Umineko Chiru PS3 Voices (Part II)

Maybe there was a part one but you missed it. No, not really, it’s the post before this one saying that it’d take a while to get used to the Umineko Chiru voices. This one is different. This is actually more than decent. So after a few weeks of being exposed to the 1st group voices from the Chiru release I’ve grown used to them little by little. The 2nd PV is a better surprise than the 1st trailer. To say the least they nailed it fairly well here.  Three more characters to the madness.

Willard H. Wright

Le Kokoro strikes. Frankly,  I have no big criticism for Will’s voice. No, not that I’m fully content with it, but I’m definitely not against it. It doesn’t sound bad at all, then again Will’s character doesn’t seem difficult to get to me – an adult man yet not too old with a deep and clear voice. I could see that they could’ve gone with any similar combination and get it relatively right. It’s not a difficult task for a character that is more straightforward than the ambiguous type, really. It does sound like what I think most people would imagine Willard would sound like so I have no big objections. If I had to say anything at all is that Will’s voice sounds a tad generic so it doesn’t sound very unique to me. I could swear I’ve heard that similar voice (maybe with different pitches) in other shows with characters with similar personalities. Example? See shoujo or the like. Well, did Will sound exactly like I pictured him? No, not really. Actually his voice did sound different in my mind and was voiced in English too. Maybe his voice would be little older and be less deep and for some totally odd reason he’d sound British. I know. Crazy.

PS: PS3 ver. is pushing the bishonen angle with a strength of a gorilla. Very subtle there, Alchemist, don’t y’ know.

Lion Ushiromiya

My initial concern would have had to be Lion. Yeah, the trap-ish character in EP7 that is not Zepar. See, they had already messed up Zepar’s voice making him to anybody without a serious hearing problem obvious he’s, without a doubt, a he. Lion’s shares the same ambiguous edge that Zepar’s character has making the reader wonder what her/his gender is. Though it is more reasonable to assume that Lion is a she, which in case of Zepar it was more of making an educated guess, it should’ve been taken in consideration.

Once again I’ll say that I said before about this list. They aren’t really difficult character to voice and by that I mean that these characters are very straightforward and often stick to certain type of character. It’s not hard to voice her character since for most part Lion is either acting polite or getting trolled by Bernkastel through EP7. The only other concern would be if she can perfectly pull off the Lion and Will’s final scene at the end of EP7. For what I’ve heard it sounds like she’ll do a great job.

> So Lion sounds ok-ish. I guess I’ve never been fond of Lion’s character to really get into her. Seeing that Lion was more of passive rather than active character in EP7 I considered her own character (not Yasu/Beatrice) to lack depth no matter how well the story explained it. If anything the voice acting might help get that feeling that, at least, I didn’t get from the character.

Not too girlish. Not too masculine. Thank the local deity they didn’t get Kobayashi Yuu to voice Lion. Deep down I was entrusting myself to Oyashiro-sama they wouldn’t do it again.

Hachijo Tohya

She sounds great. Calm and a collected voice with a slight air of attitude. Featherine’s character is another one that it isn’t so difficult to get what she’s all about for she practically tells you. Actually characters who rarely change moods are easier to get used to. What the VP didn’t cover was Aurora though.

Huh? Nothing else? Well, yes and no. Mostly no, not really. That about does it for Tohya’s character. It’ll be mindscrewing if Hanyuu’s VA would voice her. Though weird, now THAT would be something else.


All three new voices for the PS3 version are a decent upgrade from the previous trailer. Erika’s voice needs some work but could work, Dlanor is dismally unfitting and further proof is needed, Z/F are fine. Everyone is the new trailer is decent. There is nothing terribly wrong with their voices and they’re very much fitting.  Will out of the three new characters would be the one with most expectations, the VA was decent enough though as mentioned before it sounded a bit generic. Lion’s voice is pleasantly ambiguous enough for everyone to be happy with it, and Hachiyo Tohya is a decent choice no matter how we look at it. I don’t see that these characters would be specifically hard to get and so most of the  voices did manage to be around the ballpark.

Will: Hiroki Takahashi
Lion: Ayako Kawasumi
Featherine: Michiko Neya

Huh, just realized Gertrude and Cornelia weren’t included in the PV. Looks like the furniture got the short end of the Winchester. Take the case to the Witch Senate.

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6 Responses to Umineko Chiru PS3 Voices (Part II)

  1. Hagane says:

    Will also sounded a bit different in my head (i guess it’s common to give a more specific voice to the character who’s the lead in Requiem) but still these VAs fit quite well, better than those from the first trailer.

  2. Yopee says:

    lol Le Kokoro. You win for coming up with that name.
    “Ne oublies pas le kokoro!”

  3. Spz says:

    Some other voices, like Gertrude, Cornelia, Kinzo, Beatrices.

  4. Jane says:

    The OP for Chiru.

  5. Rita says:

    I always considered it ironic since, you know, Zepar WAS voiced by a female, even if you pitched her voice down.. So in my head it was always this reverse reverse psychology thing that resulted me reading too far into everything XD;

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