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Umineko Foreshadowing – Fear The Cake

I’m not kidding. Just priceless. Ryukishi07 is no stranger to humor as everyone knows and does he love foreshadowing. Actually, there’s so many foreshadowing in the story probably that there’s a counter for every argument out there that to find them we’d only had to replay the past games. Continue reading

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Who dunit : I’ll now disprove that Jessica is the Culprit (and possibly an accomplice)

I’ll disprove any third rate reasoning that LolJessica is the culprit. It isn’t unfathomable to image that there’d be others that would pick up on this resemblance as it’s reasonable to guess in the first place why they’d do it. Now job is to put this baseless claims to rest. Continue reading

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The mystery behind the bloody Doorknob : Unplanned or Deliberate?

A strange event in the many that happened by the end of the first day of the family conference. For this mystery we investigate the How dunnit and When dunnit. How did it happen? Continue reading

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Rationalizing why Battler saw “living Kinzo”

Not how do we explain Battler seeing Kinzo but rather why he wanted to see Kinzo in the first place. Battler himself made a blue counter saying that he confused Kinzo by some blanket, at that point Lambdadelta didn’t bother to counter him.

Excluding the fact that game piece Battler was being controlled by the witches, he could still not do moves that weren’t out of his control. This is mentioned in the game, therefore I believe that he had reasons of his own […] Continue reading

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