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How Dunnit: The Bomb in all Episodes

The bomb existence is key because it is the final outcome that always happen in all games. What happens when we take out Yasu from the picture? Why does it always happen? By working under the premises of multiple scenarios I explain what happens in each case and why the result is always the same. Continue reading

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Jessica Faking it. True or False? And its Consequences EP7 & EP2

I believed there’s something seriously wrong with all the characters in Umineko no matter who they are. Some of these happen to play on creating the Illusion of the witch and or a crime. Jessica might not exactly be one but this revelation disturbed quite a bit… Continue reading

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Closed Circles & Additonal corpses trick

There are things I tend I assume and others I don’t belief. I consider them as possibilities before discarding them. Additional corpses isn’t something I’ve actually believed to exist in Umineko for example. Continue reading

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Umineko and Split Personalities

EP7 really likes to push the supernatural factor but I won’t get into that until I finish completely reading the EP. As possession goes I don’t know how valid it could be but interpreting as a hint for multiple personalities […] Continue reading

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Explaining The Witch “exists” Scene in EP1 (EP7 50%)

Why would they do this to Battler? His own good? It’s hard to define what they could mean by that only that they found it that by no means and I mean no means it was allowed to doubt the existence of a Witch named […] Continue reading

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Who dunit : George is not the culprit either (99 Level Truth)

Let’s tear these claims by proper procedures to obtain a better truth of the mystery. This time around is Ushiromiya George’s turn. Unlike Jessica, George is in a different position than his cousin and although some past rules apply to him others don’t. Let’s collect clues from all Games and create a list of truths […] Continue reading

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Umineko Requiem: Keikakudoori On the Witch’s Gold

What’s that? Keikakudoori’s Blue Truth effective. As usual I’d say. Continue reading

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