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In which Umineko Twilight was finally blogged (This is not a Drill, neither a Bomb)


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The End of Umineko Tea Party [ Final Post ]

Time for everyone to go South or North. This gameboard has fulfilled its purpose. The reason it was created in the first place was to work on the small and bigger mysteries. Continue reading

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Umineko EP8 100% Patch is Out

Huh, this place still updates?
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Umineko Chiru PS3 Voices (Part II)

Maybe there was a part one but you missed it. No, not really, it’s the post before this one saying that it’d take a while to get used to the Umineko Chiru voices. This one is different. This is actually more than decent. So after a few weeks […] Continue reading

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Umineko Chiru Voices Are Going to Take Some Getting Use to

It didn’t take too long for Chiru game to be released. Everything is smooth and nice. My only criticism would be the voices they chose for the new Chiru characters – namely those in the trailer. Namely whatever they were … Continue reading

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Keikakudoori vs. John Dickson Carr : “The Three Coffins / The Hollow Man”

Solving impossible crimes one step a time. Continue reading

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Q.s and A.s : Higurashi Kira was Bad

Higurashi Kira was bad and you should feel bad for liking it. Continue reading

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