So Umineko PS3 Version

Umineko PS3 Promo

Glad here that they don’t actually look like THAT.

So after so much hinting they announced it two days ago that they’ll be making a PS3 version. I figured Umineko would eventually get a non-pc version but wasn’t exactly expecting a PS3 one. I don’t think that there is *that* much need for a one. It isn’t like there’s a need for ultra high res for games such as visual/sound novels. Personally, I’d rather have them make a PS2 so everyone could get it but still, again there’s that “region” issue even if there was. Also there’d be no patch available making us go back to the pc version.

I like the music. Very Uminekoish. The Character designs look SO MUCH like the anime version but more polished. Big points on getting the same VA for the PS3 version, I had my little doubts but one thing I liked about the anime was the super voices.

Now, that they’re making releasing a new version it should mean that the this tale is near its end? That’s what this would usually tell us. Maybe one day they’ll be making a patch like for the Higurashi pc games. I personally like the original Umineko designs so even if they wouldn’t, I don’t see any problem.

For those who’ll be getting this one. Enjoy.

PS : They better not mess up the troll faces.
PS2 : George should be fat.


By the way,

isn’t the way they’re arranged in the cover a bit too much of a giveaway?

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3 Responses to So Umineko PS3 Version

  1. Digdri says:

    I really like this trailer but still cannot shake off the fact that its reeeally spoilerific and will at least change the mindset of no fans about the mystery and the “big twist” a little. Perhaps not go like a bull at a gate and show ALL the fantasy characters and EPIC fight stuff and all before even knowing this is no average fair play mystery type of story…. but that debatable (and already was ^^)

    Also saw this and was also amused by the fact that they think 1080p is really an important feature for a game like this. 😀 But why not PS3? The Higurashi games von Alchemist were for PS2 so why changing the consoles they make them for…. and PS3 is the console to sell game with right now ^^

    Actually fans were rejoicing because it seem PS3 is not region locked unlike XBOX360 so they can actually import them. Still no use for me in this… a English release is almost 100% impossible as I think those Alchemist people don’t even have a international devision and to be honest those game still have far to much niche market appeal and the localization would be really really time consuming most likely not worth the afford to them (comparable to those game that even big gaming companies take years to localize)

    WitchHunt people also already gave an – I guess – annoyed response to stop asking them if translation patches are possible as this obviously is no direct product be R07 and big size commercial as well and obviously would also cross the line to piracy besides PS3 is still this darn well copyprotected console. 😀
    I guess after the release of the PS3 game those kind of “upgrade patches” for the pc game will pop up on the net eventually but those are technically piracy as well and as they changed the resolutions etc. they could take a lot more effort to construct (I saw screenshots with 4 or more characters on screen with NScripter does seem to be capable so the game be a bit different in details)
    IMO its nice to see they build such a game but it doesn’t effect me at all.

    Besides a also the idea that the music and VA will be taken from the original games / the anime. After this mediocre anime still so good VA I often thought a (full) radio drama version would have been kind of the better way to provide an quality adaption. 🙂

    But about your questions what this means to the Umineko series as a whole: The official announcement definitively stated this is just a package of the question arcs…. EP1 to 4 in high quality glory and nothing more.
    But I was really surprised you don’t heard EP8 will be the last game just like Higurashi. It seemed so obvious to me he will keep this format and I think they also has be “word of god” for this fact for quite some time now. Even the new EP7 has exactly 7 portraits (with on obscured in black) so disregarding the cover of EP4 with has no “real” portrait … do the math 😉
    But R07 could still some not-mystery-related epilogue like Rei for Umineko after this.

    And for the troll faces… I think I have bad news for you… judge for yourself:

    No comment <_< (but otherwise I like the char designs a lot)

    And for those weird 3 portraits release before the announcement: thats the strange part of the Alchemists info dump. IMO that was part of a really eccentric PR trick and belong to a completely different game named Gal Gun and only took the style of portraits to lure in Umineko fans…. but decide for yourself how much this game is related to Umineko:

    Even less comment O_O

    It really boggles the mind how they came up with the idea that this kind of PR would help sell such stuff. XD

    • keikakudoori says:

      That vid explains it. I was disturbed by the portraits. They looked nice but very different from the original ones.

      I’d really love a English ver of the PS3. It’d be so awesome, but you know how we hardly get any good VN translated by companies. Well I’ll like to play it but assuming that everything is really the same it’d be the same only with better graphics. I wonder if they will release additional arcs. Now THAT I’d be most interested in.

      All of us non or hardly Japanese speakers all of these are great news but we won’t get much of it (unless they do make patches for BG, music, etc).

      Those faces.. they look so wrong. I like how Beato looks *normal* not making any faces and I think one of the troll ones. The others.. not that fitting.

      Well, more people will know of Umineko one way or another. I can see a bunch of new-comers trying out Umineko only because it has better graphics and stuff.

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