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Accomplices Genji, Kumasawa, and Nanjo

Really, Genji. “Powerful magical ceremony“?  Some things are just awkward. Remember when they said that furniture couldn’t be trusted and how we felt bad about doubting them? There are always the characters that keep information from the detective giving their … Continue reading

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Letter from the Dead Theory (Umineko EP4) – Part II

[This is a follow-up of Part I] [+]  The Money :  I think this would be the biggest clue on who sent the letters. Let’s think for a moment who couldn’t have sent them and what a person in what … Continue reading

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End of the Golden Witch – Theorizing the man from 19 years ago identity

Unless we pressume that it was Battler like in one of EP5´s theories this is another of the mysterious that haven´t been answered. As we know Natsuhi receives a call from the unknown man in EP 5 “he” refers to … Continue reading

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The mystery behind the bloody Doorknob : Unplanned or Deliberate?

A strange event in the many that happened by the end of the first day of the family conference. For this mystery we investigate the How dunnit and When dunnit. How did it happen? Continue reading

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