Chess Moves (+9)

The 9th Move – “In Knox We Trust” It finally explores and explains both Decalogue of Detective fiction. It focus on “making sense” of Umineko and what a mystery should be like. It also demonstrates the inconsistencies and exceptions in the case of Umineko what they mean. The core the entry is to demonstrate that it is within the reader possibly to crack Umineko’s mystery and that this puzzle can be certainly solved within its own rules. In Knox we trust conclusion it declares that Umineko plays by the book.

The 8th Move – The eight move ends the circle of investigation on every person on Rokkenjima. It deeply explores the possibility of each Ushiromiya being the culprit, motives, and why some of them couldn’t be the real culprit. Additional notes are added to their personal profiles. It is after this move that Tea Party starts.

The 7th Move – All servants and the possibility and motive of any of them being the culprit or accomplice is deeply questioned. It also serves to provide a general background for each servant as much as possible. Method of deaths and trivia is also added.

The 6th Move – Theorizing the murder weapons. All possible weapons which could be used for murder investigated. It is also investigated which are more likely to be used, where they are, who knows have to used them, and any similarities, and contradictions between the deaths.

The 5th Move – We take a tour through Rokkenjima island. All possible places where the culprit could be hiding when s/he is “gone” or hiding is exposed. It is in addition to that mentioned what each place is known for. Lastly it is theorized how long it takes one to reach one point to another.

The 4th Move – “Il Peccato” it mentions the idea of the Ushiromiya being connected to the seven deadly sins showing proof for each one, it is however challenged if all of them are without a doubt connected each deadly sin.

The 3rd Move – For the first time it is questioned if the real culprit of the story has an accomplice and also which one option of whether s/he has one or multiple accomplices.

The 2nd Move – It deals with a “problem” within character developments and the loops. It also provides a possible conclusion to the series.

The 1st Move – rather than dealing with the mystery aspect of the story like the rest of the moves, thee 1st move is seen from the (at this point) flawed perspective of an average Umineko viewer. Criticism of the series at the middle of the 2nd Arc was shown and handled at this point. A very crucial point.