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Tea Party : A Loophole in Van Dine’s Rules # 11 A servant cannot be the culprit (Forbidden Move)

This is how I reason they might get around Van Dine #11. Just for the record, the reader part of me finds these loopholes amusing but the deep rational part of me despite them for breaking the mystery of the story by confusing things. Continue reading

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Van Dine, Rule #11 : It’s forbidden for a servant to be the Culprit

Isn’t it great when we follow the mystery genre? There’s always  S.S Van Dine’s 20 Rules I’ve been saying this as long as I can remember. I’ve been mentioning this over and over – the unlikeness of the culprit being … Continue reading

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Done Reading Umineko EP7 Requiem Patch

It’s 5 a.m something. Eyes about to give out it was worth to read it all in one go. Pleasantly logical so far to suit my intellectual taste. As Van Dine would say, it was pos’tively enlightening I dare say, eh what? Continue reading

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