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Umineko Chiru Voices Are Going to Take Some Getting Use to

It didn’t take too long for Chiru game to be released. Everything is smooth and nice. My only criticism would be the voices they chose for the new Chiru characters – namely those in the trailer. Namely whatever they were … Continue reading

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Of “Accidental Deaths” in Umineko and the Mystery genre

I’d most like to prove you wrong if you believe that there isn’t hinting or cases of accidental deaths in The When they Cry series. By the end of this entry you’ll know why […] Continue reading

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Rationalizing why Battler saw “living Kinzo”

Not how do we explain Battler seeing Kinzo but rather why he wanted to see Kinzo in the first place. Battler himself made a blue counter saying that he confused Kinzo by some blanket, at that point Lambdadelta didn’t bother to counter him.

Excluding the fact that game piece Battler was being controlled by the witches, he could still not do moves that weren’t out of his control. This is mentioned in the game, therefore I believe that he had reasons of his own […] Continue reading

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