Letter from the Dead Theory (Umineko EP4) – Part I

Ange is in a journey to find the truth of what happened to her family. She visits the family survivors such as her and ask them questions. She learns of a letter that was also sent to her by the possible culprit of the Rokkenjima massacre.

This entry dwells on some points made on this part of the mystery, connecting some dots  and could’ve been involved.

After much hesitation he showed Ange what was inside the letter. It was a letter, small key with a number plate. Magnetic card with a a112 engraved on the key’s number plate ‘Members’ was written in English. Also written was the name of a certain massive bank known throughout japan, as well as the words ‘Central Branch’

He tells Ange the story that when he went to the back he found the 100 million total but he knew money in cash this much wasn’t of any good and prefer to stay far away from it. He got the a magnetic card with A112 engraved,  kumasawa’s son got A113, so most likely Ange was A114. Possibly the order in which the letters were written. Ange IRCC never goes to the bank because she lost hers a long time ago so there’s no way of knowing if there was money for her too. Kumasawa’s son never paid any attention to the letter and forgot all about it. Most likely he would never know what was inside of that box waiting for him.

the sender was made out to the son
the recipient was one of the victims

+ The method

The game mentions the letter was sent (aprox) 2 days before the family conference and that it was really made so it would come back to the original sender after a whole week has passed. Strangely the cuprit didn’t specify a date so whoever sent it took chances that it was going to reach these three earlier. One of the stakes mentions how it was so like Beatrice to do something like that once again open the possibility that it was sent by Beatrice herself. But as far as we know even if Beatrice did it she cannot leave Rokkenjima and she’s only able to communicate with Maria at best. Maria couldn’t have sent it because the key leads to a bank with an enormous amount of money. Also she probably wouldn’t know of the other relatives.

+ That’s actually a very likely possibility. The fact that no one tried to prevent it from happening tells us that only the culprit could’ve known about it. I can’t image many of the adults like Natsuhi putting her daughter in danger. They would probably try to make some excuse so their children stay home and go to the family conference. I think that that’s also an argument of why many of them wouldn’t do it. Why an Ushiromiya with ALL his/her family would take all the children on that day? Strange. That is except Kyrie who Ange her only daughter stays home that day due that she wasn’t feeling well.

The address the sender wrote some something ridiculous as 1-2-34-567 making it overly obvious that no such address existed and somewhat childish. The sender was Nanjo (Kumasawa and Rudolf for the others) was made out to the son. The recipient was one of the victims each time. It isn’t possible that 3 different people thought of the same idea and proceed to the same on that very day. Moreover, if they knew that something was going to have they wouldn’t attend the conference unless they were threaten to death for example. I assume the victims didn’t know what was going to happen that day possibly EXCEPT the one who actually sent the letter.

> Only a person who didn’t care for his/her life and who was betting everything on that day wouldn’t report it and rather decide to take some chances. No matter who this person was it is truly a desperate move.

+ Things in common

So who are these three people? Kyrie (or Rudolf), Kumasawa and Dr. Nanjo’s relatives. Not much. At first I thought they didn’t have any brothers/sisters but Kumasawa’s son mentions his has brothers. Nanjo’s son might be the only one (btw his son passed away due to an illness) Ange is the an only child. They all have different ages. Ange is the one who was really left all alone.

Both Kumasawa and Nanjo could’ve tried to skip that day especially Kumasawa. Nanjo was pressured to go that day but he would clearly refuse if he knew something like this was going to happen. That leaves only Kyrie who no matter what she must be by her *husband side*. Kyrie is probably the only one who would take the challenge knowing what was going to happen. At this point it makes sense Ange stayed back home.

+ It was definitely the culprit/accomplice.

Let’s assume it was. What’s the point of this letter? I can only think seeing the killer is brutal that this letter is indeed meant to mock the family survivors and make this all look like it was really done by a witch. Is the culprit remorseful and decided to give them money so they can forget about it? It doesn’t click right. The first assumption sounds more like the culprit no matter how I see it. Any other Ushiromiya such as Rosa, Rudolf, Natsuhi, Krauss, Hideyoshi or Eva would at least attempt to stop their children from attending it. If we feel strongly about arguing this point then we can also theorize that they simply had to do it because they knew that there was going to be a “trial” to succeed Kinzo (they suspect he’s dead though) and that’s why they needed them there. Battler as usual was going to be the neutral party. But still..

Putting that argument aside, if they (one or two) knew of this it wouldn’t make sense to send those letter to Kumasawa or Nanjo’s son. Ange is the only Ushiromiya out of the three. No crime = no need for the letters.

++ Our Possible suspect :

It’s now possible to theorize that Kyrie sent the letter.

Kyrie forced or convinced Nanjo and Kumasawa to go through with it with the promise that even if something were to happen to them their families would get the money. Obviously, she also included  her only real family by sending Ange that letter should anything happen to her.

As we know Ange had already previously been to Rokkenjima when she played with Maria so normally she would also go that day again. What’s more disturbing is the fact that whoever sent the letters knew for a fact that Ange was going to stay home to have sent the letter so she would be the receiver. Unless they would’ve happened to mention it there’s no way anyone else would know about it two days prior to the family conference. Remember that No crime = no need for the letters.

We could theorize it could’ve been Rudolf too because he is the ONLY character who  gets the feeling that he’s going to be killed on that day once 4th is almost over.  Maybe he already knew of this for example. Point, Battler’s family is what normally this would tell us. For the rest of the characters there are many additional inconsistencies.

What’s even more disturbing is that the handwriting on Maria’s book was the same as the letter sent to Nanjo’s son and possibly the others.

[This entry is a continuation of Code “07151129″]

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4 Responses to Letter from the Dead Theory (Umineko EP4) – Part I

  1. moichispa says:

    I like your theory.

    The compensation money for death appears on EP5 (the husband of the servant who died on the 19 year ago accident. ) so that may be the answer for the letter thing.

    lso kyrie sickness. I think It was mencioned on th EP4 that she fall ill 1 day before the family meeting so the letter was probably sent before that.

    • keikakudoori says:

      The sender’s purpose is the key. Why do it?

      a) This person did it with ill feelings (mock,etc) and to make the world believe it was done by a Witch as Ange theorizes.
      b) This person felt remorseful because he/she was the culprit or “knew” what was going to happen and did it as a compensation/etc (likely case).

      Assuming this as true and Ange got sick only 1 day prior to the family conference then the letter being sent 2 Days prior to the family conference makes even MORE sense that this person knew for a fact that Ange was going to stay. Why? Because this person was going to make her sick so she wouldn’t go – Battler’s family is once again the most likely suspect. I think the rest of the cast would be worrying more about themselves on this case.

  2. Lil says:

    Number with 8 digits.

    I thought that since the beggining.
    When I saw that number I remembered those bloody shitty numbers in the crime on ep 3. And I thought “that was it.”

    Besides, all those money movements were made per bank.
    And then I thought Kyrie was the one who made all the movement, because no other was intelligent enough or had the knowledge to play with bills and banks so easy.

    English is not my natural language, so I been havin’ a hard time reading this novel. However, the riddles are not so difficult if Mr. or Ms. reader stop raving with witches and understands some psychology. That way, all non-tangible misteries can be claimed as psychologic issues (Wich every single member of this family has)

    Dictionary was my best friend to understand the novel XD
    But my words still been so basic… I need some extra classes. Oh, sorry. I’m ranting.

  3. yunelyon says:

    I have also an other thought…..all this money could be moved only by the owner of the hole Ushiromiya founds. And those people are only two: Kinzo himself and his true heir, two years before the accident (Yasu). Off corse taking all this money and putting it in banc is no easy or quick task. It’s something that requires time. So it’s definetly a move that took place some time before the accident. As keikakudoori-san said, this could have been done ither to force the illusion of the witch to world ither to pay back some how the families of the dead. Actually it could be for both reasons. And, sure, Beatrice witch can’t move from Rokkenjima, but Yasu can…….this would fit just perfect with the billion credit card of EP7. Yasu is the only one who can use ALL the money of the ushiromiya family, the only one who knows of the accident before time, and it’s practically clear that in the two years that followed her “birth” as witch she practically went insane and developed suicide tendencies. About that, it wouldn’t affect Battler’s idea that it corrisponded to 2 birtdays. When Yasu had to pick a pin number she could have easly thought to use as code the birthday of her love and her “witch form’s” one. And about Ange, it was never sent to specifically “ANGE”, it was sent to Ange’s house and it was signed by Rudolph. So tecnically it might have been sent for someone else the culprit might have hoped would have stayed alive, like Battler. But even taking that out of consideration (also because it would get complicated) Kyrie and Rudolph called to Rokkenjima to warn that Ange was sick. Proof is that everybody seemed to know from the beginning that Ange wasn’t comming, just as they all knew that Battler instead was. So tecnically the culprit had the time to fix things for Ange as well.

    other than that……if Rudolpf or Kyrie could manage all this money before the accident it’s doubtful that any of them would go down to all the worries of going to Rokkenjima at all and blackmailing Krauss or even doing all this complicated letters thing. They needed money at the beginning of the story. If they had so much up their sleaves it’s doubtful any of them would have taken their time.

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