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Van Dine, Rule #11 : It’s forbidden for a servant to be the Culprit

Isn’t it great when we follow the mystery genre? There’s always  S.S Van Dine’s 20 Rules I’ve been saying this as long as I can remember. I’ve been mentioning this over and over – the unlikeness of the culprit being … Continue reading

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Out with Knox, In with S.S. Van Dine’s rules

I knew that they were going to be replacing Willard for Erika it meant that Dlanor was going away to so whatever will happen to Jungfrau? Now since Willard is using SS. Van Dine’s rules instead of Knox’s we can assume… Continue reading

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So Gaap = Dr. Nanjo?

I haven’t paid much attention to Gaap’s character but I’m aware of the connections made to link her to Dr. Nanjo therefore while reading I looked for further clues to back this up or disprove it. So here are some. Continue reading

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