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Keikakudoori vs Ellery Queen’s The Roman Hat Mystery

When I read mystery books I don’t simply read them I try to solve them the moment I pick them up. That’s the way I find them interesting, exploring the game of: who did it, why did the culprit it, and how the did culprit it. I find those types of things most interesting when reading them […] Continue reading

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EP 6 Game Results – Kanon Dead or Alive?

Before anything, I don’t completely trust the game results as I don’t completely trust the Tips/character information. However in most cases when they’re backed up by the red truths we can assume that said characters are usually dead. More to the point it tells us what characters are still alive… Continue reading

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Closed Circles & Additonal corpses trick

There are things I tend I assume and others I don’t belief. I consider them as possibilities before discarding them. Additional corpses isn’t something I’ve actually believed to exist in Umineko for example. Continue reading

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Stocking of Miracles

Because it all makes sense. R07 beat Gainax to it.

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Van Dine Rules effective, ineffective

THIS is one of the things I was interested in the most since EP7 started – exactly how they were going to handle Van Dine rules. The first it was used was with “the culprit cannot be a servant” which with it Will makes his appearance with Continue reading

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Umineko and Split Personalities

EP7 really likes to push the supernatural factor but I won’t get into that until I finish completely reading the EP. As possession goes I don’t know how valid it could be but interpreting as a hint for multiple personalities […] Continue reading

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Explaining The Witch “exists” Scene in EP1 (EP7 50%)

Why would they do this to Battler? His own good? It’s hard to define what they could mean by that only that they found it that by no means and I mean no means it was allowed to doubt the existence of a Witch named […] Continue reading

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