On Butterfly Brooch – Anti-fantasy & Fantasy & Personal Approach

This part of the story is made in a way that if I accept Fantasy I’m supposed to accept a lot of things by default. On the other hand if I go completely anti-fantasy about it it also forces me to accept other parts of the story and to ignore others.

So I did wonder whether the Butterfly brooch was real or not. Here’s a bigger question – Where did they get it from? There’s only to possibilities here: A) Fantasy or B) Anti-fantasy or C) My personal take on it.

Approach : (Anti-fantasy)

Btw, notice how Beatrice is always a negative entity in Kanon’s eyes.

Let’s go “B” first. Assuming it’s a “real tangible brooch” (NOT a concept) that everyone can see (not referring to the effect either) We are without a doubt with the anti-fantasy approach to be led to believe it was bought by humans/people, either the furniture themselves or by others. Here we can be totally brutal and go for the insanity claim that both are mental and theorize that either Kanon/Shanon/SKanon bought it for themselves at a store on their day off and lie to themselves about its powers to make them success in love. This way Beatrice’s scene makes absolutely no sense and everything becomes extremely twisted. Well,


We could theorize that it was given to them by ANOTHER party. It can someone on Rokkenjima or another servant. Maybe this person did come to Rokkenjima to visit. This person (not the Witch) gave it to them as a present and this is how the butterfly brooch made its appearance. Likely? Unlikely I’d say except it was George, then again this wouldn’t make sense at all why George would buy into the whole brooch has magic powers story and why they need it unless he’s massively manipulating Shannon and Kanon. A possibility, but I wouldn’t count on it. George always seem to be completely unaware of the brooch as far as we know. However, if I had to pick someone the furniture knew with the highest chance of giving them such present George would be our best guess.

Regardless of who this person was, either Shannon/Skanon received the brooch and were thankful about it then later they believed or created the tale by themselves. You can say that it “makes sense”.

This claim is heavily relying on a belief that Shannon, who apparently is always the first to receive the butterfly brooch, suffers from insanity and is unable to know reality from fantasy. Then again –these are furniture and it escapes me what goes through their minds.

Anti-fantasy is over. Let’s go fantasy this time. Let’s go Beatrice.

Approach : (Fantasy)

Btw notice how Beatrice is usually depicted as friendly in Shannon’s eyes.

So it wasn’t human made and it wasn’t given to them by any human means then it can only be of magical roots meaning magic was without a doubt involved.

It was created by magic and given by a supernatural force. Beatrice, the Golden Witch, gives the brooch to Shannon in most (if not all) the EPS. She gave it to her so it will grand her wish to get a good ending with George. If I believe this to be true then the “Love Trial” could accepted as-is.

Here’s the interesting part, if this is what is really happening and Beatrice uses magic to create this brooch that everyone can see and it works for those who believe in it. Then it means that Shannon obstinately stops using the brooch because she wants her and George to work together on their relationship. She then gives it back to Beatrice who doesn’t take it back then finally Shannon gives it to Kannon who uses it but later breaks it when Beatrice makes fun of it. The part when Beatrice appears before him once again (like in EP2) and claims to be playing both of them so they’d be part of the ceremonies I reckon IS an event that happens in ALL arcs where the brooch is present. That explains the best why Kanon breaks the brooch out of anger.

The Fantasy approach doesn’t require much thought since most of the reasoning comes from the magic scenes and taking almost everything is at face value. Now my personal thoughts.

Approach – (Personal thoughts)

I’m still on the side that “there is no tangible butterfly brooch” per se but it’s a representation of their hopes, dreams but also their own doubts and fears. I neither deny or accept the origins of it but simply interpret its association to the story.

Shannon strongly believed in it and because of it her situation with George improved greatly. For example, she believed more in herself we could say like Kanon did in EP6. Later she decided to return it to Beatrice (1st event) and work on it on her own. Beatrice doesn’t accept back gifts that she gave to Shannon. Shannon then gives it back to Kanon and he starts to humor Jessica but he steps on the brooch after learning that Beatrice was toying with the pair. The effect is lost.

If we take this metaphorically, it indicates just what I mentioned. For Shannon the butterfly represented Hopes and Dreams. On the other hand, for Kanon who didn’t actually believe in the brooch but was “happy” with its results and knowing Jessica also liked him was overcome with joy but also by fear that their relationship would fail in the end. He escaped from “the trial” that was ahead of him. He stopped believing in the brooch (2nd event) and viewed it as something that would ultimately cause pain to him (and others) He despised the idea of the brooch and he stepped on the brooch. He “crushed” his own dream and by doing so destroyed the magic of the brooch they once believed in.

This thinking ties with everything that has happened in the story and it “makes sense” the most. I, however, in this way do not venture in the origins of the butterfly brooch itself. I’ll leave that the other factions to decide on that because what it comes down to it, whether or not the butterfly brooch really exists cannot be known for sure.


As you can see I presented how the butterfly object might’ve come from but it’s as disturbing as it could get. This is anti-fantasy.

On the other hand, the existence of an entity such as Beatrice giving the brooch to Shannon whether it’s something that can be seen with the naked eye or not (it is described as the crystallization of magic) works better. This is fantasy.

Lastly my own take of the butterfly brooch simply makes sense of the situation wiithout questioning the origins of the butterfly brooch itself because that would put in the position of accepting / denying either faction. Anti-fantasy gets too twisted to the point that something as magic sounds credible.

The concept of the brooch acting as a symbolic factor for their dreams and how much they’re betting on it is as I mentioned better presented for those who wish to make senses of both parts. After all the powers the brooch has as mentioned works for those who believe in it. That is  – “magic”

after all.

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