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Random Twilight Entry #01

I’ve been a few hours into Umineko Twilight and I’m starting to like Eva. Let me correct that. I’m starting to like Eva. What? Continue reading

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How Dunnit: The Bomb in all Episodes

The bomb existence is key because it is the final outcome that always happen in all games. What happens when we take out Yasu from the picture? Why does it always happen? By working under the premises of multiple scenarios I explain what happens in each case and why the result is always the same. Continue reading

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Umineko Foreshadowing – Fear The Cake

I’m not kidding. Just priceless. Ryukishi07 is no stranger to humor as everyone knows and does he love foreshadowing. Actually, there’s so many foreshadowing in the story probably that there’s a counter for every argument out there that to find them we’d only had to replay the past games. Continue reading

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The Code “07151129″

Say, I’ll play these numbers a bit and see what we get. Battler is the first who implies that the meaning might be connected to birthdays when he sees the connection Continue reading

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