A Game of Choosing a Box : [FINAL] GM thoughts

*cackle* Are you dissatisfied with the result after playing this game? See the conclusion of this game.

How did you like the experiment? It made you think, didn’t it? I always like the simplicity in which the author can explain concepts if he wanted. Sometimes he goes to long lengths to prove a point and in others he only needs to take it easy and let you think of the rest.

In Higurashi was the first time I saw an interactive option such as having to “pick” one route to get something. There is no actual danger to it, but what if there was and you would’ve learned that in one box there’s death and in the other isn’t. What if in one there’s war and in the other is peace. what if one “decision” could throw the whole world into chaos? Then would you have made the same decision? Struggle over it or not?

What would I get if I had chosen the other box, huh? Would you have ask to “go back and redo things”. That’s what any person would think. Ryukishi has already considered how a person normally would react and this information and basically tells you exactly what you were thinking. What is even more interesting is how predictable our actions can be. After being done with the 1st box you picked the other one, didn’t you? I’m sure you would’ve proceed to pick the other one to see what was inside even without anyone telling you, right? Was it your own curiosity or a simply a pattern?

Maybe one day Umineko will incorporate a more interactive section in its game. Imagine if one could forge his or her own path (separate from the story) based on your choices. Bad end? Good End? Mindscrew end? Controversial end?

However, Umineko mystery is too amusing even without these games. Well, at least you got a “thrill” out of it to make a decision for today while killing time, didn’t you? Nevertheless, keep in mind that there aren’t always sweets in boxes, okay?

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5 Responses to A Game of Choosing a Box : [FINAL] GM thoughts

  1. moichispa says:

    Yeah I remember it when I read it a few months ago. I chose first the red option and ended reading it again to choose the blue because of the mystery. I don’t like chewing gum so I would not go to check the blue if I new that was in it.

    The greatness of 07 group is that ability to read our minds so often that it scares me.

    • keikakudoori says:

      I also went with the Red box first. My reasoning was this.

      I also thought that red might “danger” or something strong as the game mentions but I figured it was intentional by them. On the other hand, I associate blue with “nice and cool” things, so I would normally choose blue no matter what. Of course, this is nothing but normal to most people.

      So despite liking blue over red I picked the red. Why? because I knew I had a preference for the blue color, therefore, I’d do the opposite of what I originally thought and break a pattern and learn what would the result be of something “different” that I’d normally do would result in. By doing that I think I accomplished what author wanted us to do. “To do something different.”

      As for the rewards, I don’t particularly dislike any of them so I’d be fine with either box since they are similar (both sweets). But a caramel would be completely gone in a few minutes accomplishing its goal, while gum lasts until the flavor is gone and loses its sweet favor and remains there until it’s thrown away, therefore not that always great and somewhat inconvenient to some.

      I guess looking at it from that perspective I’d choose red box anyway if I’d already knew the contents beforehand. Funny enough, my decision was still the same.

  2. Pyro says:

    “So if I see a great, big, threatening button which should never ever ever be pressed, then I just want to do this!”
    Eh… Then I would choose to open the blue box because I like to know how paths differ. I like to wonder about possibilities and parallel worlds…

    • keikakudoori says:

      sounds more interesting than choosing the box we already knew we were going to choose from the very beginning. In other words instead of choosing path “A” we go for path “B” to get a whole new outcome.

  3. Haya says:

    I picked red because I simply didn’t like how they were luring the reader to the obvious: Red = danger, Blue = safety, by playing with those obvious associations to colors. Colors aren’t at fault, it’s us who are at fault for giving them those meanings

    I did check the other box out of curiosity. While I was reading the red one, I remembered the Higurashi OVA (don’t know if this text is the one that comes from that scene), where Rena talks to Rika about picking the happiest ending and her being unhappy because she tries to act like someone on a higher plane. The game consisted of Rena having something in one of her hands. Rika picks one and gets a candy, then Rena shows that on her other hand, she had three candies. Rena explains that Rika was happy because, she got happy with what she got because she didn’t know which were the two options. Thus, she didn’t gave them a label of “good choice” or “bad choice”. So I wanted to see if it “three candies” were on the other box.

    But anyway, I like both, so I’d have been okay with any. And right now, I wouldn’t mind having a piece of candy.

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