Out with Knox, In with S.S. Van Dine’s rules

Goodbye, Dlanor A. Knox?

Since the partial patch has only been released there’s only limited information on Requiem
at the moment for all of us non-Japanese speakers or just for those who chose to wait  to get a full patch. However, plenty can be done with this little information we’ve been given. Actually, more than one can usually think. We’ve already seen Will use S.S. Van Dine’s rules for Detective Fiction. We can assume that the ones R07 is picking for his game as it’d be hard to image him using the whole 20 in a single episode.

A) Those that do not contradict Umineko’s magic vs. mystery parallel universe.
B) Those that relate the most to Umineko.
C) Those which can be slightly modified to not stray too much from the original rules, same
as Ronald A. Knox’s commandment.

Since I knew that they were going to be replacing Willard for Erika it meant that Dlanor was going away to so whatever will happen to Jungfrau? Now since Willard is using SS. Van Dine’s rules instead of Knox’s we can assume he’ll be using the new commandments instead of Knox, which can be interpreted as the base for Van  Dine’s commandment since he made his as an “addition” to the already existing commandments of detective novel so the readers will have a better intellectual experience when reading them.

Seeing that Knox (even though it may be still be present) will have their screen time taken since they represent the Knox’s commandment it is likely they won’t show up if at all. So far they haven’t been mentioned in Requiem and since Erika’s death I doubt they’d stick around as the scene ended rather awkwardly for them with their master (the detective) being killed. However, since apparently “no one” can disobey Bernkastel, it is possible that they could make their appearance in Requiem. I’d be nice to see them again but they’d only be Bernkastel’s pawns so it’s also highly likely that Dlanor and Eiserne Jungfrau has been permanently discharged of their duties and replaced with Van Dine’s 20 rules. Knox, I reason, would be used a reference of what “we already know” from Chiru,Willard who doesn’t require assistance from any type of furniture will keep using SS Van Dine’s most crucial commandments to solve the mystery at hand by reducing the number of suspects and clearing up any misconceptions in theories.

For now for what I’ve read I assume Dlanor and company will not appear in EP7 and if they do their roles will be greatly reduced such as in EP6. Still, it’s better for them to not show up just to be used by Bernkastel once again. At any rate, you’ll be missed Eiserne JUNGFRAU.

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  1. Thanks for posting this stuff. Very informative.

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