The Code “07151129″


Back in EP3 after Eva and the rest found Natsuhi and Krauss’ bodies outside of the guest house they head back to the mansion where they stop and look  at the new scribble. The only two persons who saw the first magic scribbles and the two only survivors of that had been Eva and Nanjo who in turn confirmed that numbers weren’t there on the 1st twilight (room where they found Shannon).

This is confirmed by the different color of the numbers which unlike the magic scribble had only been done recently. Here I assume it was done after George was killed so whoever did killed him painted it after he was done and locked the door or left through the broken  window – most likely used the door instead of the window to have the chance of drawing the 8 numbers. It’ll make more sense that way.

Battler is the first who implies that the meaning might be connected to birthdays when he sees the connection between his (July, 15) but is categorically denied by  the others  that the rest of the numbers can be related to a birthday. Battler himself mentions it can’t be of anyone else in his family. Nanjo claims that neither Kinzo nor Genji have those dates. Eva claims that no one in her family or Rosa’s family had those dates for birthdays. Lastly, Jessica denies that anyone in her family or even the servants who she knows well their dates have those birthdays. Simply in this way it destroys the theory anyone but Battler could be related. 1129 mean November, 29 as it is implied by the game. Wouldn’t it mean Battler + this X person as in 0715 – 1129 whose name we don’t know work as the pin-number?

Say, I’ll play these numbers a bit and see what we get. The first one was adding up all numbers which gives us 26, 2+6 = 8. An endless number in addition to the number of digits of this number sequence.

A method from the original number dividing it in  parts.

0 = 0
71 = 8
511 = 7
29 = 7

Of course I also moved the numbers around from the original 07151129 to paying only attention to the number that appear once and put them in order.


1 .
2 ..
5 …..
7 …….
9 ………

but it proved pointless. I played with the numbers and got this result when we remove
the 1’s as the number that repeats, appears the most in the sequence. I also separated the number interpreting the 1’s as brackets around the “real numbers” giving me a result of “07-05-29” from the original number. The problem with is that there’s no “29 year” in this way so it cannot be a birthday or date but it could mean something else here.

Different approach. Now if the number was in arranged in an ascending sequence then it would give us “01112579”. For the same principle in descending order it’d give us   “97521110” as a result. Funny detail what happens when you add the result from the sum of the previous number to the next number in the ascending order number. If you this equation it gives this result

0+ 1(x3) = 3
3 + 2 = 5
5 + 2 = 7

All increase by 2 (the number of bodies in that room I take it) as you can see. But to get our last number of the sequence which is “9”. We’d had to subtract 5 from 3 giving us 2 then 2+ 7 = 9. Then again after so many 2’s it’d make sense to add 2 again to the last number gotten which would give us again the number nine. Nine which is 9th’s twilight of George’s death. Now, isn’t that something?

In reality I considered this to be a telephone number more than anything before Ange got that pin-number after I read this part. As it mentions “0” is related to a “outside line” making me immediately think of the combination back in EP3. Since “zero” doesn’t really count unless it is to the right I’d discard it giving me this number 715 -1129 as a telephone number however since no one dialed that number I may never know. A call for help, maybe. Maybe not.  Or is this number playing on the Divisibility rule. To finish up, for some reason I can’t shake up the feeling the coins and cups puzzle might be related to how these numbers are arranged to get an answer.

Every now and then is amusing to play with numbers but there’s no significance to it if I don’t know what they stand for.  Or is this supposed to be another number to the power of X number to get a certain name of term? Well, that’s something else to think about if this means anything in addition to the pin-number on those letter sent.

Personally, the biggest question for me was always: Why was there a reason to show this number to the  on EP3 back on Rokkenjima seeing no one was supposed going to be left alive anyway in addition to the fact that the none of them were the recipient for the letters that were going to arrive a week later? Now then..

[this entry is followed by Letter from the dead]

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7 Responses to The Code “07151129″

  1. crimson says:

    i remember in ep7 tea party,that beato/yasu have a money card and the password is consist of 8 numbers. i bet this number 07151129 is the password.

  2. AlexTrusk says:

    Isn’t November 29 the day, when epitaph was solved and Yasu became Beatrice?

  3. metter says:

    Ha, then Battler was right.

    It was connected to Birthdays; his and Beato’s…

  4. Weiß says:

    The numbers can also mean:
    07 – The number of stakings.
    15 – Number of Deaths on the Islands without Kinzo,Shannon and Kanon.
    11 – Shannon and Kanon never made it past the 9th twilight. Thus 11 = the amount of deaths until the 9th twilight is reached thus also, the number of people that can be staked.
    29 – The number of deaths in the first 3 Games up to 9th Twilight without Kanon,Shannon and Kinzo.
    As in:
    Game 1:
    Kyrie,Rudolf,Rosa,Gohda,Krauss – 5
    Eva and Hideyoshi – 7
    Kumasawa,Genji,Nanjo – 10

    Game 2:
    Eva,Hideyoshi,Kyrie,Rudolf,Natsuhi and Krauss. 6
    Jessica. 7
    George and Gohda 9.
    Kumasawa and Nanjo – 11

    Game 3:
    Genji,Kumasawa,Gohda 3
    Kyrie,Rudolf,Natsuhi,Krauss,Hideyoshi. – 8

    Leaving out Maria and Rosa as they were obviously killed by someone else as they were killed by Kyrie and Rudolph.
    Maria and Rosas deaths broke the Staking Ritual thus there were no Belphegor and Leviathan staking done while Kyrie and Rudolf killed these very 2 stakes.
    As in:
    Killing Maria and Rosa = Killing The two stakes.

    “Kyrie didn’t leave anything written down.”
    Doesn’t apply for Rudolph.
    Meanwhile Ronove refused to answer the deaths of the two.
    Rudolf was still alive and is the one who scribbled the message to say:
    “We found out the Killers Modus Operandi.”
    Hence how any game after this:
    There are no more stakings.

  5. Bice says:

    AlexTrusk is right. The letters are the birthdays of Battler and Beatrice! The day Yasu was born again as a witch.

  6. Weiß says:

    On the very top layer only.

  7. Cameron says:

    Ryukishi07 liked embedding arc numbers in character names in Higurashi, eg; 07 = “Reina”, 34 = “Miyo”.

    07151129 = 零七一五十一二九 — nothing stands out, but there might be a word from alternate character readings, or just the kana:
    れい (なな/しち) (いち/ひとつ) (ご/いつ) (じゅう/とお) (いち/ひとつ) (に/ふた) (きゅう/く/ここの)

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