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Beatrice / Yasu : Why the Tragedy Occurs

According to EP7 Yasu has an already determined plan because of an already determined fate. The tragedy is attributed to Battler.. Battler not going away but rather to Battler coming back to the Rokkenjima – reason why the tragedy occurs. They mention the way I understood it IIRC that that the tragedy only happened because Battler came back… Continue reading

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EP 6 Game Results – Kanon Dead or Alive?

Before anything, I don’t completely trust the game results as I don’t completely trust the Tips/character information. However in most cases when they’re backed up by the red truths we can assume that said characters are usually dead. More to the point it tells us what characters are still alive… Continue reading

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Explaining The Witch “exists” Scene in EP1 (EP7 50%)

Why would they do this to Battler? His own good? It’s hard to define what they could mean by that only that they found it that by no means and I mean no means it was allowed to doubt the existence of a Witch named […] Continue reading

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Umineko PC Game Ougon Musoukyoku

Thoughts on Umineko’s latest game. OH DESIRE. First we used logic, now we use our fists. So you like closed rooms, eh Beato? Umineko Game? Yes! Continue reading

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Who dunit : I’ll now disprove that Jessica is the Culprit (and possibly an accomplice)

I’ll disprove any third rate reasoning that LolJessica is the culprit. It isn’t unfathomable to image that there’d be others that would pick up on this resemblance as it’s reasonable to guess in the first place why they’d do it. Now job is to put this baseless claims to rest. Continue reading

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Fanart Spam : Battler “doesn’t read” books

But more than a hundred a year, what? There’s facts to back it up but it never felt right that… Continue reading

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The Code “07151129″

Say, I’ll play these numbers a bit and see what we get. Battler is the first who implies that the meaning might be connected to birthdays when he sees the connection Continue reading

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