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EP 6 Game Results – Kanon Dead or Alive?

Before anything, I don’t completely trust the game results as I don’t completely trust the Tips/character information. However in most cases when they’re backed up by the red truths we can assume that said characters are usually dead. More to the point it tells us what characters are still alive… Continue reading

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On Butterfly Brooch – Anti-fantasy & Fantasy & Personal Approach

This part of the story is made in a way that if I accept Fantasy I’m supposed to accept a lot of things by default. On the other hand if I go completely anti-fantasy about it it also forces me to accept other parts of the story and to ignore others. Continue reading

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Letter from the Dead Theory (Umineko EP4) – Part II

[This is a follow-up of Part I] [+]  The Money :  I think this would be the biggest clue on who sent the letters. Let’s think for a moment who couldn’t have sent them and what a person in what … Continue reading

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Are there even suicides cases in Umineko?

Basically, it is a way out given when there isn’t one. That is one precise way put the term in a few words.

but I didn’t say it was always according to one’s accord… Continue reading

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