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On Butterfly Brooch – Anti-fantasy & Fantasy & Personal Approach

This part of the story is made in a way that if I accept Fantasy I’m supposed to accept a lot of things by default. On the other hand if I go completely anti-fantasy about it it also forces me to accept other parts of the story and to ignore others. Continue reading

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The Code “07151129″

Say, I’ll play these numbers a bit and see what we get. Battler is the first who implies that the meaning might be connected to birthdays when he sees the connection Continue reading

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Of “Accidental Deaths” in Umineko and the Mystery genre

I’d most like to prove you wrong if you believe that there isn’t hinting or cases of accidental deaths in The When they Cry series. By the end of this entry you’ll know why […] Continue reading

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Are there even suicides cases in Umineko?

Basically, it is a way out given when there isn’t one. That is one precise way put the term in a few words.

but I didn’t say it was always according to one’s accord… Continue reading

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