Umineko PC Game Ougon Musoukyoku

Animesuki | 07th Expansion sources

First we used LOGIC, now we use our FISTS. So you like closed rooms, eh Beato? Umineko Game? YES. YES. YES. YES!!

Simply the by the existence of evidence it was clear that was going to be more to Umineko. Come PC Umineko Game Ougon Musoukyoku. Great news continue to be awesome. Umineko Game Ougon Musoukyoku.

Platform: PC
Genre: 2D Fighting Game
Developer: 07th Expansion / unknown
Publisher: 07th Expansion
Preorder date: 28th November
Release date: Comiket 79
Price: 3000 Yens (event price) (35.91US$)
Official Website:


Rokkenjima, an isolated island surrounded by the Legend of the Witch.
On this island, October 4 and 5 of 1986 repeat endlessly.
It looks like this game will be a bit different from the “Umineko” you’re used to.

Battler: Guess I’ll be helping you out this time around…!

Beatrice: Enough bluster! If you want me to lend you my power, all you have to do is ask! Come! Let us join this dance of golden dreams together!

Prepare to fight alongside the witch.
Spin up a new tale with your own hands.

Welcome to the Dance of Golden Dreams!

Confirmed characters:
-Ange (assisted by Stakes and Sakutarou)
-Virgilia (assisted by the Goat Butlers)
-Siesta 410 (assisted by Siesta 45)


As everyone says there’s no much info on it so just simple thoughts. I take it this is going to be follow the famous Melty Blood and Guilty Gear type of game play. Umineko fighting game? Yes, the seagulls went there with Golden Reverie the fighting game.

Battler using his special technique Harass female characters regardless of relationship or status. So does it cause extra dmg to the opponent? Killer move? Finds out whether it’s a trap or not?

Kanon vs Lucifer is so, uh, cannon? Kanon is very prideful himself. I don’t see any of the other sister of purgatorio so we can assume that only Lucifer will be playable and have her sister help her in battle. I’m fine with Lucifer but no Belphegor? Weird that they didn’t give Mammon a bigger role either.

Virgilia. Yes. Virgilia is so absent in the games after she and Beatrice trolled Battler in EP3 and her appearances have been reduced significantly. The more witches the more cackling, right?

Here I thought Uryuu Sakutaro was going to be a playable character and he was going to maul everyone on Rokkenjima. Hmm maybe next game. Ange on the other hand was clear that she was going to be a playable character in this game, granted she only appears in the final parts of the answer arcs so everyone loves Ange. Well..

If Kanon is in it Shanon also is. I guess I could also apply the same as far as theories go, but let’s not go there. Ok by now is evident the game is trying to reconstruct the fights in the original story. Shanon vs Beatrice is a clear reference to EP2. Come to think of it isn’t Shanon’s shield her only weapon? Well, not really a weapon in the first place but sort of a mirror wall. Yeah, there’s also that gun she keeps hidden EP6.

Seacats but with extra fabulousness. This pic looks is so hilarious, like Battler X Beatrice only with Ronove in it. Battler with Ange as his partner and Ronove with Shanon as his partner? Are they not doing it on purpose?

Again a representation of the 3rd Game. Good call on Siesta 410 instead of 45 since she’s the fun one but I have to disagree on the serious lack of double 0 bunny.  That’s kinda of a given. Siesta Sisters can only be but fun to play as. Do they have the scouter level this time around too?

Make it interesting. Maybe Lucifer will actually defeat someone in this game. Oh snap. The background look sick. Also Eva-B will be in it.

So explosive we can’t tell what’s really going on. Is this supposed to be behind the Chapel? There’s no tombs in Rokkenjima as far as we know. Beato, she cackles.

What’s great

The characters of course. We can play as them. Who wouldn’t like to have the chance of playing as any of them? Time to beat the truth out of them.

Characters left out:
No sign of Bern, Lambda, Eiserne Jungfrau and NO ERIKA? Come on! You know you want to. Hopefully they just didn’t include them in the trailer? That’s not likely since they’re big characters in the mystery.

What’s not so great

Where are the rest of the Ushiromiya!
So no Natsuhi, Rosa, Kyrie or Eva? There’s no sign of Krauss and his Mad Boxing Skills or Rudolf’s trigger happy act either. And Hideyoshi.. I want to see that guy beat up some goats. No Kinzo? I wanted to badly use the technique OH SUBMARINE OF DESIRE.

Now I’ll proceed to be ill audience and use caps to emphasize the outrage of it. WHAT NO ROSA!? Biggest disappointment ever to not be able to play as Rosa Musou in this game. Make it happen and this game is GOLD. So yeah for the looks of it this will be more of EP1-EP4 not Chiru Game. It explains why no Chiru characters (except Furfur and Zepar who appear on the trailer) are shown. My guess is that they’ll release a second game where Chiru characters are there.

Best news is that this will be a PC game so there’ll be an actual chance of us playing it. It’s almost like magic. I say, Magic.

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9 Responses to Umineko PC Game Ougon Musoukyoku

  1. Rayzah says:


    Can’t wait! *-*

  2. Pyro says:

    My hopes for this game are:
    Final Boss: Goldsmith
    Rules: Final destination and nothing but desire…

    But it’s pretty awesome; Beato’s solar flares, Battler’s special beam objections, etc…

    Other sisters are confirmed as helpers:

  3. Anonymous says:

    EVA Beatrice. She even has cake as an special attack. Must Get

  4. Digdri says:

    So you also stumbled upon this awesome announcement. ^^

    But hardly a surprise as it felt like there already were 100th of fan-made fighting scenarios on Youtube build with MUGEN. 2D fighting game was just such an obvious choice for a successful spin-off game. 🙂

    But I just hope the simply didn’t reveal the whole cast of playable characters as I agree they would really miss out on some of the obvious options for badassery. ^^

    On the other side 50+ characters (and at least half of them with decent fighting scene in the VNs) just demand to make harsh cuts in setting up the roster if you want to have at least halfway fair balance and “identity” for those fighters (besides all the work needed to make this characters work out ^^). So I guess it’s just obvious this game has to disappoint some fans as some fan-favorites don’t make it (and seriously: Which character doesn’t have his large fanbase by now? ^^).

    I guess the one way would have been to make this some kind of Mega-Crossover or Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Edition style approaches with rosters as big as possible just for the sake of it but IMO those game rarely work out because the are filled with so much redundancy even if they are the wet dream of every hardcore fan of the specific universe.
    And even those variations that work out go in what they try to do – like Smash Bros. – have some pretty useless/gimmicky characters or copy&paste play styles with minor differences.
    Actually that seems like a pretty fitting comparison because same reason we will say this game rocks or sucks… because we can take those guy from another genres and just duke it out and have fun with this.
    Really hope those makers decides well with part of awesome to put in and to leave out ;P

    BTW: Mind if I do some backtracking and comment on some of the (by now) older posts about EP6 is “missed out” upon? Had some some interesting ideas to share back then but never found the time to post until now.

    • keikakudoori says:

      I was looking forward to some magical Gohda madness too. Well, I have my hopes on Chiru expansion for this fighting game. They’re so awesome.

      No objection from this end for EP6 posts. I might’ve missed something there. Go right ahead =D

  5. Haya says:

    I’m hoping for some RosaMusou action. Even if I’m absolutely TERRIBLE at fighting games, I’m really looking forward to this.

  6. Game-MW says:

    interesting with a lot of fight we will not be bored

  7. Hario says:

    this all nothing but
    OH>>> DESIRE

  8. Lusticia says:

    Ooooooh man oh man oh man I can’t wait get this! I was looking up how much it would be around my area in american dollars, and I believe it was $35.50. That made me hop off the walls!

    Umineko is my all time favortie anime. But like you said, WHAT?!?! NO ROSA?!? I wanted to play as Natsuhi and Kyrie, too! But at elast we can play as Virgilia and Beatrice. And Battler… >w>

    Can’t waiiiitttt!!! FJAEAFGTEFDJER

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