunt.

“… Well.. done. ” – Dlanor A. Knox

Meta-Battler is already in mid-air, Dlanor feels obligated to congratulate him since regardless whether he lives or dies because of the fall (3rd floor) he’d proven it’s possible for Kinzo to have existed the room therefore won this duel. Prideful and diligent as the Inquisitor of Heresy from the heavens is Dlanor has to make a final attempt before accepting her own defeat. She attacks Battler’s with her sword denying Battler’s claim using Knox’s 8th commandment: “It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not PRESENTED…!! Battler already knows a perfect counterargument for this, repeating that : “When we entered the study room, its structure was clearly apparent. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Kinzo’s study was a small villa he had created inside the mansion. A study. A book archive. A place to sleep. And a bathroom and washroom. It was divided into multiple rooms.” Battler wins the battle. Dlanor falls to the ground in defeat while Battler descends lightly. Beatrice x Battler’s shipment starts with Beato leaving the room and escaping from Erika’s grasp. Detective Erika goes after Beato but fails miserably, already in tears she asks everyone to tell her how it’s not possible for an old man  to have escaped through the window. After seeing how Battler is not dead yet, in fact he’s doing ok, everyone has to agree that it is very possible after all. I wouldn’t put it past grandfather! – they say. Major lulz right there.

Lambdadelta is laughing uncontrollably, even Bernkastel who has just lost face seeing her piece has miserably been defeated in this round laughs disgustingly at her failure. Erika is terribly ashamed by this loss at the point of almost eating her own lips and bows revenge against Battler, Natsuhi, and Beatrice.

“Is magic a sweet lie?” – Ushiromiya Battler

– Reasoning and Inspection –

Battler, Virgilia and Beatrice can be seen having some tea. Do these guys ever! Surprisingly, someone who we just saw a couple of minutes ago show up at the Golden Land. Dlanor has come alone and her intentions are to greet the (former) game master among other things. Virgilia tells Battler that there is no reason to be alarmed as she and Dlanor are good old friends. After a few minutes of conversation Battler is surprised to see that Dlanor isn’t the cold-hearted killing machine he thought she was (I was also under that impresison too) This mainly being when he sees that Dlanor isn’t denying magic when Virgilia prepares her some delicious tea. I’m starting to believe in the TeaTrice theory.

Here Dlanor believes that it isn’t necessary to deny the existence of magic just because the process is unknown. What she dislikes is magic that has a negative result.

* So rather than the process it is the evil result that makes that certain magic evil. In other words, magic is merely a method.

A very good analogy they give us in EP5 about magic I may say. Just for the sake of the argument the Inquisitor of Heresy argues that it’s also possible that Virgilia has a hidden teapot behind the scenes and since we don’t know if she doesn’t in fact have one or not. That’s why some may could call it ‘magic’. Since this magic isn’t evil there isn’t a need to question it. Tricky and effective. I think I got the idea.

“Who would have thought I would work as a subordinate for such EVIL?” – Dlanor A. Knox

Dlanor  apologizes because she didn’t give her 100% in the previous duel like a good player would. Virgilia already knew of this and she is also worried about the other witches’ plans. As we all know, it’s a FACT that Kinzo is dead before all games start therefore, it would be ridiculously easy for the Dlanor’s forces to use that red to destroy Battler’s claim that it’s possible that Kinzo left the room since he passed away a very very long time ago. Like they mentioned at best Battler could’ve gotten a tie. Battler isn’t so cool with it but he sucks it up like a Mangagamer customer. Technically, he hasn’t joined in he game at that point yet (in fact he isn’t playing currently either! Wtf) so Lambda is the one controlling his game board piece. To not completely discredit what he did, Dlanor reminds him that,

* pieces cannot do actions they wouldn’t normally so Battler’s ‘win’ was in range of his mortal abilities.

So wouldn’t hat mean that whoever could be controllling the rest (for example the culprit) can only make him/her kill because it’s within their nature or possibilities? This is a strange concept.. as the Umineko makes us think that it’s possible to commit a crime for both sides.

Thanks for the clarification but I’m not really digging ‘this Battler isn’t playing deal’ to be frank. Before she goes, Dlanor thanks Beatrice for letting her into the Golden Land. Yeah, it seems that even letting Ange into the GL was within Beatrice’s plan since no one except those Beatrice want can get enter it. I suppose that she even planned her own defeat after all. Damn, Beatrice is good at this.

“I got scolded by Lady Bernkastel because you guys are useless… Please, never fail me so lamely again..!  Un-der-stan-d..?!” – Furudo Erika

Frustrated with the loss they suffered, Erika is furious and takes it all out on Dlanor’s forces by making Cornelia stand on one feet, with one hand behind her back and pushing her down over and over until she’d get bored. Like the VN mentions it’s one Erika’s best qualities that she doesn’t look interest in anything. Luckily for Cornelia, the punishment is momentarily put on hold when Gertrude voluntary says she’ll take her comrade’s place. She stands on one foot and puts one hand behind her back just like Erika orders her to do so. Before even appearing, Dlanor sends both of them back to the heavens before they are abused any further therefore spoiling Erika’s sadistic fun. She does pull Dlanor’s hair for getting in her way though but lets her go since she can’t feel pain, making it not fun. As we can see this isn’t her day at ALL. Although she isn’t happy with it, Erika puts the punishment game on hold and decides to work on the mystery of the story. That’s what I’m most interested in myself.

She decides to work on the 1st Twilight but gets sidetracked by the first supernatural incident that took place on that night-the envelope, along with the ‘knock’.

Dlanor’s forces come back and help with the reconstruction the scene first: “Before the family conference, Erika, George, Jessica, Maria, Nanjo, Gohda, and Kumasawa left the mansion and moved to the guesthouse.

” Of those who remain, only Krauss, Natsuhi, and Genji were in the second floor corridor, while all others were in the dining hall. There’ no guarantee that the letter was place there at 24:00. Maybe it was put there earlier? Dlanor informs Erika that when Shannon and Kanon entered the room the rest of the relatives they didn’t see anything suspicious on the hallway. So maybe… “Maybe one of those note in the parlor: Krauss, Natsuhi or Genji, simply saw their chance right after that and placed the letter there.” then again it could be also possible for those who pretended to go to the guest house when in fact didn’t so..  “We’ve heard that the mansion was locked and that no one outside could get in, but if someone pretended to have gone to the guesthouse and instead hid inside the mansion, it’s perfectly possible that they could’ve placed the letter there.” Clever. If that works so they skip to the ‘KNOCK’ part. Yeah, like Erika explains this is a so-called proof that a person shouldn’t be there, a witch, existed. That’s just pure BS. No way, I can believe a witch is the culprit!

Erika uses blue to deny that the knock sound was produced by an actual knock. It’s very possible it was a recorded sound. Actually, I’m sure all of us thought that. Erika calls for her master. Lambdadelta who has been observing all of this also appears to give Detective Erika some certainty with her red. According to Lambda’s red :

# Krauss, Natsuhi and Genji did not even touch that letter!
# Not a single person in the dining hall…no, there’s a simpler way to say it. Among all those inside the mansion at 24:00, not a single person placed that letter in the corridor. “

Bernkastel also has her own turn and she makes a few theories like “Someone who existed outside of the mansion at 24:00 placed a letter somewhere other than the hallway beforehand. Then it was moved by some means and ended up ‘placed in the hallway” Erika’s joins her and she thinks that  “Just as an example, let’s say it was stuck to the bottom of the serving cart the servants were pushing. It was simply glued there in a way that would make it come unstuck after a certain amount of time. When it eventually fell off, it became ‘the letter left behind by a witch’ who shouldn’t have existed. In other words, this is a classic trick where the true sender gives themselves an alibi by making the letter appear at a different time.”

* In case you haven’t realized it the methods they’re telling us might also explain how Beatrice’s letter were found even though no one was there! *Hint* EP1, EP2.

Lambda dodges the question and asks if the same argument would work for the knock. For example, one those in the parlor made a knock sound and everyone was fooled into believing someone was in the other side of the door. Surely this could work? Nope, you know this is too easy when it’s the first thing that comes to your mind. No one made such sound with the purpose of tricking others into believing someone was knocking on the door.

Lambda is eager to deny all these claims and makes Erika lose face until she’s basically disfigured. She repeats in case any of us thought it was Natsuhi, Krauss or Genji (lol) and she repeats in red that:  “Neither Krauss, nor Natsuhi, nor Genji knocked.” Yeah she’s referring to the sound it was heard when the siblings and Battler were at the parlor that sounded around 11:59-12:00 p.m. Surely, it could’ve been caused by a pillar on the second floor of the mansion or made by one of those outside the parlor, right? Well, NO. Lambda clarifies that that ‘knock’ sound refers to normal knock meaning someone making that sound using his or her hand! If no one outside the parlor.. and it wasn’t the people on the 2nd floor….. and there was no one else in the mansion at that time… then who could have done it? That’s what is eating Furudo Erika alive. Who exactly knock on the door?

* “This doesn’t mean it’s just limited to no knocking on the door, okay? It means, if you guessed it was a pillar that transmitted sound or the play button for a recorded cassette tape, they never generated that sound of knocking! And of course, not directly or indirectly, intentionally or accidentally, or even unknowingly!”

Maybe somebody else did it or they misinterpreted the knock. It could totally work, right? Cornelia does her part and repeats with red letting them know that “[..] at 24:00, except for Krauss, Natsuhi, and Genji in the second floor corridor and all of the people in the dining hall, no humans existed inside the mansion.” Cornelia follows this up with “let it be known that in addition to Krauss, Natsuhi, and Genji, none of those in the dining hall made the knock.  In this sense, ‘knock’ includes all direct, indirect, intentional, unintentional, and coincidental events that could create a knocking sound.”

* A direct knock refers to someone literally hitting a door to make a knocking sound.

* an intentional knock refers to someone creating a fake knocking sound to try and make it appear that someone knocked.

* A unintentional knock refers to someone unintentionally creating a fake knocking sound.

* a coincidental knock refers to someone kind of coincidence creating a fake knocking sound.

Therefore, “In short, this means it was impossible for any character within the mansion to be the source of a knocking SOUND. ……And ‘any character’ refers even to unobserved people that no one has noticed.” “The game kindly makes the remark that anyone who was in the mansion’ would also include any unknown person X who had snuck into the mansion. Therefore, it literally means that’ it was not impossible for anyone inside the mansion to have ‘knocked’, with no word play allowed” Lambadelta

..Then maybe it could have been possible by somebody else like game board Erika, for example, “What if I, Furudo Erika, recorded a knocking sound on a cassette tape and used some kind of secret contraption to start it playing at exactly 24:00? Of course, I wasn’t in the mansion at 24:00.” But this could only work the letter would’ve fallen in the hallway and not somewhere else Lambda claims. That is true. Wouldn’t that mean that previous letter wouldn’t have randomly (most conveniently) popped up out of nowhere? It really is too good to be true.

Lambda strikes again and she rephrases this ‘placing’ the letter part making use of the red again. To clarify Lambdadelta makes it brutally crystal clear that:

* “No one in the mansion placed the letter in the hallway.  This includes doing so by all concepts, such as directly, indirectly, intentionally, coincidentally, and unintentionally.”

Well, there goes your serving cart theory since it would fall under those categories. Ha. Bernkastel believes that it’s possible for someone inside the mansion left it without the others knowing therefore that person didn’t ‘exist’. It’s quite possible except that, “At 24:00, only Erika, George, Jessica, Maria, Nanjo, Gohda, and Kumasawa existed outside the mansion.”

* W, Wait wait wait wait a second… wouldn’t’ that totally destroy the ‘X’ person theory in this whole EP? Even though I have pretty much given up on that theory. This and Lambda’s no wordplay allow is just telling me that there really isn’t more than 18 people on Rokkenjima!

What does that leave detective Erika with? They could’ve stuck /glued the letter to the very ceiling on the hallway since it’s very high (spider man theory!) no one would notice it. Erika theorizes that, “In that case, the letter might have been stuck to the ceiling of the hallway instead of the serving cart. The ceiling of the hallway is surprisingly high, so even if you just stuck it there out in the open, maybe no one would notice it. This way, it would certainly fall in the corridor. And you can slip by the red if someone outside the mansion did this!” I thought that although it wasn’t a perfect guess it was solid guess, but come on it can’t be that easy, right? I already knew this was going to get denied by the time Erika was done. The next words that come out of Lambda’s mouth are ‘no one stuck the letter to the ceiling’. Hahaha.. this isn’t so easy… Gertrude’s red denies this theory:  ” The letter never existed on the ceiling of the hallway.” Cornelia’s red truth: “Know that the letter never touched the serving cart.” I’m also running out of guesses here. Lambda tells Erika that:

* “It was impossible for anyone outside the mansion to influence anything inside the mansion around the time of the family conference.”

Erika theorizes that someone must set up some device prior to the family conference, of course! Dlanor’s troops inform the intellectual rapist her blue truth is ineffective (see above) and that all her claims have been lost. A small ray of hope appears when Dlanor tells her current master that it’s better to postpone this riddle and go back to her last claim which it’s still effective. The one that ‘someone from the outside with a cassette tape could’ve done it.‘ If the same could work for the knock maybe it could also for the knock sound. The prideful detective is forced to put this puzzle on hold and move to the other one—who put knock on the door? Bernkastel is disappointed to see that her double can’t crack this mystery but she says she’ll let it slide if she can solve the next one. She is relived to hear this.. but seconds later Lambda crushes Erika’s blue truth with her red. Bastard.

# “None of the characters misidentified a knocking sound.“
# Misidentifying a knocking sound means this: they would not mistake a sound very similar to a knocking sound for a real knocking sound.  Hitting a pillar to make something similar to a knocking sound is no good.  When you record a knocking sound on a cassette tape and play it back, it becomes ‘the sound of the tape with a knocking sound on it’, and not a knocking sound.  So that’s no good either!

# In other words, all of them would correctly distinguish a knocking sound of something truly hitting the door, and they definitely wouldn’t mishear it.  It’s totally impossible that any sounds except hitting that door directly would be misinterpreted as a knock!!

Erika goes WTF. I also go WTF. Even Nagato Yuki would go WTF.

# ‘To knock’ means someone hitting a door with their hand, right? And none of them misinterpreted a knocking sound.

# “Krauss, Natsuhi, and Genji were not involved with the knock.  No one else existed inside the mansion.  And that knock refers to the action of standing directly in front of a door and hitting it with a hand.“

Pwned. This last defense got destroyed so quick that it’s like Lambda was just waiting for it. Now she’s just implying that it couldn’t been done anyone in the guesthouse and not done by anyone inside the mansion.. but what if it was made using a device that produced a knock sound? But that.. is .. not.. possible!!  Erika is more frustrated than an artist with a broken pencil and no sharpener.

Lambda cruelly teases Erika telling her that her master is kind but that if she doesn’t deliver Bernkastel will forget all about her and leave her piece collecting dust for all eternity. Forgotten and never to be used ever again. I got a chill just hearing that. I’m sure Erika got a deep cold arctic chill from those words.

Frustrated, tired, hateful, and running out of theories Erika is being driven into a corner by Lambda’s effective red truth. As expected from the one behind Hirugahi’s mystery. Her red is terrifying. In the end, Erika is unable to solved this part of the puzzle and is once again ridiculed by the witches. Bernkastel reminds Erika how little she cares and how insignificant her existence is to her. Bored and disgusted with her, Bern and Lambda separate from the group and discuss the mystery only among themselves. Unable to join in, Erika is left behind once again engulfed in pure frustration. Bern can be such a bitch. We can see where Erika gets it from.

At the dinner table, Battler and the others are peacefully eating a meal that Gohda prepared them. Wait, shouldn’t they be distrustful of the food here like in previous eps? They’re sure taking it easy. After figuring out that Battler didn’t actually jump down all way from the 3rd floor of the mansion, Erika attempts to gain some points back she lost in the last fight. Battler as well as others are taken away back by Erika’s naivety of believing that Battler actually jumped down from Kinzo’s study without using some method. Of course, Battler used a gutter to slide down to the ground. That was his point and he proved it. He proved that it was possible for him (Kinzo) to exit his room without using the door. The rest doesn’t matter. Erika can’t take it and she shouts to the heavens for Bernkastel to accept this win. A thunder strikes throughout Rokkenjima and Erika goes silent. The gamemaster make it seem like it was an illusion to the rest then this scene is removed from their memory. Erika is back to normal with a friendly smile and her monologue about Japanese chopsticks being the best. Now, that was some creepy stuff.

‘ [..] it’s not like I’ll let anyone live” — Culprit-san

– Closet –

Everyone is at the parlor again. Erika resumes her detective work and asks for everyone’s alibis. According to Eva (and I’m assuming everyone who was there) they finished the family conference 30m after Battler left the mansion so around 3:30 a.m. Things get difficult when it’s Natsuhi’s turn and she just doesn’t want to ‘cooperate’ like the others. Erika just wants the investigation to move forward plus she is actually wants somebody else to be the culprit otherwise the mystery will be just third-rate. I do agree with her there. I dislike third-rate mysteries.

Virgilia leaves the Golden land and goes visit Game board Beatrice. When she is informed of the current situation (1st twilight, etc) she says in red that  “[..] anyone looking at George, Jessica, Maria, Rosa, or Genji’s corpses could confirm at a glance that they are dead” Beato confirms with her own red that they are not playing dead. So I guess that none of them are faking their deaths after all, huh? At least those who died in the 1st Twilight aren’t the culprits for the following murders.

After a couple of more exchanges Natsuhi leaves the parlor and pretends to go to her room, all furious– or so we thought. In reality, this is an act that Natsuhi put on in order to slip out and be able to keep her promise to the man from 19 years ago. Eva tells that it’ll be good if Natsuhi gets killed since that would prove she isn’t the culprit. Battler advises her aunt to shut the shutters and to keep doors locked just in case. Natushi goes to the furthest guest room located in the 1st floor of the mansion to hide in the closet. Surprisingly, the door isn’t locked like it normally would (.. someone got a master key as we already knew) so she is able to go in. After being hesitant of whether putting the chain on or not, she decides to leave it like that and hide in the closet crouching in the pure dark with only a small opening to see what is outside.

Although she thought this was going to be a waste of time, she manages to get some good out of this situation mainly when she remembers that the only person she told what her fav season was Shannon. She didn’t tell anyone else about her favorite season- Natsuhi strangely uses the red at this part. Red-herring or also confirmation of something? She curses Shannon and her blatant betrayal after working for them for 10-years. Well if you would’ve treated her better..  Seriously though, why does Natushi treats Shannon like crap when she knows the secret of Kinzo being dead? That, in great part got the way when I tried to solve the mystery behind Kinzo’s disappearance when they stated as a fact he was gone a long time ago.

Natsuhi has to endure all of this so the Ushiromiya name can live on now that her husband is in danger and her daughter has been murdered. After this is over she plans on telling on Shannon to the police so she can tell on the culprit and any other accomplices (namely Kanon..*cough*) Natsuhi hears someone approaching the room.. that person is talking. When he enters he thinks that the door is locked so he turns the knock around locking it.. then he opens it up again. Not exactly crucial but I thought the game went on strange detail in that part.

He enters the room and puts the chain on the door and closes the shutters. Natsuhi is terrified to be found. First she thinks that Hideyoshi could be the real culprit but then she thinks that it’s perfectly normal for somebody to take refuge in one of the guest rooms. At least she is a bit relived to see that the person who came in the room was Hideyoshi, thinking that maybe she could explain the situation to him seeing that Eva isn’t with him right now. Maybe not the best idea but Natsuhi doesn’t know any better of what’s coming next. Hesitant to come out and explain everything, Natsuhi decides to stay inside the closet. Another very bad move made by Natsuhi. It’s like letting a drunk person drive.

She hears Hideyoshi grieve for his son’s death now that he is all alone in the room. Hideyoshi who sensed someone had entered the room turns back (he was lying on the bed possibly face down crying) and asks who the other person is. He tries to unlock the chain but the killer catches him and kills him. I’d like to point out that Natsuhi didn’t see much since she was hidden inside the closet meaning that we can only guess what actually happened based on the sounds she thought she heard.

Eva’s voice can be heard from across the hall calling for her husband. Eva (I suppose) hears Hideyoshi calls her name and she tells her husband to open up the door. She calls for help seeing that something is definitely wrong going on inside that room.Why didn’t she kick the door down though?

Natsuhi who was hiding in the closet hasn’t been able to come out fearing for both her life and to protect the Ushiromiya honor. In the end, she didn’t do anything and Hideyoshi has been killed, getting her involved in a murder she couldn’t have possibly committed.

“Well, whenever I go traveling, someone always dies.” – Furudo Erika

Eva is already back on the other side of the door now with help. Gohda has brought a pair of cutters to break the chain open. By this time everyone except Erika, who was outside checking that no one messed with the shutters, is already at the crime scene. Dr. Nanjo can’t do anything for Eva’s husband no matter how much she begs. Hideyoshi has been murdered. Erika, who has been back from checking that everything is in order, approaches the room. After having Gohda quickly checked the room seeing that the chain was on the whole time, Kyrie theorizes that this is a ‘closed room’ (oh how I hate them) seeing that no one could’ve committed. They mention how it’s not even possible to shoot Hideyoshi with a gun since the bed isn’t even on the same side of the door. So who did it? It coul’ve only been committed by a witch. Shannon doubts that Beatrice did it (since the epitaph has been solved) while Kanon isn’t so sure about that. Erika likes the phrase that “only a witch could’ve done.” <Good>!  She emphasizes that this is a far more interesting mystery compared to Kinzo’s study room.  On Eva’s request they carry Hideyoshi’s body to the parlor fearing that whoever took the corpses away last time will do the same to him. Seriously, who took the bodies away last time? As I already mentioned I got a good idea where they probably hide them. See. Let’s take a tour through the ever peaceful Rokkenjima.

Erika who had been kept outside of the room is now able to enter it and takes a quick look at the crime scene. Thanks to her photographic memory (good stuff!) this will be enough to help her figure out the mystery. Battler stops Erika from busting Natsuhi (who is still hiding) and they all join the rest in the parlor. It goes without saying the Natsuhi would’ve had a horrible time trying to explain the situation to the rest if she was found out.

Natsuhi tries to sneak back to her room in the 2nd floor (the room Hideyoshi was murdered in the 1st floor) but she has the bad luck of bumping into Erika on her way up. Erika tries to trick Natsuhi into revealing that Hideyoshi has been murdered minutes ago but Natsuhi doesn’t take the bait and acts like she is oblivious to everything. Erika eliminates Natsuhi’s only exit to go lock herself up in her room when she tells Natsuhi that Hideyoshi has been murdered. Erika invites her to go to main parlor and joins the rest of the group. In the parlor, Kanon and Shannon are ordered to lock all doors and Erika begins interrogating everyone. Natsuhi doesn’t know this but the Intellectual rapist already have her on checkmate.

Meanwhile in the Golden Land Virgilia is staying with Beatrice.. or what is left of her. They have a conversation about Beatrice’s current state and future. Beatrice’s teacher reproaches her pupil for being so indecisive and making herself to go through all of this, being alive yet dead. She also mentions how Battler’s progress has grown tremendously since the game started yet he is still very naïve therefore even though this game can repeat over and over he will go in circles and never find the real culprit. Virgilia emphasizes that both Bernkastel and Lambdadelta’s presence was necessary for both Battler and Beatrice to put an end to this game. That’s why Beatrice invited them in the first place. What is exactly what Beatrice wants to gain out of this? To put an end to the Golden Witch by the hand of the one who chose.

End of the Golden Witch ep 32 – [COMPLETED]

Impressions and THOUGHTS

– Eiserne Jungfrau = badass chicks. Especially Dlanor A. Knox. (The Great Equalizer is the death!) I always wanted to know who were those three dressed in those odd clothes but I never expected them to be this awesome. One of the best things of EP5 without a doubt.

– OH DESIRE Kinzo’s rep went up with this EP especially with both of the Ushiromiya fighting against Bernkastel’s side.

Good to see that most of the stuff I predicted with little information when I started this episode turned out to be true. Like how the 1st Twilight happened, Hideyoshi separating from the group, Natsuhi being blamed, and theorizing how an outsider such as Erika got involved in the game. It reminded me that I’m good at following R07′s train of thought on some level.

Noticed the ‘I wont’ let anyone lived when the next day arrives’ part? That was the first time the ‘culprit’ spoke. Of course, we got the BLACK SCREEN. It was plain unnerving that it was someone in that room (or very close) thinking that and we have no idea of knowing who that person is except for our own deductions. It is really one of the survivors. Damn you, culprit-san. Damn you.

Battler was pretty cool in this part but I don’t like the Battler isn’t playing yet’ deal that EP5 gives us, even more seeing how everything ends in this EP. He still hasn’t joined in the game yet which doesn’t give him much credit for what he did. I do understand that not ‘letting Battler’ in the game part have to do with the mystery in this episode though. Yeah, no way he reads that many books. Maybe if he was referring to manga books.

An extremely good explanation about magic for those who needed some help on that part.

Both the two main mysteries in this section are extremely hard. Even Furudo Erika couldn’t cracked neither of them no matter how much she tried. Funny how we reached very similar deductions and every time we got shot down. You could see my reactions seeing Erika’s expressions. I kid you not. In that limited frame of time I doubt I would’ve done any better. Frankly I doubt many would. This is one of those overwhelming checks the game puts you in like the one Eva Beatrice put Battler in EP3.

Lambdadelta got Erika (and the reader) pretty good. Bernkastel at this point is pure evil too with her ever maniacal and facial distortions. But this is nothing compared to what they pull later.

Great episode, wouldn’t you say? Maybe my favorite or close to second favorite section of the whole EP5.

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