The End of Umineko Tea Party [ Final Post ]

Time for everyone to go South or North.

This gameboard has fulfilled its purpose. The reason it was created in the first place was to work on the small and bigger mysteries of the series. With the series reaching its conclusions and being officially over so does this place as an expected result.

Q. This is the ending. Does this mean there are no more topics?

> There are still some and many others that I never got around publishing. Sure, there are always topics that could be investigated but with the series being over they’d be redundant. It’s like saying one would have to write to about something that will be revealed next week. That only works when the result isn’t known. We already know the results or know there won’t be any.

Q. Umineko Finale-wise. How good was it?

> I presume no one had to be sedated. Now, Hig Kira might be another issue entirely.

Q. Whatever have we learned from the last battle?

> That TTGL & DBZ got nothing on Umineko. That when you can’t win arguments alone in the Meta world. Punch the voyager with your might. It’s like they went Ougon Kyouku on us. I kid. I’m sure we’ve all learned a lesson from all of this.

Q. What’s the most forgettable character in the series?

> Hideyoshi. Flat out. Did not even shine in the final scenes where I think even a can of mackerel did. I’m surprised I managed to remember the man’s name.

Q. What about Yasu?

> Rule #1. We do not about Yasu. Rule #2 We do not talk about Yasu.

Q. BTW, What’s your favorite Umineko Character?

> You’ll get to read that sometime next year in the other gameboard. I think after Twilight there have been many changes since the last time. Goat butlers might be plausible.

Q. So… Battler..

> Well, I did say there was something was wrong with his brain from the beginning. Turns out that.. you know the rest.

Q.  There should definitely be a Top Umineko BGMs/Singles post because they’re amazing.

> There might be at some point. Not here though.

Q. To be frank Google sent me here.

> Common scenario, Reader. Fanart sites have better image databases in my opinion. Now getting back to the topic at hand.

Q. Though I don’t comment, I really liked the reading the Keikakudoori Vs. Mystery Author. Will there be more?

> Comments, comments. The chances of it are having read the book, having read the post, having the ability to solve it, having the time to respond, having found this board in the first place. When all of these conditions are met that’d mean me not talking to myself. Mysteries, huh.

Q. Well, will there?

> I only write about cases that interest me and so there won’t be that many but I do foresee that there will be more because I still plan on keep reading in my free time. I’ll post some of them when the gameboard is reopened.

Q. What if there is an update before the gameboard is fully back? Wouldn’t that be against this being final post?

> In that case it is probably a small update for X reasons, however this post will remain as a top post until the gameboard is reopened. This is the final post until, and in the case, the gameboard is fully reopened.

Q. What’s this about going South and North?

> It’s about this being the last post for a very long time.

Q. I’d like to know the results of some polls

> Sure thing. -Have you read Umineko Twilight- Only when translated 77 votes. Read the spoilers 36. Fully read it 15 -Blog Umineko Doujinshi- Yes 14. Wat? 7. I suspect the siblings might be responsible for some votes. Yasu undoubtedly voted more than once.

Q. Umineko. It is something else.

> Umineko is something else. You know what’s something else too? Hime-cuts. Glorious Hime-cuts in Umineko.

Q. All of this has been enlightening and entertaining. Whatever will really happen to this gameboard? I’m curious.

> I write for myself, I think I’ve mentioned it many times over the years but I’m glad you found it interesting in your own way. Be it reader or observer. As for the future of this gameboard we’re left with two options.

A) I can with the snap of my fingers obliterate this gameboard. B) I can fold the gameboard, put it back and get it out later. I’ll pick the latter choice. I’ll be picking up all the pieces and closing the board for the time being as it has fulfilled its role and the series is over. I trust I will not be posting anything until some new material has been fully translated and said material is enough to interest me, meaning that this is likely the last post there will be for months or years.

Q. What a trip. Last question, wouldn’t Umineko Tsubasa qualify?

> Tsubasa is extra material. The ending is the ending. I’m sure it’s interesting but what I wait for is another series such as Higanbana or another No Naku Koro Ni Project to be released to be that interested in the series again.

Q. Thank you. I had fun

> No, thank You. I’m glad you all did. It’s been really fun. Thanks for reading.

With that this gameboard is officially over
– Until Something Cries Again –


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4 Responses to The End of Umineko Tea Party [ Final Post ]

  1. Aspirety says:

    It’s really sad that it’s all coming to an end. It really feels like a requiem.
    Thank you for sharing your brilliant deductions with everyone.

  2. Hagane says:

    Until we meet again at another interesting gameboard!

  3. moichispa says:

    Yeah, it was funny.

    I can’t remember any phrase by hideyoshi in the whole ep8. This is bad. I guess Eva needed to have a husband.

  4. Mido says:

    Hideyoshi made me LAUGH like crazy in EP3:

    “Yes, you are a witch! A witch of the kitchen!”

    When he said that to EVA Beatrice, I couln’t hold my laughter xD

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