Are there even suicides cases in Umineko?

Are there only “homicides cases in Umineko”? Let us test this claim with some simple assumptions. What leads people to suicide? A long period of depression, a shock powerful enough to make people end their lives, a forced decision? Basically, it is a way out given when there isn’t one. That is one precise way put the term in a few words.

– but I didn’t say it was always according to one’s accord.

Let’s take the first claim. A suicidal character would be portrayed as always gloomy, uncooperative and lacking all willingness of living as if everyday would be a difficult task. It sure sounds like some characters we know, doesn’t it? In fact there are plenty of characters in Umineko that show vast signs that they are at their limits on the family conference. It’s like everyone is putting everything on that day to come and “failure” would result in or leading to an eventual “death” of them, maybe in the long-term when they’re overwhelmed by their own problems or by their “bad end” they’ll get after failing.

The first case of this would be a character that has already “gave up” from the very beginning. He or she has decided that he or she has without a doubt “lost” and their lives will without a doubt end on that day. The death of them would result on them taking their own lives. This scenario would end on the character dying alone (most likely) and without affecting anyone in the story. Were their bodies would be found with evidence of being part of the “witch’s ceremony” it’d mean that the deceased person decided to play along with this farce as a way to get back at the others or because another character (likely the culprit) made this suicide look like it was part of the ceremony when it wasn’t.

This first claim indicates a character that probably didn’t feel like taking part of the game from the very beginning. I think most characters in the story are players and those aren’t exactly playing shows signs of wanting to keep living, that is, as long as they’re allowed to.

Kinzo’s furniture do look like the kinda, in fact in the magic scenes they do, accept their own fate in which they are sacrificed.

The second claim deals with “shocking experiences”.  I refer to an immeasurable feeling of despair enough to drive a person insane. We refer to a greater feeling that indicates “I might as well be dead. I don’t care anymore”. This refers to an  (usually) unexpected tragedy falling upon the character that takes everything away from that person.

However, people aren’t always the same, what applies to one doesn’t necessarily apply to others. Based on the relationships between one another what one could consider traumatizing one would be simply shock to other. We have observed both Siblings and cousins grieve for one another in more than one occasion; however, those feelings change from one person to another and we don’t always see them grieve as much as they “should” in the story for one another, which I have to say it should interpreted as strange no matter what they say.

Instead of despairing, the a great deal of the time there were always feelings of rage and of revenge from the remaining characters in the story. Not a real indication of someone giving up any time soon. Almost telling us that they wouldn’t dare take their own lives until they have caught (or killed though I doubt it) the real culprit.

The case is a different for George who prior to the 4th Game didn’t show enough guts to keep going and was rather “weak” all the way.  In EP3 he showed he was plainly someone “desperate” enough to do anything to get his lover back even believe in a Witch to revive Shannon.. then EP 4 and EP 6 come.

George’s suicide option finally eliminated? I thought. Ushiromiya George (and Jessica) is a character that despite being called “main” I’ve always referred to in some way as a “supporting” as his involvement isn’t as strong as one of Battler, Maria or of that of the adults. As we all know EP6 gives the other cousins and furniture a greater role that the one they previously had and his “attitude” drastically switches from weak to a “strong” character willingly to keep living changes things.

At to that point, I let it pass that it was within the realm of possibilities that George at some point took his own life after being exposed to this cruel reality. George easily fit the 2nd Claim, therefore, it was easy to conclude it wasn’t impossible. Characters confronted with extremely cruel reality maybe be driven to end their own game, called life.

The major weakness with this simple claim is that countless of times Battler (or the opposing player) has made current Game Master repeat that they were “homicides”, “they were murdered” followed by a “they were killed by other people” such was the case in  the 3rd Game at the rose garden. A reasonable first attack to corroborate that murders can’t be explained with homicides alone. What kind of mystery would that be anyway with characters ending their lives one by one?

Come to think of it, if this were a real chess game then pieces cannot “kill “themselves and they could only be made by throwing them to the enemies’ lines.

Forced suicide

“An action or plan put into motion to drive a character into taking their own life. A type of crime where no suspects are suspected and where evidence can be easily disposed of. “

The type of crime that looks like “suicide” at first glance but not quite. The same principle that a person is left with no way out still applies, however the case differs from the others. The character is forcefully left by no other than this one option. As a result his character must end his life.

The person is controlled from start to end by other forces and led to suicide. An example of presumed “forced suicide” which varies would be the famous claim in EP1 that Natsuhi killed herself at the very end, presented by the game as Natsuhi fighting against Beatrice and the bullet bouncing off towards Natsuhi ending her life. This denied by Lambdadelta’s red “Natsuhi did not commit suicide”. Her death is left unexplained and we’re only left to believe that the contents of the letter was what made Natsuhi separate herself from the group or the contents were threatening enough to make her commit suicide. Even Battler being killed even though there are no people left on the island could be explained with plain suicide after all his family being murdered because of him. Of course, I don’t believe that to be the case.

The most likely scenarios would be: characters being viciously cornered over and over , being forced into it as result of a loss to an enemy and accepting one’s own defeat, or dying for the sake of others to list a few.

This is only a vague example of what forced suicide and overall what cases of suicides in a mystery may refer to. Perhaps they did it themselves. Perhaps they were driven to it? What do I think? I doubt there are many cases of them. I’d say the amount of suicide cases in Umineko are extremely low even though it isn’t overly difficult to accomplish in this tale.

Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if  there were closed rooms that could be solved with suicides when people can’t take it anymore..

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2 Responses to Are there even suicides cases in Umineko?

  1. Digdri says:

    Well that a really interesting you brought up here. I really like this approach. I actually never thought about suicides to solve the mysteries (besides Anges intentions for obvious reasons). It would be a clever idea if lets say just one or two of the murders involve something like this as I guess few people would consider it for all this red truth pointing against it.

    And actually when I hear mystery novel I would expect murder concealed as suicide but not the other way round. ^^

    My first though when I read the title I was like “does this even fit anyones personality” but even without reading any further I realized there are actually a few cases where suicidal thoughts may become mystified by those magical scenes.
    Enough hardship is given to everyone in the story but I think what really matter much more is the individual attitude of the characters than how much pain they have to endure. And about your comment how most persons show strangely very few signs of grieving… I guess every human in this situation would be at least be this rational to prioritize to maximizing his chance of survival by spending the precious time on thinking of what the hell is going on on the island over everything else including mourning.

    Just like you Natsuhi came to mind as one of the most fitting options as she has neither ways to cope with her problems nor much help or even understanding on her side. She is majorly stressed by her own set expectations and the problems she got involve into without her fault. Considering EP5 shows her as heavily delusional I also wouldn’t deny suicidal tendencies. But still suicide without external influence seem really unlikely. That because her character is really dominated by her pride and she IS a big control freak at times and I think choosing death on her one would be equip to “chickening out” of her obligations.
    And for you forced suicide idea: who actually every seem interested in threatening Natsuhi personally (instead of for the gold / Kinzo) besides her mysterious caller. And even he never seemed interested in making her kill herself but framing her for revenge.
    The same could be said about Krauss. He also has just as his wife some major problems he cannot solve alone but HE actually is bond by his sense of honor which makes him more likely to sacrifice his money, place in the hierarchy etc. for the well being of his family (like the divorce thing) then his life. On the other side I’m not that versed with all this complex mentality about honor of the Asians so this may be a little shaky argument.

    For other options: As sick as it sounds but I really could picture Maria as some kind of suicidal in her daily life if she isn’t in Saturday morning cartoon happy happy magic land. Besides Natsuhi she seem like the most mentally broken character on the island. Still there are few applications for this idea. If Maria doesn’t outright survival til the bomb goes off she dies in ways almost impossible to construct or imagine by her committing suicide.

    About your furniture idea: For Shannon/Kanon IMO thats a draw between right mindset for suicidal tendencies because of what they were taught about life and wrong mindset because of their high ambitions to go against whatever is going wrong on the island. Both vary greatly in which side is dominating in individual EPs. So there is no clear solution for them. Specially for EP6 you COULD also combine their duel with the Shkanon theories to call this duel a way of suicide but I guess that really stretching the meaning of this term as thats more a mental than a physical thing with Kanons “death”. That doesn’t count, right? ^^

    For Genji its also just as ambigous. I could picture his sacrifice on Kinzos demand but on the other side one of the few things we know but his relation to the family is how he is bound by gratitude and some kind of debt to Kinzo so I guess acting according to this factors would be more important then any thought about his life or death.
    And there simply isn’t much more to say about him. We never get see enough into his mind to conclude anything. I would even say he almost feels more like a walking cliché then a real character. So either he is just a walking enigma or the most generic person on the island. But non of this helps.

    What came to mind after this was Nanjo. He is one of the few people a actually would call kind of lifeless in his actions. I wouldn’t say he seem to suffer from depressions but still he seems to fit your idea of “giving up hope” the most. While most of his action can be explained by being bought out for shutting up about everything regarding the sick stuff going on he still gets linked to the sin of sloth for a reason. We know how he needs money for his family but doesn’t show much passion to do anything. May also be a result of him being more of a “functional” character as “the doctor” then really constructed with any depth.

    And just when I thought well “that’s all… nobody else seems to fit” those other trials came to mind and their is even more potential. While you already discussed Georges part I was surprised you didn’t say anything about Jessica. After all she even directly considers killing herself in EP4. But I guess thats also easily disqualified as the way her problem is presented in this sardistic choice is less a desperate way to escape her fate and more her way of choosing the lesser evil. She even had this extented talk about her reasons to choose how she did with Ronove. Besides Jessica appearance and behavior don’t look like she is easily crumbling due to a harsh fate. She is a fighter as the story symbolizes multiple times.

    Well and thats it for me. I don’t find anyone else fitting the needed mindset.
    Ange is out as she is not part of the game board so it doesn’t really matter what reasons resulted in her skyscraper jump. To assume she killed herself on the island also is ridiculous through the way this scene is presented. Their is more reason to think Mrs. Sniper really killed her than suicide.
    Same point for the meta world. For THAT abstract concept of death in the meta realm there isn’t even any use in thinking about what suicide may mean to them… and most characters there may be metaphors or similar stuff anyway. 😛

  2. moichispa says:

    Oh, suicides. Good theme. It seems rare for me about thinking in suicides in the middle of a serial murder like umineko. However the forced one seems more possible for me. We can see people forced to do things in all the story. Like the siblings discussion, Ep4 test or maybe the easiest to see Kanon and Beatrice in EP2.

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