Letter from the Dead Theory (Umineko EP4) – Part II

[This is a follow-up of Part I]

[+]  The Money :  I think this would be the biggest clue on who sent the letters. Let’s think for a moment who couldn’t have sent them and what a person in what position. If you and I even if we were to exist in the Umineko world we couldn’t have done it for example. What I mean by this is that regular people are completely ruled out. What I mean is that unrelated people to the story couldn’t have done it. It must be one of the character we know.

Someone with connections must’ve done it. Someone is a good financial standing and  or at least someone with a higher economic condition than most. Moreover, only people who knew the Ushiromiya and the tragedy that was to come could be involved in sending those letter.

[!?] Who couldn’t have it and why?

I mentioned Maria before and why she couldn’t. But here’s the further reasoning behind it. Maria couldn’t have done it because she doesn’t posses the financial means to pull this on top of, her being a kid and all. By a similar reasoning we could rule all the cousins (George isn’t that rich). Battler is completely ruled out. Jessica lets the family take care of everything. None of them have access to that amount of money. George is possible the only one who knows about business and the such, but really.

[!] Servants and visitors

I hereby rule out most of the servants. They’re paid a lot better than most but none of them could’ve obtained that money by themselves. Kanon doesn’t have that money. Shannon doesn’t have that money. Genji doesn’t have that amount of money. Impossible for Kumasawa. Even more impossible for Gohda. Dr. Nanjo even though he is a physician can’t be that rich, moreover he wouldn’t give away the money any other person than his own son.

None of them logically could have that amount of money therefore their money can’t be theirs. Irrational to even consider supporting characters such as Gohda could even be involved. But whose money is it? Are we assuming that whoever sent the letter is the  rightful owner of those accounts? That’s the next part.

[!!] What next?

Not whose money is it but who could’ve had access to such immense account? Kanon wouldn’t know of the money. Shannon wouldn’t normally know of the money. Kumasawa and Gohda can’t. That leaves us with two character could’ve known about it in the servants/visitor‘s side – Dr. Nanjo and Genji.

Dr. Nanjo knew Kinzo for a lot years and spent more time with him than any other character in the story as far as we know. It escapes us what else they talked about and if Nanjo knows a bit more than we might think. In very outrageous scenario maybe Kinzo entrusted him with this task but didn’t tell him what was going to happen on that day. This assumes that Kinzo already knew what was going to happen in the future of course. Nanjo  possibly did it but he had no idea what the keys or what was the purpose of sending the letters. It’s possible this could’ve happened.

> Counter

“He would however find most strange that one of the recipients was his own son. So it’s also very unlikely it was him.”

Genji is next. It escapes us how many years exactly he’s served the family but it’s been many many years. Kinzo trusts him possibly as much or even more than Nanjo. What’s more important him and what makes Genji a better accomplice is  obviously the fact he doesn’t ask questions and doesn’t revel. Kinzo could’ve entrusted his mission to Genji to send the letter 2 days prior to the family conference on that day. Possibly Kinzo even told him what was going to happen on that day but Genji wouldn’t care about it.

> Counter

“It’s too convenient that Ange was going to stay that day amusing Genji worked alone!” Genji (and Kinzo) couldn’t have predicted this so sending a letter to her is pointless. Moreover, why would Kinzo send money to them? Nanjo’s son I could believe but Kumasawa’s? Maybe Ange. Is the account even Kinzo’s?


“Genji is the only character who has accessed to that much information and is the closest to Kinzo who is possible the owner of that account”

His personality makes him the most likely suspect all of servants/visitors. Kanon/Shanon don’t have access to this and even if they could, Kanon for example couldn’t know of Ange’s situation and he didn’t seem to have plans of killing everyone prior to the family conference (when the letter was sent) Shannon, on the other hand, had some plans for that day and she is the only who teaches Kanon that it was alright to revel. Nevertheless, Shannon as the sender of the letters is undermined by the fact she doesn’t have access to these accounts.

Logically this would tell us that:

[++] “Genji is theorized as the most likely suspect from the servants and visitors.”

*Last part will be Letter from the Dead Theory (Umineko EP4) – Part III in which I put all clues together.

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1 Response to Letter from the Dead Theory (Umineko EP4) – Part II

  1. moichispa says:

    I have been thinking how to attack your theory and it is quite simple. Just using devil’s proof. Do the fact that just the existence of Kumasawa son, Nanjo son and Ange were revealed does not mean that other letters may exist. The people who should have pick them are all dead so the letter would probably never go out of the post office.

    About the money and the one who sent it. I think that probably It was done time ago by Kinzo(or even his wife). Because he is the only one who would able able to get all those money (and saying it must be another person is the same as using a 19 person or the witch ). Probably those account were created time ago (after Ange is born) to give money to the relatives of the people on the island. We can see in Episode 4 that Kinzo were happy about his grandchildren time ago. The only way another person could do the same is blackmailing Kinzo or Krauss somehow. and yeah Kyrie is the best one to do it.

    The letter have to be sent by the servants . However I would suspect of Kumasawa doing it. In Ep5 she is accused of talking so loud (like she might be heard saying something inappropriate) and in EP1 she say she had to do something in Nijima so she was not in the island (maybe for 2 full days).

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