The mystery behind the bloody Doorknob : Unplanned or Deliberate?

Scenario: In EP 1 Natsuhi is crying her heart out after learning that Krauss has still kept secrets from her even now. She feels betrayed and goes to the hallway to escape from all of this. Her daughter Jessica on her way to the guesthouse finds Natsuhi and gives her the charm to ward off evil spirits which Maria gave her for mouthing off Beatrice (along with Battler). In the morning after Natsuhi wakes up, Genji is the first person who mentions it after Natsuhi spots this ‘prank’.

A strange event in the many that happened by the end of the first day of the family conference. Before I start I´d like to say that it´s worth mentioning that in the anime version both EP1 and EP2 look almost the same, however the description in the sound novel version are not the same. It is mentioned that the bloody hands were found on the knob rather than all over the door for  EP1. How different or accurate these are isn’t completely clear. Only one it’s clear here. In both occasions we found something they both have in common: the bloody hands all over Natsuhi’s door.

Natsuhi dismisses this unpleasant event as a nasty prank and mentions how she had a fair idea of who it was (assumed she meant Eva), orders Genji to clean it up later, then she goes on to resume for the preparations for that day’s family conference, which are not going as normal.  We don’t know if it was a prank or not but I doubt that it was. Something so immature, rude, and pointless (rather inconvenient and troublesome) doesn’t quite fit anyone on the island. Or I’d like to think that no one would stand to that level no matter how frustrated they are. Thus we speculate that the culprit or any of his or her accomplices are responsible for the bloody hands on both arcs if it was deliberate. Let´s work on this a bit more.

[Unintentional – Mistake – Unplanned] So was it intentional or not? Did the person who did it did so with the same intention as the culprit did? Is this person and the culprit the same? If it was an unplanned action or at least carrying no ill intentions then what was the intent?

Although there may be others I can think of a simple situation why a person would do such thing – at the border of death. Put simply, a dying person. Someone fatally injured running across the long corridors on the 2nd floor of the mansion. That person after running away reached Natsuhi’s rooms and he tried to enter Natsuhi’s room to escape from the pursuer. That person never quite made it and only managed to try to turn the knob a few times or once. The injured person understood it was locked and either moved on and was killed on that spot by the culprit.

… However, isn’t there a major contradiction here?

Contradiction: If the one with the bloody hands was not the culprit and it was not a deliberate action then the person was probably hurt. How do we explain the blood if that’s not the case then? The major contradiction here it’s that that person should’ve been able to knock on Natsuhi’s door HARD (given the person at least had that much energy) rather than merely trying to open the door leading to it or shouted his lungs out so everyone would hear the screams. If a person was indeed crying for help or trying to get Natsuhi’s attention to open the door to save himself (rather than simply play her a horrible prank) then he would made sure that she’d open the door by making as much noise to get her attention! I’m sure if there was enough noise on the other side of the door whether the screaming or any knocking Natsuhi would’ve heard some of it and waken up even if she was really tired. Was the medicine she took that strong?

Here is something to think about. If the person who was just running way was just trying to enter an empty room then does that mean he wasn’t familiar with the rules around the house about keeping rooms locked? Did he not know it was Natsuhi’s room (thus ‘off limits’)? Did he know that yet tried to her attention despite knowing it was locked? Then wouldn’t it make more sense Natsuhi noticing something on that night.. which doesn’t seem to the case?

[Theory] someone was looking for a place to hide

Assuming the person who was running away needed a room to hide and that’s the reason why he grabbed Natsuhi’s doorknob hence that action didn’t have any special meaning to it then he probably would’ve moved on after giving up on Natsuhi’s room and looked for a different room around that floor or in others. This sounds rational, yet this still doesn’t make as much sense as we would like.

We forget why that person didn’t still cry out for help at all! Does this imply that either that person wasn’t able to or that he was silenced before he even could? Did that person know that he was the only one on this huge mansion, hence there was no point in crying for help because the killer already got everyone on the main mansion (chosen by the key) meaning that whoever could help him was staying at the guest house and the only option was to run away and hide?

Follow-up theory: If we conclude that this was the case and the one tried to open Natsuhi’s door was not the culprit but rather was someone trying to get away then all of this sounds most logical but ONLY if we assume that the person either assumed or knew well that he was the only one on the mansion and that’s why that person did not do anything to get anyone’s help. Maybe that person knew that the other five were already stuffed in the garden shed or most likely the dining room when he overheard or saw the culprit? Then does that mean he also knew that Kinzo was dead too thus no point in asking for his help either?

Is that really the case? I’m not convinced. It is still very unlikely to think that a person wouldn’t cry out for help in that state or even make a big ruckus while running for his or her life..  someone should’ve noticed, even if at this point Natsuhi was probably the one person on that huge mansion.

I know. You’re probably thinking that he must’ve been killed outside of Natsuhi’s door before he could make a ruckus, riiiiight?

Have you not noticed it? There’s a huge inconsistency here, seee? You know.. if that person was killed right on that spot then.. Then..

Shouldn’t there be blood on the floor or traces of blood around the premise?

Do you believe the culprit just cleaned it up then? Even if he (injured person) just running away and Natsuhi’s door was one of the many doors he tried to unsuccessfully open, no, if he was just looking for a room to hide then blood probably would’ve been found on other doors on that floor. See? It doesn’t look like he was looking for room to hide because there are no traces of it. Also if the culprit would’ve cared to wipe away any traces of blood then the culprit would’ve made sure to get the blood from Natsuhi’s door after taking care of the body if he could.

Ah, maybe Natsuhi’s door was the only one he had the chance to try out because he was killed right after that? No. Although this is consistent with no blood being found on other doorknobs, again why there are no traces of blood on the floor outside of Natsuhi’s door from the injured person or from the final strike the culprit did to finish him off cannot be explained this way. I’m sure the culprit would bother to erase any blood stains around the premise in addition to the one on the door if he wished or he was able. The culprit we know seems like a meticulous person after all.

In the end, the culprit didn’t, implies that this wasn’t the case. Or he didn’t have to because it didn’t happen this way. At any rate, none of the situations add up well.

After all this reasoning we come to the conclusion that it was not the injured person that did. We theorize that it must be the culprit that did it. It was not an injured person randomly looking for a room to hide either otherwise traces of blood would’ve been found! It also tells us that it’s not likely that that fatally injured person cried for help otherwise at least Natsuhi would’ve heard that person! As a result we come to the most logical explanation that it was an accomplice or most likely the culprit is responsible for the bloody hands!

Quite disturbing event.

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6 Responses to The mystery behind the bloody Doorknob : Unplanned or Deliberate?

  1. Digdri says:

    I have to say I always found this bloody hand on the door part of EP1 one of the most “random” and disconnected events of the story. It’s one of the minor mysterious ideas of the scenario which IIRC never got addressed again in the later novels. I guess it this will serve the purpose of explaining why stuff happened the why it did but as you pointed out most explanations make little sense…. especially all assumptions that the victim(s) were responsible for this marks.

    Even for the culprit this is rather strange. After all this only seem to have 2 effects on the later events:
    1) it’s foreshadowing for the reader how the tone of the novel will shift from here on (togehter with Rudolfs enigmatic statement about his imminent death). But as a meta-argument this obviously an irrelevant point.
    2) it puts emphasis on the Marias magic rules factoring into the mindset of the culprit (or from fantasy-perspective: the murders are committed by this rules because they are magic)… or someone wanted to create this similarities to cover something up (aka plotline murder tricks as discussed in EP5)

    But even those ideas about creating superstitions makes little sense to me because we already have the neon-sign-like occult symbols on the shed which freaked all survivors out.
    Even specifically choosing Natsuhis door for this “prank” makes no sense as it would only cast doubt on her connection to the murders. If we consider that someone seems to have an interest in torturing Natsuhi will malicious pranks (I will assume for a moment that EP5s idea about the mysterious caller also have some implications for was going on / some analog events in EP1 but it’s all happening “in the shadows”)
    this also mismatches this intentions. Beside freaking everybody out it its far to random to really worry Natsuhi more then anyone would.

    Also there is always the option that is really a prank (as in the perpetrator didn’t know anything about the murders to come and just wanted some revenge on Natushi) but I guess this just fits nobodys profile as this would require are really childish character or someone with a really twisted sense of humor (if Eva-B was are really person she make have been a candidate 😉

    After all I don’t know whats the purpose of this scene at all. All victim related scenarios seem contradictory, all the culprit related scenarios seem redundant or even seem to contradict the logical assumptions made about the murderers intention and everything else is just too random.
    Last option obviously is Natsuhi did it herself to appear innocent (if she is not) but we know far to much about her mindset though EP5 and her being a victim of this whole story to ever find a scneario which doesn’t sound really contrived or ridiculous.

  2. keikakudoori says:

    I don´t know if EP 5 and EP1 shares similar scenes. I did mention the call she got in EP1 when I was blogging eP 5 but we can´t really be sure if something like that even happened. I think they do but we dont´know what parts exactly.

    I suppose it´s possible that Natsuhi did it herself but it makes little sense unless she´s the culprit.. even then. The magical circles-etc serve to point out that a crime has happened in that room (open to interpretation) but in Natsuhi´s case she wasn´t murdered so it doesn´t make sense from the culprit´s point of view. For example, in EP2 when Gohda, George and Shannon are found dead in Natsuhi room (concidience) we see the marks again (a bit different from eP 1 though) in this case the marks made sense it´s most likely made by the true culprit. In eP1 it doesn´t seem to be the case, yet what other person would do such a thing in theiright mind.. Maybe it was a prank after all and the culprit killled whoever was doing it before he did and did it instead of him. This doesn´t make much sense either, right.

    I said previously that it was blood but if what this person was using to put those marks in Natsuhi´s rom are the same thing those magical circles are drawn with then it´s more likely that it´s some kind of chemical or paint. Isn´t it a bit weird that no ones really knows that it is.. I think I could tell blood from paint.

    It´s totally random if it is the culprit or it isn´t him. Because of the large number of contradictions it´s difficult to know what other purpose it serves other than foreshadowing what´s to come.

    Eh, maybe it was done with magic uu

    • Digdri says:

      I guess besides the foreshadowing the “its magical” idea is most likely a motive to do it at all (besides randomness or pranks).

      After all letting creepy “blood” show up on multiple occasions puts an emphasis on the “this not done by normal people” mentality. After all we get other “painted” door when Eva/Hideyoshi are found in EP1 but it was suggested that the time frame between a clean door and the appearance of the occult sign was eerily short. I suspect someone on messing with the perception of the scene somehow here as I doubt someone has “stamps” for those complex pattern in their pocket to instantly put anywhere. 😀

      @Arbane the Terrible: Well thats a funny and interesting but really messed up idea. After all its not like paranoia in these game ever reach Higurashis Lv5 distortions. Most of the fantasy stuff is more like a cleverly constructed illusionary tricks or meta world messing with the presentation then hardcore delusions.
      But obviously we could suspect that this scene INDEED never happened and Natsuhi or Genji only told this to the others. Still makes no sense to me.

      Besides Natsuhi was more like “normal level of stress/headaches” at this point of the story anyways.

  3. Arbane the Terrible says:

    One weird idea I had about this scen: As I recall, the only people who ever saw the bloody door are Natsuhi and Genji, and Genji doesn’t even _think to mention it_ until Natsuhi freaks out about it.

    Could this be a clue not to the murders, but to the fact that she’s already cracking up?

    • keikakudoori says:

      Natsuhi has been acting weird ever since. Those hands are the start of all bad things to come as mentioned. Genji and the other furniture play along with the idea that there is a witch murdering people around so I can´t really put it past him to play into the master´s delusions but as already mentioned by Digdri I don´t think there aren´t many cases of delusions in Umineko.

      Genji (in his mind) mentions that the magic circle scribble (1st twilight) reminded him of the blood stains on Natsuhi´s door, implying that in fact it did happen, well according to him. However, Genji never mentioned it to anyone what he thought or saw and strangely in that same EP it is never mentioned again. Hmm.

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