Explaining The Witch “exists” Scene in EP1 (EP7 50%)

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Was there someone there or not? The culprit? A human? I’d like to hear it in case there’s a better explanation for this. The servants, I never felt right about their characters for many reasons. As accomplices they could help and create false alibis. As not accomplices in crime their situation isn’t easy to put because so many factors come in. What would make them to aid the culprit (in case they were)? The most common reasons for someone to act as an accomplice would be that:

a) There’s something in for them. Money, a promise, etc.
b) They’re forced to help the culprit or act this way otherwise something horrible might happen to them (or others). Ultimately they could be killed themselves. Fear could explain this.
c) They have a duty/something that bounds them help the culprit regardless of their will. Something really strong would be needed to justify this.
d) Any unlisted possibility.

The three could work. I’m inclined to think that there aren’t servants doing it only for the money and that would be a bigger reason why. Kanon and Shannon don’t show great interest in the money compared to their other more important goals. Kumasawa is greedy but go as far as murder for it? She’d probably put her well being first than the money at her age. Genji lacks motives of his own. His reasons for aid the culprit would likely to be orders or of duty.  Gohda, he isn’t part of Natsuhi’s group (he isn’t included in this part either) and as far the mystery tells us he knows very little of what’s going on. I could almost claim it as a fact he doesn’t know much. To me he’s the outsider with no connection to the mystery but could play the part of an accomplice when his life is in danger. That sounds like him.

Seeing that the servants here have different motives and how connected those could be to the servants lying or not about a Witch, we separate them into other sections for ALL Eps. All of these are premises that can be used. Any additional ones aren’t the ones I’m considering.

  • None of them are 100% forced to play along. They’re only willing playing along.
  • They’re forced to play along or actually believe in it. They’ve found it absolutely mandatory to not go against this belief.

Why would they do this to Battler?

A) His own good. It’s hard to define what they could mean by that only that they found it that by no means and I mean no means it was allowed to doubt the existence of a Witch named Beatrice on the island. This Witch would surely punish those who would deny her existence. It is out of fear that they fervently belief in the existence of a supernatural being on Rokkenjima. This isn’t a prank of any sort or a laughing matter as they do believe in what they’re saying no matter how illogical it might sound to others. Why would they do it? Because they *believe* without a doubt something bad would definitely happen if they wouldn’t.

B) They actually saw the Culprit/accomplice pass by. This sounds a bit difficult since from the moment they start acting weird and Battler looking back not a lot of time has passed.  Did they see the culprit? Who was it?

  • Any of the remaining family members that came to check on Battler since he/she found it strange he was going to the kitchen alone. This person (assuming was the culprit) went over there to make sure the servants wouldn’t say anything that wasn’t needed then this person quickly went back after he/she was done. Is it a fact that none of the survivors except Maria went to the kitchen after Battler went over there? If there really wasn’t,. then no one being there makes the servants liars logically speaking. If one of the survivors claimed no one went to the kitchen addition to Maria then this person is either lying or didn’t notice it.
  • Somehow one/some of the 1st Twilight sacrifices is alive bypassing any possible red in the story.  This or these persons faked their deaths. The question is why they would. A likely reason is that they’re the culprits. Or It could be because they sensed they were going to be in danger therefore faked their deaths. Inconsistency. Why would you fake your death with a bunch of other people who are ACTUALLY dead? By then you’re either the culprit or you’re that extreme t0 get whoever is the real culprit.

The killer could be behind him and ready to kill him (& them). The culprit could have had a gun to Battler’s head from across the corridor. The culprit gave the servants an intimidating look/signal to not say anything (or the opposite thus the “story”) By the time Battler looked back the culprit was gone. This is what normally anyone would think back at that moment in EP1. Any of the two theories above states who logically was behind Battler assuming it wasn’t a witch but a real person.

C) Something is wrong with Battler’s mind. This I mention but I don’t believe in it. There’s plenty of exaggerated events and others where imagination runs wild in Umineko. Battler’s mind breaking down would jeopardize many scenes in more ways that they’re currently are. EP5 even jokes about the “Golden syndrome”

D) * The servants are playing along to please Maria. They’re worried about her after losing her mom and are doing whatever they think is necessary to please her. Why? Because they’re thoughtful of her. They figured that it wasn’t a crime to go along with Maria’s delusions (from the logical point of view) of a Witch existing and thus lied to Battler.

They could be trying to scare Battler to please Maria IN SPITE of Battler’s family being murdered (I assume the servants DO think all of them are really dead) They’re putting Maria’s feelings before Battler and say something as illogical as a Witch did it DESPITE knowing it will piss Battler off. Nothing that can be done about them so it wouldn’t hurt anyway to play along with Maria and tell Battler to believe in a Witch. So they prioritize Maria before Battler. That’s a solution because it is plausible enough as far as it concerns me.

But why not just keep quiet or better yet handle it in a better way?

Genji and Kanon’s dead serious appraoch and Kumasawa half joking approach added with Maria’s obsession with the occult obsession collide and create mixed result that makes Battler’s anger easy to understand.

They all seem determined to spook Battler off for whatever reason which doesn’t sound like something they should do (not implying they couldn’t) taking in consideration what just happened to Battler’s family and they shouldn’t please Maria with outrageous claims such as a “Witch killed your family I know you don’t believe in it but I’ll say it anyway.” to Battler.

The end scene is that it doesn’t work in the end. Still how easily the servants can play along is mind blowing when we assume there wasn’t any real danger. Assuming there was one – they couldn’t tell Battler directly therefore they were forced to play along sounds like a better answer. Lastly, this was mandatory for them to inform Battler of Beatrice/A Witch because there was a deeper meaning to it Battler didn’t get at that point.

Final thoughts +Chiru EP7 – Patch 2 Covering 50%

Requiem as far as the patch tells us creates a story where Beatrice as a human existed and how she became a witch. In the story the existence of magic is greatly emphasized and the possibility of not being responsible for the strange events is downplayed. Will’s theatergoing power he was given (still unsure about how reliable it is) lets him into many of the characters’ hearts and gets their stories one by one.  In this fragment the servants’  belief of the witch is different. In the first episodes we could attribute their belief to Kinzo, the head, claiming Beatrice the Witch existed therefore none of the servants could go against it. However, it is also emphasized how in addition to that the supernatural events become more and more impossible to logical answer them. Eventually, the servants grew afraid of the Witch and start to believe one by one that she “existed”.

How does this information tide back to this scene in EP1? It changes the servants’ point of view and interpretation of that scene.

Through EP1-EP4 I could see the servants lying because they were working for the culprit. I could also see them trying to please Maria regardless of what others thought. I disregarded much of the existence of magic as a solution back then therefore it could have meant there was a logical answer to their behavior. It meant that “someone” was there or that they had other reason  for doing what they did back then.

Through EP5-EP6 EP5 revelation that that all servants (minus Gohda) were on Natsuhi’s side to keep the death of Kinzo a secret meant that they were sticking to a same story. It could’ve applied to this too. Even their exaggerated claims that a Witch could be responsible for the crimes could be an excuse so the rest would not focus on Kinzo’s death as much. Their furniture status and connection to magic make it possible within the fantasy realm to assume they could “sense/see” Beatrice to some degree. Kumasawa not being entirely connected to magic made her less possible for her to see Beatrice which would make this scene false because she would be only playing along.  Maria I could accept but her?

EP7 (50% patch) – it changes once again. The existence of magic is amplified by fear among the servants of Rokkenjima when it becomes impossible as far as the story proposes that anything but magic could be responsible for the events. It is possible for magic to manifest itself in reality to some degree. The servants, with no low anti magic toxin,  ACTUALLY believe in magic out of fear therefore their actions are based on that meaning that this conversation could be due to the servants actually believing in what they were claiming and wanted to warm Battler of the dangers of denying the existence of the Witch.

What’s the answer?

I’ll explain the Why

I’d say that there were part of Natsuhi’s group (important fact) so it was necessary for them to always stick to their stories. This correlates to “there’s something in for them” and it doesn’t make them directly accomplices in crime to the culprit. They already believed in Beatrice due to fear and found it smart to not unnecessarily go against her therefore they wouldn’t say anything to deny her existence. Kanon learned to fear Beatrice because of the stories and strange events on Rokkenjima in other words he knew better. This is consistent with doing this to Battler “for his own good”. Kumasawa wanted to please/humor Maria and also because she knows more about Beatrice than she’s telling. This is consistent with “the servants are playing along to please Maria” and explains her relaxed and supportive attitude while Maria was present. Genji knew better what the situation was since he is a combination of all reasons.

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