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Tricks of the Mind (POV) – A Word to the Wise

Answer I don’t believe this can be considered a spoiler but it is more like a great TIP on my part. I refer to the illusion a writer creates when to throw of the reader in such easy and clever … Continue reading

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On Siesta Sisters’ Role – After EP4 for example

Siesta Sisters are one of the most peculiar furniture in the story that could be given many interpretations, one of them the most common is of fireguns which the game plainly states. I’ve always thought that their roles […] Continue reading

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Detective Proclamation : Who is the Mastermind behind the Letters from the Dead [FINAL]

You are third-rate, culprit-san. I’ll make one of course. I’ll explain all three for who sent the letter, How this person did it, and Why this person did […] Continue reading

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Letter from the Dead Theory (Umineko EP4) – Part III

and the one who could have only sent the letters is And for the last entry I’l add the last information and theorize what’s the most likely possibility we’re dealing here. Part I dealt with the possibility of the Ushiromiya … Continue reading

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Letter from the Dead Theory (Umineko EP4) – Part II

[This is a follow-up of Part I] [+]  The Money :  I think this would be the biggest clue on who sent the letters. Let’s think for a moment who couldn’t have sent them and what a person in what … Continue reading

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Letter from the Dead Theory (Umineko EP4) – Part I

Ange in a journey to find the truth of what happened to her family. She visits the family survivors such as her and ask them questions. She learns of a letter that was also sent to her by the possible culprit of Continue reading

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So Umineko PS3 Version

So after so much hinting they announced it two days ago that they’ll be making a PS3 version. I figured Umineko would eventually get a non-pc version but wasn’t exactly expecting a […] Continue reading

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