Q.s and A.s : Higurashi Kira was Bad

Higurashi Kira was bad and you should feel bad for liking it.

We are here to ask some questions. The topic is Higurashi KIRA.

A. Surely.

  Rank the Soul Brothers.

A. Kuraoudo, Toomi, and Irie.

Random thought.

A. Did Higurashi Kira just used a previously unofficial pic  for its opening this time around or is it just me?

Non-No Naku Koro Ni references in KIRA.

A. Apparently Higurashi has a Mad Scientist of their own.

  Iirie-sensei. Angel Mort and other travesties.

A. Iriie is plain cookie-cutter. Everything is Angel Mort with him – be that girls or guys.
That said, one can go immune thanks to the Seven Stakes so part of using the same trick backfired.

Q. Mention a Meta-world like experience.

A. I had vivid no Naku Koro ni dream twice. In one it was an impossible locked-room where the chain was on the OUTSIDE and it was impossible to get to the top floor therefore setting the chain or unlocking was impossible. The second was a good one. I was royally pissed to be woken up prematurely from the good one.

Q. Impossible locked room example to seal DEEN in. Give an EXAMPLE.

A. See above.

Satoshi in Higurashi Kira. How do we feel about THIS?

A. I thought Satoshi was in a coma. As far as Kira is concerned I wanted Satoshi to stay in a coma.

Q. It’s a battle between Takano and Rena who will you help if given the CHANCE?

A. Neither of them require assistance.

Q. Mion and Shion. How do you know they haven’t changed places because of some bet they previously had prior to any of the Kira events?

A. You do have a point.

Q. Higurashi Kira and fanservice drivel. 

A. One Day DEEN will realize Higurashi isn’t meant for fanservice and Umineko is a superior better pick. I’d have Deen have me as Game master of that production. I have some ideas but it is national security to not reveal the secrets behind it. Not that I’m implying either work should be made into one.

What do you propose to do about this ISSUE.

A. “A wise man said once I’m skipping to the Takano scenes” This child of man was onto something.

 Takano fanservice. Let’s be open on this MATTER.

A. Miki Itou. I thought that’s why Ushiromiya Eva had fans in the first place.

Q. The best type of fanservice to be CREATED.

A. “Reasoning Fanservice” as I call it. An endless intellectual orgy where theories, speculations, and unrestricted trains of thoughts meet.

Q. It’s summer,  heat waves, and the sound of crickets. How do you deal with IT?

A. Crickets are a poor’s man cicada. Everyone outside the game board knows that. Never mind, they aren’t but assuming that makes it better.

Q. How many blows can Takano provide with that FLUTE?

A. Accurately.. roughly.. 34 I hazard a guess.

 Clothes made of paper.

A. Paper huh. I sure could’ve used that hint a week ago.

Q. Soul Brothers. Do you see this happening in the Umineko world?

A. The way I see it there’d be two groups. Soul Furniture composed by Genji, Gohda, and Kanon. The Soul Siblings composed by Krauss, Rudolf, and Hideyoshi. Battler can be their wingman. Hold it, that’s too wrong.

Soul Siblings?

AThis expression upon my realizing my own response.


A. Rei was bearable.

Q. In what way is Higurashi Kira superior to Umineko REQUIEM?

A. Higurashi has no subtle or hard forced incest subtext. *ShionxMion* – I spoke too soon.

Q. In what way is the Umineko series superior to Higurashi in any fanservice-ish way?

A. Umineko has beaches and Higurashi has pools. A pool is limited, the sea is not. Umineko doesn’t have a crappy OP theme either.

Q. Meta-World is a lot like Keiichi mind in Kira. Draw a comparison and between the TWO.

A. They’re both self-indulging worlds. One more gratifying than the other. Cicadas in one and seagulls in the other. Goats in this one, not in the other.


A. Rika and Satoko. I can’t see Rika and Satoko without thinking of Bern and Lambda anymore.

 Solution to the first Kira EPISODE.

A. Undoubtedly, a Last Part Queen problem.

We are DONE.

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6 Responses to Q.s and A.s : Higurashi Kira was Bad

  1. Cecilthedarkknight234 says:

    InterstIng.. I actually liked Kira on a guilty pleasure sense but the stuff with rika and hanyuu was to much even for me.. Although I did like shion/mions scene the most… Well at least the next one is a magical girl parody…yeah

  2. moichispa says:

    I smiled a bit the clinic part because it was so pervert comparing it with the main story that it was stupidly funny. But yeah too much fanservice. It is like they bought the whole umineko and they need money to animate chiru. No umineko fanservice please that may be too much to handle.

    Also I haven’t seen a crappy opening like this for a while.

  3. With it’s many fanservice, I can see how one would dislike Kira. It was definitely made for the otakus, with it’s moe fanservice and 2ch memes. But gosh, me being a hikikomori otaku, i loved every minute of this episode and i cannot wait for the next episode! Rika using スターライトブレイカー is a must seee~!
    @moichispa DEEN is probably going to do the same with umineko’s 10th anniversary. I’m expect some Battler dirty fantasies.

  4. Majogari says:

    Mm… at least fanservice stayed outside the real series. Umineko didn’t have that luck ._.U

    @ramen delivery: yeah, it was just for HC fans… anyway, Umineko is all Battler’s dirty fantasies. Looks like this guy has serious incest issues…

  5. Bern diciple says:

    well takano ( mini ) = lamdbadelta
    not satoko lol

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