Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni Visual Novel

While random traveling in the sea of the internet I stumbled upon this (possibly old) news.
Yep, I’m looking at Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni visual novel. Probably the news I’ve heard of this project after I picked it up a couple of months ago. Continue reading

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Random Twilight Entry #3 – “Land” (of the Golden Witch)

I’ve been thinking if there will be a different continuation of the Umineko Series in a near future. More of the When they cry series is probably guaranteed to happen in a few years but unsure if Umineko will have somewhat of a continuation because it’ll depend on how Twilight of the Golden Witch will wrap things up. As far as I’m concerned there is plenty of material the creators can work on to expand the universe they created for the whole When they Cry series. Continue reading

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Random Twilight Entry #02

Twilight sure knows how to have fun

I’m far from fantasy’s biggest fan, but it’s been a while an amount of fantasy that doesn’t include Continue reading

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Random Twilight Entry #01

I’ve been a few hours into Umineko Twilight and I’m starting to like Eva. Let me correct that. I’m starting to like Eva. Let’s retry that again. I’m starting to like Eva. Battler, what have you done?

Puzzles regarding moonspeak unsurprisingly escape me. Rosa’s puzzle was beyond self-parody. Those gold ingots.

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Twilight of the Golden Witch patch is out

Witches gonna –

Haven’t even installed the game. Sadly, I won’t be able to play it until new week probably. There is way too much on my plate to fully give the last game the attention it deserves.

For those who are reading it – Have fun.

Battler probably going to show us his cookie-cutter game before Bern and the others step in and have their way. Madness ensues on Rokkenjima. Gohda becomes Endless sorcerer.

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Ougon Musou Kyoku 360

Three more characters, yet No Desire.

Jessica, George and a certain trigger happy aunt are included. Continue reading

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8 Rules of Furniture Club

WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT YASU. Continue reading

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