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Accomplices Genji, Kumasawa, and Nanjo

Really, Genji. “Powerful magical ceremony“?  Some things are just awkward. Remember when they said that furniture couldn’t be trusted and how we felt bad about doubting them? There are always the characters that keep information from the detective giving their … Continue reading

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Threatergoing Authority

The threatergoing authority.. is such a hack. Not to discredit Will but I expected him to do more detective work on his own instead of relying on the DA […] Continue reading

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Closed Circles & Additonal corpses trick

There are things I tend I assume and others I don’t belief. I consider them as possibilities before discarding them. Additional corpses isn’t something I’ve actually believed to exist in Umineko for example. Continue reading

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Van Dine Rules effective, ineffective

THIS is one of the things I was interested in the most since EP7 started – exactly how they were going to handle Van Dine rules. The first it was used was with “the culprit cannot be a servant” which with it Will makes his appearance with Continue reading

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Van Dine, Rule #11 : It’s forbidden for a servant to be the Culprit

Isn’t it great when we follow the mystery genre? There’s always  S.S Van Dine’s 20 Rules I’ve been saying this as long as I can remember. I’ve been mentioning this over and over – the unlikeness of the culprit being … Continue reading

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Kinzo’s study – Understanding the situation better

Place where I think most of the story starts. After Kinzo’s death his room was left alone by most family members living on the mansion except Natsuhi as we have seen in EP5. She went to visit his room on the regular basic to seek encouragement or conform whenever… Continue reading

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