Welcome to the Witches’ Tea Party. The Game master hopes that you’re enjoying your stay here. Further work is in progress.

TEA PARTY is the place where further reasoning concerning Umineko will be made. This is a separate and new project from the original site Just as Planned. Theories, thoughts, and whatever Umineko mystery has to offer which is a lot will be included in this new Game board. Goal? The weave up the truest truth in the world, that is to explain Umineko’s mystery to the highest possible degree and not leave a single part of the mystery left (hoping) unexplained. The author, Keikakudoori, explains and solves all mysteries from his perspective in a way that makes “most sense” and as closer to real truth as possible. Some theories are final while are others will be revised a few times until the best “real truth” is obtained. Like I say above the result of this trial has not yet been obtained.

Current Project

Although we are trying to solve the same mystery each part is different and they must be tacked from different angles and so they will be handled in different categories. Additional projects, questions, answers, requests or  comments? This is probably the best place to make them. This is like the “feedback” section of this blog.

“The Deconstruction of Umineko” – This is to better explain certain scenes in past arcs. Right now I’ll be analyzing the 1st EP, Legend of the Golden Witch part by part. Some interesting events will be explained here to reach a better understanding of the situations in that game and of future ones.

Rationalize THIS” – sometimes the game only (probably intentionally) covers certain parts and we never get to see the rest. There are some events or actions that don’t make much sense or there could also be “alternative theories” or reasoning that could be used to explain parts of the mystery. Most of the time the final interpretation is left to the reader.

“That which ties back” – Future and past events in the story really do connect with other events when you pay great  attention to them. Sometimes “that which ties back” is included in many entries and not necessarily gets its own posts.

“Tea Party” – The witches come to have a cruel, intellectual, and lovely Tea Party.

Trial of the golden witch” – just like the real game only that I’m the game master of the story. Certain development and the story is told from the perspective of the game master and additonal thoughts are added in different form similar to the real novels. This new game board is not cannon but it should give something to think about along with a few laughs.

Fanart spam” – There are things you want to share. Let’s take a quick break and enjoy the simpleness and strangeness of some art pieces, shall we?