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Fanart Spam – Kinzo, Nanjo and Genji


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About the Demon Stakes – When exactly did the culprit obtain them?

According to Eiserne Jungfrau the Demon Stakes (represented as the Seven Sisters of Purgatory) were fakes. Replicas created to trick these occult obsessed maniacs that would pay any price to get these artifacts. Kinzo was one of the many that was tricked into this sham. *cackle* *cackle* … Continue reading

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Kinzo’s study – Understanding the situation better

Place where I think most of the story starts. After Kinzo’s death his room was left alone by most family members living on the mansion except Natsuhi as we have seen in EP5. She went to visit his room on the regular basic to seek encouragement or conform whenever… Continue reading

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Blogging Umineko EP 6 Dawn of the Golden Witch

So today I learned that EP 6 patch is out. As already promised blogging and massive deconstruction of this new Umineko Chiru EP will be handled at Just as Planned in the following weeks after I´m done (today I should … Continue reading

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End of the Golden Witch – Theorizing the man from 19 years ago identity

Unless we pressume that it was Battler like in one of EP5´s theories this is another of the mysterious that haven´t been answered. As we know Natsuhi receives a call from the unknown man in EP 5 “he” refers to … Continue reading

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The mystery behind the bloody Doorknob : Unplanned or Deliberate?

A strange event in the many that happened by the end of the first day of the family conference. For this mystery we investigate the How dunnit and When dunnit. How did it happen? Continue reading

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The mystery behind the bloody Doorknob : what material was it done with?

Our first guess would be real blood though in the first episode it was described a dark red substance and no additional inspection of it was done by anyone. Natsuhi doesn’t specifically claims that it was blood. Genji doesn’t say it was blood either. It looked like something very similar to blood to us, therefore we assume Continue reading

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