Bernkastel’s Letter

* Release date: 8 2008

Bern’s letter
To my beloved friend

‘Are you feeling well?’; such a conventional greeting would most certainly sound like sarcasm to you now.
That’s why it’d be kinder of me to ask like this.
Are you still alive, my beloved friend?
Thanks for the reply the other day.

I got very surprised that you still had energy to at least write to me.
Well, the one who urged you to write an answer was me, though.
Even so, the fact that you mustered energy to at least write for me, for my sake, was a great surprise.
Or a miracle.

And also, thanks for the valuable suggestion.
I agree with your opinion too.
Perhaps, the wire puller is indeed Lambda-Delta
That girl probably found a witch who has the worst affinity with me just to take revenge on me and awaited for me to be lured.
And I fell to her trap like a duck.
… I see.
I guess this is so ridiculous it made you write to me.
I feel you’re wearing your malicious smile.

But, when I think about your disease, maybe she is a precious being to me.
If she is a much higher-ranked witch than I, it means that that is very close to your disease.
In other words, it means that that is the only way to escape from the disease that eats into you, no, into us, and she is putting it into practice.
… And ironically, it also means she is teaching it to me.
But, if by getting on with that girl’s farce, your disease will get better.
I’d like you to please lend me your strength.

Lambda-Delta boasted that I will ‘absolutely’ not be able to win in this game board.
At that time, I paradoxically identified the rule X.
She’s really a stupid girl.
In other words, it’s like the story that always starts from June, 20th.
Probably, this is the core of the Witch Beatrice.

Indeed, if we consider it that way, this Witch named Beatrice certainly is interesting.
She opened up a world that I, that girl and you didn’t know.
The rule Y that makes it into the source of the magic.
It seems Lambda-Delta touched it a bit but too, but she can’t possibly reach her level.
If we call this very thing as magic, except for Beatrice, certainly not one of us can be called a witch.
In that sense, we may say that since she put together her own magic system, even if she enters the beginners’ class, as a witch, her level already surpasses the witches, … and she is starting to step even into your level.
If she were strongly aware of that and comprehended it.
Not even Lambda-Delta would be a match for her, and I even less.
And most probably, I’ll be afflicted with the same disease as you.
However, even so, this is really interesting.
I see this rule Y as the very existence of the witch Beatrice.

That’s right.
I managed to analyze this far.
And certainly there’s one more rule, the rule Z.
Because the number of phenomenona being observed that can’t be explained with rules X and Y alone is way too big.

Rule Z’s true colours are unknown.
By Lambda-Delta’s speech, it seems that this component has a lethally bad affinity to me.
If we take ‘that’ as a hint, …… what on earth could it be?

For now, I assumed that this rule Z is a maze-like existence putting haze over the truth.
In other words, a maze to not let me come close to rules X and Y.

My power is just like writing up a map, making sure of all the forks of the maze, spending a hundred years.
In other words, no matter how complex is the maze, one day, I’ll certainly be able to walk through it.
(By the way, if it was Lambda-Delta, I guess she’d just keep on walking along the walls until she arrived at the exit, even if it took a thousand years.
No, it feels more like she would cut through all the walls by making holes, in straight line, until the exit, without taking detours at all.)

What on earth could such a maze with bad affinity with me be…?
There’s only one thing I can think of.
In other words, …… it is a maze where it’s meaningless to write maps.
Would it be alright to say that, for example, it is a maze of indefinite shape that constantly changes the shape, flexibly?
I see, if it is this general idea, I may be able to explain it with the Jan-Ken-Pon game that Lambda-Delta speaks of.
… Even if it is a maze that I can’t walk through with my power, it must not be an obstacle for her, who can go towards the goal through the walls.

… I can understand it using this general idea.
But, if I try to grasp it as a rule, I can’t understand it at all.
Because, originally, rules are immutable things, right?
Indefinite things being rules are beyond my common sense.
Even though it should be solid, it possesses a fluid face.
…… Like mercury.
In Latin, mercury means ‘living silver’.
They believed it that leads to perpetual youth and it was highly valued as research object of the alchemists.
It’s ironic.
In other words, it links to the alchemy and the witches, as she calls herself.
Unless I can unravel this rule Z, …… no, just because I can’t unravel it, Beatrice will be exactly a witch.

…… Aah, after writing so much, I got irritated.
If you did read until here, you must be laughing.
Eeh, you can bet.
Very soon you’ll want to sneer at me even more after seeing my troubled face.

Before long, I’ll go to pay you a visit.
The get-well gift will be me.
You can sneer at me as much as you want.
You like it, right? To do that.
So, so that I can meet a friend I haven’t seen for so long, please, revive.

From Bernkastel, your friend who still believes to be dear to you

Then there’s a lot of text of Ryuukishi talking about anti-fantasy x anti-mystery
The some babbling with Beatrice and Ronove.

And then, some poems.


Love is an illusion, a misunderstanding.
Mutual love is a mutual misunderstanding of being mutually loved.
And engagement is a vow to not wake up for your whole life from that misunderstanding.

Many things were found from his room.
From those evidences, it is possible to deduce that I am loved by you.

Many things were found from my room.
From those evidences, it is possible to deduce that I also love you.

────Frederica Bernkast el
Nothing was found from her room.
However, I can’t deny the existence of an undiscovered evidence X of unfaithfulness. Frederica Bernkastel


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