FAQ (new added)

This is how I’ve been functioning in any case there’s questions. There’s already an About explaining the purpose of this blog.

– This is an Umineko English based blog mainly for those non-Japanese speaking readers.

– Same as other non-Japanese Umineko readers I rely on Witch Hunt patches. I haven’t explored how Japanese translator software work yet. I could try them but I prefer to wait for the patches.

– My knowledge of the Japanese language is limited. I know basic ones such as Hiragana and a bit of Katakana. This doesn’t imply I can read full sentences and make sense of them, for that I’d never to know fair amount of knowledge of grammar. Reading full Kanji is impossible for me at the moment. Reading Umineko in Japanese is certainly impossible.

– As of now I’ve read EP1-EP6 in full. I’ve only read EP7 Demo (chapter 1-4) I haven’t read the 2nd patch yet. I may wait for they to fully be done translating everything. Whatever theories I post will be based on what I’ve read. *In case this changes I’ll update this part*

– I don’t look for Spoilers online. I’m not into spoilers, this may be different from other fans that don’t like them. I rather wait for the patches so I can make better sense of things. Fanart can sometimes spoil a few things. They and the Internet how they could reach my ears are beyond my control. I may interpret them in a completely different way in case I encounter them.

– I don’t usually lurk or purposely read Umineko forums online revolving around theories. Not to say I don’t ever do. Sometimes I stumble upon them for x reasons and learn something and it may contain spoilers I hadn’t planned on reading. I usually use forums for news.

– I don’t usually based my theories on others’. Why? Because I like to make my own. There’s popular theories out there, some I know others I don’t. How much validity they have to them escapes me. I may discuss them or their validity if I found them relevant or to make a point.

Most of the theories are mine. I like to make my own based on what I read as I go. When there isn’t a full patch I may make claims on what’s out. Actually when I blogged EP5  (other blog) roughly half of it relied on guessing what was going to happened new. When new information comes out new truths are created and I’m to correct those theories into better ones as they may lose validity as the story progresses. Red truths are as example of this which can change things drastically.

– How everyone interprets Umineko as a mystery/story/fantasy changes therefore what a person agrees on may depend on the person.

– Many points are left to the  interpretation of Umineko.  I can take parts of the story in a different way that it may agree or not with everyone’s. Umineko heavily relies on interpretations as everyone knows.

– I don’t mind others disagreeing with some points made here when they provide their reasons why. Because of how ambiguous Umineko is we can’t expect everyone to agree on the same. Random argument isn’t well taken. Usually a point or an observation is enough. Redundancy and stale mates aren’t that great.

– I use different methods and deductions to solve the problems and the mysteries of Umineko. There’s a vast list of them that I just use. I tackle them in different ways usually it is what makes the most sense according to me. Some may be agreeable while others won’t. I usually explain by reasons why I think this or that in posts. The more familiar you’re with my reasoning and how it easier is to guess where I’m coming from.

– Know when to detect “fun” posts from serious ones. Usually this is clear either because it’s specifically mentioned or sounds too outrageous to be seriously taken. How much you’re familiar with my blogging and may take on Umineko will depend greatly on how you interpret them. If you’re new you probably aren’t familiar with my whole take on Umineko and my past points.

– Usually I respond to comments unless they’re self-explanatory.

– Some points are redundant. I’ve talked about Umineko mysteries a lot in past entries you may not have read. Because of that I find some explanations redudant some aspects are taken for granted. In case there’s questions –ask first.

– How EP7 Blogging (other blog) will be handled, it will probably be different than how the others were handled. This is still to be seen.

– Don’t be excessively serious to a fault. This is meant to be an intellectual game and also done for fun. Don’t lose sight of that.

– This is a personal Blog.

* This FAQ may be changed when more information is added  however all of these are facts.