Umineko EP8 100% Patch is Out

Never a dull moment. The final chapters of the series making every sentence count.

Commander Erika
Armada of goats
goats powered by the net
Lamdadelta’s time to shine
Mariage sorciere teachings
Protecting fantasy people
Comrade calling
Hachijo Tohya everywhere
Monopolization of Cultural Artifacts is a heinous crime
Classic theatergoing
Classic 07th Expansion.

Huh, this board still updates? Apparently, it does. It does.

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9 Responses to Umineko EP8 100% Patch is Out

  1. Hagane says:

    Awesome!! Finally, after this long wait T-T… But, what should i do? i’m in the middle of exams right now… screw the exams! It’s not like Medicine is such a difficult career XD
    Wait, so you read it already? It only came out yesterday, no?

    • keikakudoori says:

      I just finished reading it a few hours ago. The 1st patch covered more than 50% and I couldn’t stop reading once I started it. What an adventure.

      My advice is to forget spoilers. Forget all of that and wait until you have read the whole thing (???? and TP included) to make up your mind. The ending will tell you what you want to know.

  2. Hagane says:

    I read it all. I devoured it all in one go like a hungry goat. I knew that it would feel this way, the bittersweet feeling of finishing Umineko. At the end of the main story (before the TP) i swear i could feel the smell of the sea, tickling my nose; that’s just priceless.

    “Until something else cries again.”

  3. Sacchi says:

    Huh, I seem to come back after so long for a final discussion…
    I’m done with the game, but I have yet to play the tea party and ????.
    I currently have no concrete opinion on what I read of Episode 8. The ending…were we trolled? Did we behave like mindless goats by looking for trying to open the cat box? And even if we did…so what…I’m not sure what to think. I totally wanted to know what really happened. For what I understand it’s not explained in what I have left to read.

    I came to Umineko looking for a mystery. Halfway through reading this episode, I stopped caring about the characters. I started feeling like the episode was stretching out to last longer than it had to.

    Magic or trick? It’s clear, by the extension and the way it ended, that R07 liked more the magic option. But I came for answers. There is no magic, there are only cheap tricks. I went with the trick ending. It was satisfying though short. What about you?

    Now, to read the rest…

    • keikakudoori says:

      I was the same way after reading EP8 because there was something really missing that is the actual ending of the story. The TP and ???? did it what the EP didn’t – that is give a closure. If there wouldn’t have been any of those two I would’ve rated the last EP poorly despite liking several parts of it.

      The “decision” wasn’t much of a decision (magic / trick) to me since the ???? basically partially overrides those endings and creates a single ending, which did shed some lights but was something of more of a bonus for those curious of what-ifs.

      As we know they never explicitly explained the big mystery of Rokkenjima but they let us know that the truth wasn’t as complicated as we thought. The last conversation between Battler and Beatrice and EVA’s attitude in EP8 tells that. Also judging by Ange’s reaction (then again it’s difficult because.. well, it’s Ange) once she learned the “single” truth she looked more out of it than say, particularly enraged at anyone. Can we say accident, bad luck, and someone causing mischief behind the scenes? Probably. Though I didn’t appreciate being called a mindless goat either and be judged by something the author himself talked me into.

      It does teach a lesson but it also defeats the purpose of making the readers play it.

      Of course, there are certain issues that cannot be justified by words, which did leave me a bad taste even after being done with anything? Was it fair to the Ushiromiya? Battler? Kinzo? Sure, everyone did their own share of damage but there is so much that is dismissed that I didn’t agree with. If you ask me the human side got screwed over while the magic side got a good ending. I would’ve preferred them to speak out for themselves (not like pieces) in red and say something like “This is what we wish for, we’re really ok with this” to make it easier for the readers to accept their decisions. The whole attitude of EP8 is that everyone preferred not fall into the “blame game” and move one, which still bugs me but I can understand it after reading and getting the message. Maybe some of us wanted to see some justify, then again maybe some of us just wanted the move on. It’s complicated because there can’t be a perfect ending like I said before because of the way the game is created and because R07 does favor the magic side.

      The big thing is that the ending ends in a way that it is difficult to question it unless we’re ready deny a good ending (which actually leaves an even sourer taste if we do) but mainly for the two main characters rather than for anybody, if not the majority, specially for the human side.

      Well, it’s over. It’s finally over and we can all come back home from our long trip.

      “Until something else cries again.” like they say.

      • Mendics says:

        very true… but i think it was fine the way it was. As r07 mentioned in his interview, he would not show the entire thing and spoon feed us. He wants us readers to question and solve the mysteries ourselves, though it was pretty lazy for the author to do that… i find it okay. It just means that his point was not the puzzle and the mystery but the lesson he wanted to show, that was the whole point of the story right? I think if he changed the ending i think the message he wanted to show would not be as effective as now.

        Preference with the magic side i think is, so just to make it more interesting.. If he laid out more preference on the trick side he would have showed the readers what he didn’t want, the spoon feeding of the truth. Though i say this, i do hate the point that we will always be on 99% not 100% in knowing the truth because the creator will not give the single truth. How would we ever correct our theories if we don’t ever know the truth.

        As for the ending… I’m also fine with it. I find bittersweet endings to have the most impact in all kinds of endings, it’s quite realistic, and this realism is what i like about his works. Life does not always go to what we want.

  4. Hagane says:

    I went for the magic end, only because it was obviosly what R07 wanted us to choose… After watching the other ending i think there was too much of a difference: the magic end was beautiful and with its own ending, and the other one was… only that. It was too biased for the magic part but well, that’s what EP8 was about, it wasn’t a mistery any more. R07 tends to make endings totally different from the rest of the story, focusing only in the characters. That’s why from the beginning i didn’t expect him to show something like a Single Truth (although he did show some hints in the images that flew into Ange’s head, i think there’s room for reasoning there).

    Well, summary, it wasn’t the end you would expect from a mistery, but it had cool parts and a beautiful ending so it’s an OK from me XD

    P.S: If Tsubasa gets translated, then there’s still a little of Umineko to read, so we won’t have to wait until something else cries 🙂

  5. Sacchi says:

    You were right. The Tea Party and ???? gave a lot of closure to the story. Both were equally great in this sort of disappointing episode. Battler did die…but I liked what they did there.
    I’m a sucker for goodbye and Umineko’s music, i totally dropped a tear with that ending T_T

    I don’t think I’ll check out this blog anymore, it’s not like it’s been getting many updates…same with Keikakudoori. But do know that I truly thank you for all the posts you made and for the endless discussions we have had over the last years 😉 (seriously, how long have we been discussing the mysteries? xD)

    I might be back someday…when something else cries. Until then, farewell friend 😉

    • keikakudoori says:

      Umineko has one of the best music out there. It always sets the mood right. But yeah, that ending. I was choking up many times before the finale.

      It really has been a really long time or at least it has felt like a long time, huh? So many games and SO many theories that we’ve played and discussed. It feels like a eternity – in a good way.

      Same here I’ll also thank you to for reading and checking back every now and then. Thanks for the comments and feedback. It’s been a good experience reading your theories (R07 had a point there). I do hope that you’ve been entertained in your stay. As for updates and all that there’s been too much on my plate and the patch came just when I had time, I think it’s been that way for many of us lately. If there are any projects they will probably be next year when we get some news.

      I’ll go south you’ll go north or something like that. Whenever there’s a perfect design, a careful plan enough to raise my curiosity and one intrigues me – I’ll be there. As long as we’re voyagers in this vast sea we might meet again when there’s something that cries or when something piques both our interests. The doors to the board remain open, there’s Google if anything if you forget your way.

      See you again my friend and reader.

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