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How Dunnit: The Bomb in all Episodes

The bomb existence is key because it is the final outcome that always happen in all games. What happens when we take out Yasu from the picture? Why does it always happen? By working under the premises of multiple scenarios I explain what happens in each case and why the result is always the same. Continue reading

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Umineko Requiem: Keikakudoori On the Witch’s Gold

What’s that? Keikakudoori’s Blue Truth effective. As usual I’d say. Continue reading

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On Siesta Sisters’ Role – After EP4 for example

Siesta Sisters are one of the most peculiar furniture in the story that could be given many interpretations, one of them the most common is of fireguns which the game plainly states. I’ve always thought that their roles […] Continue reading

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Of “Old Age” and “Natural Death” cases in Umineko

By far the weakest most third-rate out of the three of all possibilities considered. Let’s see we considered “suicides” and “accidental” deaths while attempting to list all possibilities […] Continue reading

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Of “Accidental Deaths” in Umineko and the Mystery genre

I’d most like to prove you wrong if you believe that there isn’t hinting or cases of accidental deaths in The When they Cry series. By the end of this entry you’ll know why […] Continue reading

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