Blogging Umineko Chiru EP 5 – #33 – Let the Court of Illusions begin! Burn the Witch Beatrice the Golden

the one that is called When they Cry 4 for a good reason

From JaP Blog – Hold your horses and magical multicolor ponies! This episode was great as it could get on levels of the core of Naku Koro ni with a showdown in which Law and Order meets R07 and R07 meets BACK sadistic Higurashi, but I’m still bound to go L5 when I see DEEN chop this episode into a couple of minutes. Even Kinzo right here is shedding manly tears already.
Ever heard of human chess? Well, this is the most vivid representation of it. Beatrice’s time is near its end with her being sent to the the guillotine by the name of denial of the witch and Natsuhi is brutally tormented.  For those unfamiliar with this EP, you really can’t get a good feeling of the how fragile truth is until you play this part of the game. No, forget the anime, you’ve seen nothing. The Ushiromiya is most unique as it is the only one goes even reviving the dead and goes to a Witch’s court to get their issues solved, plus special guests and goatmen included. Of course, as much reasoning from my part as I can currently give is included.   Jerry Springer and Judge Judy can’t handle this family or crime. That’s why we get yuri trolling duo witches to handle the job. When logic and sanity start to fail you, you know you’re in the right show. Welcome back.

The Court of Illusions start. The three witches Lambdadelta, Bernkastel and Beatrice can be seen on the upper level of the courtroom. All the pieces, alive or dead, have been gathered here for their testimonies to be taken. Battler is also here and he has been warned by Siesta 00 to not speak out of turn as he joined in the game much later than the rest. Furudo Erika introduces herself to the court and so does all the human pieces and the witches’ furniture, one by one they all state who they are and what are their positions (whether dead or alive) till this point. Time for truth and lies to clash once again. I was so waiting for this moment!

Dlanor A. Knox and her people are here as well to take care of any confusing “play on words” or tricky statements that may be present. The trial begins with Natsuhi being charged of being the real culprit of this arc, that is the one who carried out the first twilight, and the next twilights. Erika explains that this is possible because it was only possible for Natsuhi to do it, therefore, she has to be the culprit. Natsuhi is of curse both scared and upset that they believe her to be the killer of her family. Beatrice affirms her that she has her back and that she will fight with all her life to prove that she is innocent. Battler understands that in this malicious game where only Bernkastel and Lambdadelta have little to lose but what he doesn’t get is that even Erika’s life may be on the line here seeing how cruel her master is.

Because they all already believe that Natsuhi is the culprit, Detective Furudo Erika starts with the “How dunnit” part making her case against Natsuhi. In this closed off Rokkenjima there should not be more people than the ones we see here, therefore the culprit must be one of them is what it is stated.  Well, I can’t argue with that since I already accepted Knox’s 1st a long time ago… but it cannot be Natsuhi who is the culprit. Anyhow, Erika’s side claim that only Natsuhi is the one who was able to do it based on the proof that Erika plans to show to the court. Battler finally understands that in this world false charges that everyone accepts are worth no more or less than the truth. A perfect and cruel witch game. Beatrice objects that Erika goes chronologically and NOT start with Hideyoshi’s death (which it seemed it was only possible for Natushi) Of course, Bernkastel objects to this. Lambda states that she doesn’t like confusing things herself (Heh, Higurashi was pretty confusing if you ask me) so she wishes that start from the very beginning so they don’t miss any clues, therefore approving Beatrice’s request.

The very reason that Natsuhi is being suspected to being the culprit is because she has no alibi… if Beatrice is to save Natsuhi then she must prove that Natsuhi does have an alibi or that at least it was not possible for her do it.

Where there is a detective there will be a crime

The human pieces that are made of wax are brought to life. After being questioned by Erika, Gohda and Kumasawa state that after they were done with their duty they went to their respective rooms. If we recall Kumasawa went to sleep earlier, therefore no one knows what she was up to. Beato sees her chance and uses it to counter Erika’s reasoning that it was only possible for Natsuhi to have committed murder…

But the truth is that they couldn’t have done it because they were with Erika as she explains. Beato gets serious and requests they use red to declare that both Kumasawa and Gohda didn’t commit murder. Trollkastel refuses because there is no need for them to give hints to the enemy, which makes sense. In that case, Beatrice will use her blue to counter these false accusations and since Erika cannot use the red to counter them, Beato tells the intellectual rapist to step aside as her opponent is Dlanor over there and not a mere human like her. Erika tells Beatrice that that won’t be necessary and she is, of course, up for the challenge. She has her own weapon called reasoning.

Beatrice’s blue claim is that, “Gohda and Kumasawa have no alibis. The two of them were in the guesthouse and they could’ve reached the cousins’ room to commit murder at any time. Unless you can deny the possibility, you can treat Natsuhi as the culprit”. Erika easily takes on Beato’s blue claim stating that when being interrogated Kumasawa said that she slept right through the night (didn’t go outside at all). This is of course, questioned but Erika mentions that she had a discussion with Eva prior to this.. and it was then that she came up with the idea of putting something between the frame of the door (same as Ep1!) to check one’s alibi. Because she already knew something was going to happen she went to check in the morning if the seal she put was still there. And yes it still was.  Therefore, Kumasawa did not leave her room till morning.

Bern says <good> for the first time too. It must be contagious. She uses her red after hearing Erika’s theory, “In other words, after Kumasawa returned to the guesthouse, she never went to the second floor until morning”. So what about Gohda, huh? Erika claims that he was holed up in the servant room after reaching the guesthouse then she sealed him up in the same way. Tsk.  Erika then tells us that she saw Rosa at the corridor in the guesthouse when she returned at 1:00 a.m when Erika stepped out into the corridor. The seal on his door was doing just fine so from the time they reached the guesthouse at 1:00 a.m, therefore, Gohda never left the servant room until that time. Also according to Erika, Gohda was with her (and Nanjo) until 3:00 a.m keeping them company after he left the servant room. Erika only went upstairs when it was 3:00 so she can guarantee Gohda didn’t go upstairs until that time. Of course, she then sealed him up again. Wouldn’t you want to see that being animated? In other words, (Bern) ; “– after Gohda returned to the guesthouse, he never went to the second floor until morning.” Erika proudly explains that even though she is human she can use the red and surpass humans with the help of her master and her perfect reasoning. Beatrice gets mad upon hearing Erika speak so arrogantly, but can she put her in her place?

Actually Erika has been keeping some info from us so she apologies for being so roundabout and properly explains the situation at 12:00 pm. After the “emergency family conference” she, the 3 cousins, Nanjo, Kumasawa, and Gohda remained at the guesthouse. Erika confirms that George, Jessica, and Maria were playing trump (oh, that was the game)  in the cousins’ room. She states that she did join in and that they were alive back then. That was around 24:00 and everyone was alive. Therefore it is assumed that the killings started beyond that point.

> Great. Now, we know it can only have been committed after the clock at the mansion sounded. That damn clock. I had one of those when I was little. I wonder if it’s still there..

So the story is that Nanjo, Gohda, and Kumasawa were on the first floor at the time that killing was committed. Bernkastel uses the red on Erika’s request, “At 24:00 in the guesthouse George, Jessica, and Maria were alive in the second floor cousin’s room. Nanjo, Gohda and Kumasawa were on the first floor.” She also confirms that, “George, Jessica, Maria, Rosa and Genji are all dead.” That’s exactly right. Now it’s impossible for Beatrice’s group to go about claiming “they were playing dead” or that the crime took placed before those doors were sealed. Beatrice messed up. And big time. To go even further Bernkastel says in red that, “Natsuhi, Krauss, and Genji were in a corridor on the 2nd floor of the mansion. All the remaining people were at the family conference in the dinning hall. At that point in time, no murder had occurred. Genji was also alive.” Perfect move on Bernkastel part as Beatrice could’ve claimed that people at the mansion “lied” to have the same story (Tsk. I thought of the same trick myself) thus, Bern decided to settle it once and for all with her red text.

Battler realizes that Beato is in the same position he was in before, no, this is different and much worse. Back then Beatrice gave him the chance to fight back (and DID SHE). Also because she knew the answers to the riddles she could use her red. Now that she isn’t the game master therefore it’s not possible for her to know the answers to this riddle. Because Bernkastel understands the mystery the best she will not give Beatrice any real hints for this match.That’s the situation here.

Ronove and Gaap advise Beatrice to attack Nanjo’s alibi since he was with Erika but that doesn’t guarantee everything. Nanjo answers Beatrice’s question saying that he was with Erika from on the night of the murder, hanging out at the lounge of the guesthouse. So, “From 1:00 – 3:00, Erika, Nanjo, and Gohda spent their time in the lounge on the first floor of the guesthouse.” So what happened after that was over, huh? Maybe Nanjo killed the cousins the rest after 3:00 when he left Erika’s side, right?  Erika claims she played cards with the cousins in their room until 24:00 (now we know the time) then Erika came downstairs.  Also since Nanjo and Erika found that they share an interest for the mystery genre.. Mystery genre ftw right there.  Nanjo claims that he found a kindred spirit at the moment.

A bit after that I suppose Erika went with Nanjo to the archive room looking for copies of famous mystery novels that Kinzo kept stored there so they (assuming Erika) went to get the key from Gohda. Erika then checked and “reset” the seal on his door. In other words, Nanjo was with Erika from 24:00 – 3:00 therefore Nanjos’s alibi is rock solid Lambda suggests – exactly Erika explains. The detective mentions that when they left the archive room they bumped into Rosa at 1:00 a.m and she let Gohda know about it since she figured it was a servant job to go greet her. Also meaning no one died till that point.

> Also meaning they spent about a whole hour inside the archive room while the crime was possible being committed. Hmm..

Gohda, Nanjo, and Erika stayed together until Battler came to the guesthouse, tired from the long family conference after he found the gold. Right after he reached the guesthouse Batter headed to his room upstairs. Everyone  said goodbye to each other right after Battler went upstairs. Erika then put a seal on the door to Nanjo’s room just like he did for Gohda. In other words, Nanjo’s alibi is even more perfect for than anyone’s else since before 1:00 he was with Erika and after 3:00 a.m he never once left his room. Trollkastel is quite pleased with it and claims that both Erika and her seals. This totally proves alibis for everyone on the guesthouse. Beatrice wants to object but it’s just not possible for her. Lambda turns down her objections and thinks that it’s totally <pop> <cute> and <perfect>.

Batter objects to all this as he himself could’ve done it (Serious?) but he is whipped by Siesta 00 because it was not his turn to speak yet. He was warned. See. Now he is just asking for it. Battler shuts up for now even though he doesn’t like it one bit. Beato understands that it was also possible for him (in other words other people too) to commit the murder and since Erika wouldn’t know everything that happened after 3:00, especially in the cousins room unless she snuck into Battler’s bed to watch his sleeping face.

> Oh, Beato. You always and your sexual innuendos jokes.


What she doesn’t know is that Erika does know what happened in that room. Erika claims that she listened to Battler breathing all night (wtf) therefore, even though “she wasn’t there” because of the thin wall (sigh, Japanese walls..) this was possible for her because her room was next to Battler’s. Erika claims that she noticed that after 3:00 nothing strange happened in that room. They explained that upon Bernkastel’s request Erika put her ear on the wall and listened in to everything on the next room. Since Bern was sure Battler (who was now the head) would be killed on that night she came up with that idea. Not only is Erika’s memory is perfect but her hearing is as well, therefore it was just not possible for murder to be committed after 3:00. Hell, she says that they’re on par with a tape recorder. Erika.. is not normal. Seeing all that evidence Lambda has no choice but accept it and declares in red,  “Ushiromiya Battler returned to the cousins’ room at 3:00 and fell asleep. After that until the discovery of the crime, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened in the room!” Also therefore Bern tells us that, “it was impossible for Battler to commit murder or damage the corpses.” So the crime was between 24:00 – 3:00. Now the only way to prove that it was done by a human would be to prove that it was done by someone from the main mansion.. problem is that Erika only needs to prove that no one from the mansion came over to the guesthouse after 3:00 a.m to prove her point.

Battler thinks that it may have been possible for someone to have used a ladder (told ya) to reach the 2nd floor of the guesthouse so Erika wouln’t have noticed them when they infiltrate the guesthouse. Beatrice uses blue basing her claim on someone using a ladder like Battler suggested. Erika’s group already knew she was going to try something like that, thus Erika claims that her lookout from the lounge on the guesthouse was “perfect” because of how the place was constructed. But not only that but Erika also claims that she can prove no one got in the parlor between 24:00 and 3:00. Battler and Virgilia discuss the only possible way that is was possible for someone to have done it is by getting in without Erika noticing. Erika isn’t happy with such claims so she destroys them too asking her master to repeat in red, “It’s impossible for anyone to reach the 2nd floor of the guesthouse without anyone in the lounge noticing it.” Mind you, this refers to the inside of the building. To our surprise Erika claims that she KNOWS that no one got in using the windows because she used her seal on all windows (on 1st and 2nd floor). She did this the other day after Battler found the gold so she’ll have plenty of evidence when the time came.  Upon Yuridelta’s asking Erika explains that she was.. outside in the rain.. climbing.. in her swimsuit sealing all windows. Why? Because it was her duty as a detective. Why? Because she knew that that there was going to be a killing the next day. Erika is awesome. In a very creepy way. Therefore Rifyu getting all his stuff from. Like Virgilia says, Erika is a witch piece after all.

From her perspective detectives who don’t prepare anything before the outbreak of the crime are third-rate (which would be just about every detective out there btw) By following Bern’s orders they managed to proved so many things and that’s  also why Erika was not the first to reach the cousins room since she was checking that all seals were untouched. Lambda has to accept this evidence as truth and repeats in red that, “It was impossible to reach the second floor of the guesthouse without passing the lounge, and it was impossible to reach it at all without Erika, who was in the lounge, knowing about it!” Erika proceeds stating in blue that, “therefore, the time of the crime is limited to a single hour between 24:00, when they were confirmed to be alive, and 1:00 a.m, when the party on the lounge started”. There’s not much we can do now, the seals are perfect and the killings must have taken place between 24:00 and 1:00 . Erika innocently claims that because she was so “engrossed with the conversation” in the storeroom, she could’ve missed if there was somebody passing right through the corridor during the period that time.  Lol.. Isn’t that ridiculously convenient? What do you think everyone? Actually, it’s because it purposely puts people without an alibi from 24:00-1:00 a.m under suspicion, in this case Natsuhi herself.

It’s coming down to the people who were at the mansion who were the only ones who could’ve done it.  The witch of miracles (clarifies) that until 1:00 none of the people in the dinning hall, not of them left the dinning hall until 1:00 a.m. “All of people in the dinning hall, not one of them left the dinning hall after 1:00”. Therefore with this, alibis for all people on the dinning hall got proven.. then by this only 3 could’ve committed the killings. This is really turning uglier and uglier. Beato objects to this as there is no “seals” or anything to back this up, however, Bern claims (in red all of things) that there is no need for the red to be explained. The irony is that Beatrice made that rule herself.

Now they go for Genji who could’ve also done it then killed himself before he was killed or committed suicide. Bern makes the situation easier for us with her red, “when Genji finished transferred the call, he immediately returned to the waiting room.” We then see Erika thanking Eva for her cooperation since Eva taught Erika the seal (and marks). I knew she was no good! So the story is that Eva went to Genji’s waiting room during the break at 1:00 and used the same seal as Erika. This is then proven by Kanon and Kumasawa’s testimony that the seal was still there the next morning, therefore not broken or removed once. Bern uses red to reassure this, “At 1:00 a.m Eva sealed Genji’s waiting room, and that seal was broken by Kanon/Kuma the next morning when the crime was discovered.” Also,  “during the short break at 1:00 the first two to leave the dinning hall were Rosa and Eva. Until Eva returned, everyone in the dining hall remained there. After seeing Rosa off, Eva went to the waiting room and sealed it. Of course, she did not enter the room at all at this time.”

“To a detective, the Ushiromiya family is nothing more or less than a stage upon a crime occurs”. – Furudo Erika

We can wish to challenge his as much as we want but it is truth due to proper reasoning constructed from testimony by Erika. Erika uses her scientific proof to prove this and Bern says that by this proof it was impossible for Genji to get to the cousins room since, “Genji never left he mansion after 24:00. Therefore, it’s not possible for a man named Genji to have commits the killings of the 1st twilight.” Now who do we got left? The list of possible culprits according to this is down to only Krauss and Natsuhi. Bernkastel is loving this as much as I love tearing mysteries apart and she taunts Natsuhi seeing how cornered she is getting. She tells Beatrice that this is her chance to prove Natsuhi’s  innocence with Devils’ proof as if they said that Krauss could’ve done it and not Natsuhi.

Battler totally knows this is pure bull. Virgilia understands how Battler feels but she also knows that Erika’s truth is still “proper truth”. In cannot be a fake truth built only on lies. In the end it “makes sense” even though it is a mixture of truth and lies, it is worth the same as truth since based on proof and reasoning. Everything adds up therefore her “truth” is plausible unless it is refuted. Battler believes in Natsuhi’s innocence no matter and that the real truth is only something you find after throughly investigating both possibilities. He also realizes that Beato is just defending instead of trying to find a new and different truth to show Lambda. In his desperation Battler agrees that it would be even better if a witch would be the culprit for this game instead of having Natsuhi framed by an incorrect truth.Virgilia who has been paying much attention to Battler’s progress since the two of them met, after hearing Battler’s words and seeing his conviction to believe in Natsuhi no matter what, uses her power by the name of Witch of Finite and declares with red that:

“Natushi is not the culprit!!”

Now 18 people left to doubt in this episode. Bernkastel offers Beatrice’s group a Plea bargain so the verdict will end with Krauss being the culprit ending with a “draw” for both sides. There’s no way that Natsuhi will accept this, however since alibis have been proven for everyone else but Natsuhi, by Hempel’s raven the CULPRIT MUST BE NATSUHI. The worst part is that if Natsuhi refuse then Beatrice will disappear according to Bern, and not only her but all her friends and furniture. However, if Natsuhi accepts they will go to the next game the next time they start over. One thing we don’t know is what will happen to this fragment. What exactly would happen to the pieces of this fragment? To this Natsuhi of the kakera? I actually wondered that when the anime was airing. I suppose that same as a chess game, the pieces are put away then a new batch comes in. Ultimately Beatrice refuses. Bernkastel of course will not her side take it back, she processes with her deadly red confirming that, “Krauss is not he culprit. And he was killed long ago, shortly after you heard his voice over the phone, get it?” Natsuhi cries over the death of her husband. Now she is all alone without a single ally and with only her honor as an Ushiromiya member left. Kinzo left her the duty to protect the family name!

Lambdadelta ends the trial and gives the final verdict saying that it was Natsuhi who did it. She was able to do it  after she left to her room. She, also killed her own husband Krauss Bern says and asks for a quick revision to the verdict as it was “only possible for Natsuhi to have done it.” Also because it was possible for a human, the court of illusions hereby denies the existence of Beatrice the golden Witch. Beato can be seen in pain but she will believe in Natushi no mater how much they try to pin this fake truth on her. In tears Natsuhi tells them that no matter how much they mock her they won’t deny the one winged crest on her heart no matter what they do. Bern isn’t enjoying this as much as she wants thus uses red to crush Natsuhi for good. Here comes the worst best part of this whole charade with Bernkastel displaying how little she cares.

The real Kinzo wouldn’t say that. Disappear. You, the illusion of Kinzo inside Natsuhi’s mind, beautified by Natsuhi to suit her own purposes. “

Kinzo appears and tries to deny it all but Bern knows that the real one wouldn’t say that. In fact she says, “Pitiful woman. You will now face the truth that you never gained Ushiromiya Kinzo’s trust as long as he lived.” Bernkastel is disgusted by Goldsmith and he is struck too. Kinzo quietly sits on the bench and remains quiet. Natsuhi knows that Kinzo never said hello.. or met her gaze even once. Natsuhi cries because she knows the truth. Kinzo was never… he never cared once.

The memories disappear just because the crime exists as it now, this level of reasoning is possible for Furudo Erika. What do you think, everyone?

Natsuhi in the Witch’s side has been utterly defeated and we’re back to the human’s side.. Right now, no humans exist on this island except for those in this parlor and with the exception, has been shown that none of them have committed the murder.. therefore, It has to be Natsuhi who did it- Erika claims. Eva who now has proof that Natsuhi killed her family is enraged and starts slapping and hitting Natsuhi over and over and over and over like this is the WWE, only real. Battler tries to stop the abuse that Eva is giving her aunt but Eva plants a sharp knee into his gut pushing him to the ground. Everyone doesn’t do a thing to stop it either since they think it’s ok for Eva to abuse the criminal also because as pieces they have “accepted” this “truth”.

Erika momentarily stops Eva’s rage with her detective authority because she only solved 2/3 of the mystery the who dunnit part, how dunit, Now she wants to know the why dunnit. She asks Natsuhi to please follow the rules of the mystery genre and confess to wrap it all up. She mentions how if it was a third-rate mystery Natsuhi would let out high pitch laughter and confess to the crime, and start telling the story of her sad past. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Natsuhi desperately wants someone to belive her, that even her daughter and husband have been killed and she is being framed for everything. Why doesn’t anyone believer her!?

Because of this game.. because Lamba had acknowledge Natsuhi was the culprit none of the pieces were able to pay heed to Natsuhi’s words no matter what she says. Beato wants the pieces to believe that a witch like her is the culprit but that’s impossible as Erika says they can’t hear her. Beatrice the golden is terminated by Erika’s perfect reasoning. She is turned into a living flesh and tossed to the goatmen and to be chewed to pieces then later to be eaten by the voyager witches. She tries to resists but she is thrown into the air and she is being torn apart by multiple goat-kuns. A quick  red slash by Dlanor A Knox stops the goatmen from ending Beatrice’s life for good. Awesome Dlanor claims that there is still someone who wishes to OBJECT. Oh, the irony. Battler knows that this is Dlanor’s way of giving him a chance to defend his case.

Ready or not here he goes, Battler claims in blue that, Erika’s seals aren’t perfect but Erika claims that she wrote her own signature on them. Dlanor comes with her red “due to the above, the seals are guaranteed to be PERFECT. Erika were not broken by anyone, and deception is not possible”. Also for Eva is the same, “Eva’s seal was of the same type of Erika’s. That is because this method of sealing was one that Erika and Eva conceived together after DINNER.” Battler cannot really do much either when it’s decided that there was nothing done to the seals. Bern takes the floor, “All of Erika’s and Eva’s seals were not tampered with in any way that hindered their abilities to act as seals such as being scrapped off”.

Beato is sad that Battler will not be able to keep his promise. Battler goes on and one using blue claims to open a small hole in Erika’s reasoning but it’s just not happening. By knox3 (it is forbidden for secret passages to exist) Dlanor refutes Batter’s claim that Erika’s lookout wasn’t perfect. By Jungfrau forces, “Lady Erika’s lookout in the lounge was perfect. There were no small gaps or carelessness or times when she looked away for even a second.” Also “Therefore, during their entire meeting in the lounge only Rosa went up to the second floor!” But, was it really Rosa? –  Battler claims. Maybe it was somebody else or she was carrying a suitcase! Tsk. Tsk. By Knox’s 10 and further reasoning, “it is forbidden to disguise themselves as another without any clues! There have been no hints suggesting that someone had for a character to disguise herself as Rosa! Furthermore, Erika has confirmed that she wasn’t carrying any luggage large enough for a human to be in IT” Maybe it was somebody else outside the island Battler claims. Are we really going back to that, Battler D: ? That’s just not possible by Knox’s 1st: “It is forbidden for the culprit to be anyone not mentioned in the early part of the STORY!” Then maybe it was poison (poison strikes again!) or a remote murder device – Battler claims. But as we all know that’s not possible by knox’s 4th then later by the 8th Decalogue. Then “there exists a culprit other than Natsuhi” –  Battler claims. “ If you want to deny that, try and repeat in red that none of the characters shown were the culprit.” Battler is getting to desperate and I’m running out of popcorn.  Knox’s 6th – “it is forbidden for accident institution to be employed as a detective technique.” So Erika maybe did it? Knowx’ s 7th: “It is forbidden for the culprit to be the culprit”

As a last resort Battler says he’s the culprit. He used slow acting poison then silently slit their throats.. by Knox’s 8th this is just not possible! Gertrude adds that,  “all deaths were homicide”. There goes your suicide theories, guys. No George killed himself theory this time either. Another red follows after Battler questions Erika’s abilities, “none of the corpses would ever lead to a mistaken autopsy.” So maybe, just maybe, body doubles, right? Totally. NOT. “No corpses exist expect for those characters have appeared in the story.” In the end Battler can only prove that Natsuhi isn’t he culprit, that’s as good as he’ll ever get in this Witch trial, if he loses Bern will banish him forever along with Beatrice and the others. Finally finding himself cornered he uses the red Virgilia gave him.. that “Natsuhi isn’t the culprit”. He knows well that he cannot “win” but he wishes to put a hole in Erika’s reasoning therefore ending the game with the culprit is not Natsuhi so it can be anyone else, However by knox’s 2nd Battler’s feeble claim is completely shattered. The witches explain that a simple human like him can’t use the red even more when by Knox’s rules he can’t use supernatural abilities to aid his claims. Only if he were to construct a truth such as the only Erika made he would be able to use it but he can’t.  When he tries to get Virgilia to repeat for him he can’t find her anywhere.  Battler is done for, along with the Legend of the Golden Witch.

Three  riddles the detective must explain in these stories: The who dunnit = who is the culprit. The how dunnit = how did they carry out the crime? and lastly the “Why dunnit” At this point, Erika on the human side starts explaining how Natsuhi did it. During 12:00 1:00 of the next day. Natsuhi went to the cousins’ room on the second floor of the guesthouse and the servant waiting room on the first floor of the mansion. There she carried out the murders. Like waiting for it, a thunderbolt strikes Battler and kills him. Dlanor approaches and stand before his dead body. In the end, Battler let Dlanor’s down too as he was unable to make a comeback after all. The witches on the witch side have won.

Meanwhile, on Erika’s side she is looking for the why dunnit part and also to get a perfect victory. Erika has confiscated Natsuhi’s diary containing how horrible she felt when she first came to the Ushiromiya’s mansion. Kumasawa and dr. Nanjo explain how in kinzo’s golden era he did whatever he pleased. Because he was looked down by many as a startup he wanted to find Krauss a wife from a noble family to raise the family status. Also because Natsuhi’s family was in deep financial trouble, not to mention they were pressed by Kinzo, Natsuhi ended up marrying Krauss. I lost even more respect for Krauss on this part. Kinzo even chose his wife?  Not that Natsuhi is a bad pick (it’s a good one) but it still remains.. Natsuhi futilely denies these claims saying that that was back then and she then came to love his husband the Ushiromiya family but since she never wrote those things in the diary no one can know if she is telling the truth. Erika will not believe her either as she won’t  believe anything but the red. That’s how they concluded that Natsuhi hated the family and came up with a plan to carry out her revenge on all of them. It is concluded that if it wasn’t Natushi then who else then Kinzo, right?

But the witches know that Kinzo is already dead at the start of all games. The way how things are going cannot be anything good for Natsuhi. Erika then takes everyone all over the mansion looking for Kinzo and they found nothing in any of the rooms. Until there’s only one room left at the end of the hallway which it is Natsuhi’s own room. They entered it and Erika and the witches conclude that only Kinzo could’ve existed in her room since he didn’t exist anywhere else by Hempel’s raven. Bern corners Krauss’ wife saying in red that, “during the night from 24:00 and morning, there exists no place for a living Kinzo to exist except in her (Natsuhi’s) bed” By a thorough search on the room and by scientific investigation Kinzo did not exist anywhere in that room from 24:00 and morning. However, her bed being the only exception. Not only that but they accuse Natsuhi of being an adulteress and in her plan to take revenge on the Ushiromiya she disguised herself as Beatrice to snare poor Kinzo away. Bern’s text follows, “Therefore, it is suspected that Ushiromiya Natsuhi and Ushiromiya Kinzo had sexual relationships with each other. Why else would a man and a woman would share the same bed at all night long.”

W.T.F. Even Natsuhi’s pride has been taken away from her. After story is then weaved up by Bernkastel with Natsuhi’s evil plan to destroy the Ushiromiya and killing everyone who stood in her way. She even had Kinzo assisted her in covering for the killings. Natsuhi tries to hit Erika for saying such atrocious claims but Eva captures her and pin her arms to her back. Back at the parlor we are shown the scenes with this game started with Erika completely putting the blame on Natsuhi. Natsuhi who cannot take it anymore admits to what she did 19 years ago so that baby so everything can end. Natsuhi admits pushing the servant away instead of helping on that day near that cliff. After that the family covered up the story the family of the servant as compensated. Natsuhi repents for a long time for what she did back then now one believes her story and much less that she is being framed. Battler’s voice can be heard across the room. “It’s all useless. Everything is really useless”.

<End of episode 33>

Let’s reason this out

Possibly the second best part of this whole episode in this part. It’s so well done, so cruel and ingenious how lies and truths can be mixed in these stories that it totally gives us that feeling that there is no real truths. The court of Illusions is made of just that – illusions where there the only truth is made up by the side that offers the best reasoning and have the best counterarguments. Anyone who have played the game or is reading these posts knows that this part of the mystery if full of holes. There are many things that don’t fit well. I know what happens next but I don’t recall everything that was presented therefore don’t pay much attention if what it is here doesn’t completely fits with the last part of the EP5 which should be the final post for this EP. As usual additional theories and thoughts are much welcomed so let’s start this.

> Genji’s death – He was killed prior to 1:00. Based on the red, Eva sealed Genji up to no one should’ve entered the room, right? So by the time he was found in the morning he was already dead. Meaning he was killed before Eva sealed him up. So who was the last one to come close to Genji? Eva herself, right? Isn’t that the same as asking who saw him last like Eva accused Natsuhi of the same for Kinzo? Eva didn’t mention how she was the “last one” to see (in this case come near) Genji. She knew that he was killed the next day BUT she doesn’t mention that. Because of the seal she was the last corroborate that his death could only have happened prior to the time she sealed up his door. Once again, somebody is not cooperating. Next!

> Seeing Rosa Off – Now why would Eva see Rosa off, huh? That felt very out of place if you ask me as no killings have been committed up to that moment! Sure the gold has been found but there wouldn’t be that much reason to go with Rosa. Eva being considerate of her siblings is strange if you ask me so there must be a reason why she wanted to “see Rosa off”. Maybe she just wanted to get away for a moment too. No, I doubt it. She would get right back at the conference so she doesn’t miss a thing.  I suspect she went with Rosa because there was something to be discussed at that moment that either Eva or Rosa didn’t want the others at the parlor to hear. If we remember even in EP3 Rosa is killed after she speaks with Eva. In that episode it has to do with the Witch’s gold, so I can only imagine that the topic was the same. Did Rosa say or do something bad that got her killed? Or that was not part of the plan? Did something happen when Eva saw Rosa off?

> Dr. Nanjo and English – I’m just throwing this out there. Some of the copies they find at the storeroom were in English. The narrator mentions how both him and Erika has no problems with since they were good at it.

> Genji’s time of death – This is also strange. It sounds as if Genji was the first one to go. I said in my first VN episodic entries that “Maybe Genji was the last one who was killed? It’d make sense.” but according to Bern’s fake truth it sounded as if Genji was the first one to be killed then the cousins. Now, why would the killer leave Genji’s body like that instead of hiding it? Wouldn’t you hide it in case someone entered the room? This wouldn’t be weird if he was the “last one to die” but he was the first.. that would hinder the killer’s plan to kill the rest at the guesthouse if he/she was found out. Also I’m sure the killer if he or she was found at the guesthouse would rather kill the people at the place is he/she is already in than the people found in the other mansion, right? Does that make sense? I mean, it seems troublesome to go back and forth without killing the first group you’re already at.

But check this out. By this reasoning we could speculate that according to that order of who died first the chances of finding out who the killer is would be based on what group was killed first.. so the one at the guesthouse or at the mansion’s (Genji)?

> Kinzo’s illusion – Damn that Kinzo. They destroyed that scene we saw in EP1 with Natsuhi getting some recognition from Kinzo. I really liked that part! Now, it’s just an illusion like all others.

> Battler’s promise – there is a moment when Beatrice is sad that Battler doesn’t remember his promise when he says When did I break any promises to you. Then she says “maybe hell isn’t so bad after all”  So I’m assuming that his sin is part of that promise he doesn’t remember. Why would Beatrice say such thing then?

> Krauss being killed right after the call –
Ok, I reasoned out before that maybe his voice got recorded or something but thanks to the red we can be sure that he was killed shortly after the call. Wait, wouldn’t that mean that he was imprisoned and gagged in his own room, therefore that last call came from Krauss’s own room? If my reasoning is correct and Krauss wasn’t moved to his room after he was killed (based on the blood found) we can now deduce that that call was made from Natsuhi’s husband’s very room if in fact he was killed there. We do not know where his body is at, but if we know that he was killed in that room we can be sure that the call was made from his room while he was captured. Possibly being tied to the bed or the culprit covered his body with that sheet then stabbed him so the blood would pour right onto the sheets. Seeing there’s not much point of leaving evidence it might been possible that he was murdered in his own bed.

> On the whole bed evidence –
“during the night from 24:00 and morning, there exists no place for a living Kinzo  to exist except in her (Natsuhi’s) bed” they said in red. Ok, I know these claims are full of fake truths but according to the scientific proof Erika says that there were indications of Kinzo being in Natsuhi’s bed. How is that even possible except Kinzo got near the place? Was there some actual proof like Kinzo’s hair or the remains of his corpse (burned), (the ring) that managed to get in Natsuhi’s bed, planted by the culprit or something similar. Very disconcerting, that part even if this is the great court of Illusions at its best.

> Why wasn’t Battler killed? – Well, he is the main character and he is always killed last but why go through the trouble of framing Natsuhi for it when they could’ve killed everyone like in past games? EP5 takes a very different route on this episode focusing on “blaming” something, in this case Natsuhi is blamed from start to finish. Now, seeing that putting the blame on someone is an indication of someone ‘gaining’ something out of this, I theorize that the killer of this arc really wanted Battler to be the next family head and not have to deal with Natsuhi getting in the way. All the siblings already approved of this and the servants shouldn’t care that much unless they’re let go. Even then Battler being the head doesn’t give them anything in exchange. The motive of this crime seems to be no other than the intentions of the man of 19 years ago – retribution or just plain hatred and vengeance.

As they say, simply by all these clues this level of reasoning is possible. What do you think, everyone?

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