Debatable Umineko DAWN [LOGIC ERROR] #1

I put a check on Ryukishi07

Is it not my role to provide with even the smallest observations about this mystery? This time I point out a “possible” Logic Error by the Author himself! This could be consider  a slip-up, small liberties taken, or simply nitpicking by my part when analyzing evidence. All in good fun of course!

As we all know throughout EP 6 we are shown parts of what the “future meta Battler” is being put through in that eternal cage while we read the tale Game Master BATTLER  made, thus these peculiar “observations” are created.

I think that this is one of the creepiest things about DAWN that I found is Battler’s closed room imprisonment to be realistic as it could get like I was practically in it. I think that I “knew” he was locked in there yet I wasn’t “sure” it was him, thus all the uncertainty in these scenes. What disturbed me a lot when I was reading the novel was the scene where Erika and the rest are able to hear the noise supposedly from Battler’s scene. Well, what to think about this?

A) Battler’s screams from the other world actually reached them. See below for blue argument.

B) There was someone actually trapped in one of the rooms thus the sound was real. This would be too difficult to image because most of the characters are either in the parlor or in the guest house at that moment meaning that there shouldn’t be anyone being imprisoned at that moment, even less when Battler’s game does not involve murder at this point. Actually it doesn’t at all until Erika forces him in the logic error, which isn’t to supposed to have taken place until much later.

everyone agrees with Erika after this

More importantly, how is it even possible for meta Battler to be trapped? Taking in consideration that this event was AFTER he was defeated by Erika and the others LATER ON in the story? At the moment the cousins and game board Erika are on the corridors of the mansion after they were done in the parlor and Erika asks about the rooms for guests, which aren’t used anymore. A bit later on the story meta Game Master Battler can be seen arguing with Meta Erika about her dissatisfaction with his tale, thus neither Meta Battler nor Game board Battler were supposed to be in that closed room at this point.

Weird, huh? DAWN mindscrews and takes the meta scenes and game board scenes different from the rest of the tales did. Looking at this we would come to the conclusion that :

It isn’t simply possible for this to occur because there’d be a Logic Error by Ryukishi07 by the aforementioned reasons above.

– They couldn’t have lied about hearing the sounds because that would include EVERYONE. Plus, there’d be no reason for Erika herself to start this conversation or play into this at this point. Even if that were the case meta Battler’s scene cannot be explained if we assume both of these scenes happen simultaneously.

The sound they heard was not Battler’s (from the closed room) screams and simply the strong winds/etc on the night of the typhoon, therefore the meta scene and the game board scene simply CANNOT be related.  After all even if we claim that magic is invading reality itself  we can’t do it because of the times of the events are different thus this simply cannot be once again. Leading us to both scenes are complete unrelated in the end.

My conclusion? I think the author wanted to provide this eerie feeling of horror to the story and going back and forth in time regardless whether it fit or not, which is fine because I simply enjoyed the uneasiness of those scenes, however, we may end up with such level of nitpicking because of the same reasons. Though I could still argue in blue that DAWN game is taking a few more liberties than I expected.

[Ends turn]

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3 Responses to Debatable Umineko DAWN [LOGIC ERROR] #1

  1. Skyedestiny says:

    My theory for this was that we, the readers, were being messed with. The times of events taking place in the game were ALL screwy.

    I mean, there’s the “given” that at the beginning of the game, we see a part of its end–the wedding. But then, after the OP, we see “Chick” Beato meeting Bern, Lambda, Erika, and Dlanor for the first time. Battler then enters, telling her to go back to her room. Later still, we see BATTLER meet “Chick” Beato for the first time, when, technically, if we read things and piece them together in the order that they’re shown to us, he should’ve done that already.

    I think this was a clue that possibly the order of events has been played with in the other games, and we shouldn’t just assume everything’s happening sequentially. But that’s only my theory.

    • keikakudoori says:

      The logic error would be created if Meta Battler’s closed room scene was supposed to happen a bit before Erika’s conversation. Because our minds think they are connected as soon as they switch showing Erika mentioning “the noise” they heard, we believe they’re connected as a result when in fact they shouldn’t.

      The conversation the cousins, Shanon and Erika had about the “noise” they heard serves to lead us to the conversation about the guest rooms being hardly used, the guest house being fairly far to not hear anything from the mansion, and to provide that strange eerie effect. So the event could only been intentional and unrelated because the meta and the game board scenes don’t actually connect here. Now if the author were to claim they are indeed connected then a real Logic Error in this mystery would be created.

      I just have to give it to him for mindscrewing us even in the time events in DAWN by creating this tricky illusion.

  2. Haya says:

    I agree with you. I think Ryukishi is simply playing with us and with our natural ability to think that if two events happen at the same time, they have to be related. Because the time has been jumping, from the wedding, to the witches meeting chick Beato and so on, I think it’s fairly obvious that going with that sort of thought process is incorrect and misleading. Funny thing, I never even think about those two being related before reading this. I thought it was something to mind screw me.

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